The Best Photo Editing Software for Beginner Photographers Revealed

by everyone welcome to another tutorial

today I wanted to talk to the new

photographers out there people are just

starting to get into photo developing

processing on their computers on their

laptops whatever one of the things I'm

often asked is what's the best software

to use to actually process photos and

the problem that I often have in

recommending software is that the

learning curve for the likes of

Lightroom Photoshop is so steep so it's

a piece of software called luminar 3 and

this new version of luminar brings all

the power that was already within the

software and also introduced new

libraries and in the latest version a

really really powerful editing tool

which is super easy which is perfect for

beginning photographers called accent AI

that sounds a bit of a crazy term but

it's basically artificial intelligence

that analyzes your photographs and takes

them from pretty mediocre what comes

straight out of the camera and just adds

a little bit of pizzazz sprinkles a bit

of digital magic dust over the top of

them so they look really really good

with one simple slider just that one

slider on its own I think makes this

well worth the minimal license fee and

that's another really cool thing about

it is the entry point to actually get

this software it's around $100 which i

think is extraordinary value for it's

actually this smashed inside this

awesome bit of software


so I'm just opening up the software

luminar 3 at the moment the first thing

you want to do when as open up is come

into the library module up here in the

top right and where it says folders here

you can actually click this plus icon

here and then on your computer whether

it's PC or Mac you can navigate to the

folder that contains your photos and

then just select that and luminar will

start importing the photos the photos

that I've picked out are a selection

that are representative of a broad genre

of photography a few landscape bit of

portrait but they're all from a family

holiday they're nothing too special but

hopefully that will show you guys that

whatever you're capturing at the moment

with a simple slider you can really

improve your photos so let's take a look

at them let's start with this photo here

so as you can see there's my daughter

Amelia and she's walking along with her

grandpa here what we want to do to

actually do anything to the photo is

come into this edit section in the top

right and from there we have a few

sliders that are shown to us through

this quick and awesome setup here now

this is a workspace provided and I think

it's the best and easiest place to start

for a newcomer quick and awesome

so does exactly what it says on the tin

so here we see this accent AI filter

boost if we grab the slider and start to

move that up you can see that

straightaway that photograph has been

dramatically improved if I take it away

and add it again if I do that fairly

quickly you'll see the change so we have

a fairly flat washed out photograph push

it to the right and it's enhanced the

skies the shadows the vibrance and the

trees everything about that photograph

at the moment looks better and as a new

photographer you could say I'm happy

with that

post to Instagram and you're like a hero

to your friends and family photo hero

okay let's move on to the next shot

this is a typical kind of just shot it's

a snap right my wife and my daughter

here their faces are in shadows not very

well lit like I say literally a snapshot

it's not great but let's grab that

accent eh I cranked that to the right

and straight away we see so much more

life in this photo

we've got colors in the shadows in the

water more contrast in the image that's

with that one slider alone that's why I

love this so much if you're just getting

started give this a go amazing so let's

move on to this photograph here this

shows my son and daughter jumping into

this water here with all of their

friends having a great old time

currently very dark very underexposed

through the shadow areas here let's grab

accent may I filter push that to the

right see what it does it does a lot

that looks so good if we take it away

add it in you can see it's enhancing the

sky enhancing the water and we really

start to have those colors pop around

these guys jumping into the water let's

move on from there let's let's give one

more ago so this is a landscape job here

this was actually the same beach that I

photographed this on just later in that

day and we can see a nice sunset going

on here the Sun has set with a nice guy

let's see what we can achieve with using

the quick and awesome accent AI filter

so let's just boost up here mic drop I'm

out mic drop

I'm out I'm done you really for some

photos that is literally all you need to

increase that slider you can actually

save having that slider boosted all the

way up as a preset that you can then put

onto all of your photos just one click

you say synchronize across all the

photos and it will do this to all the

okay hopefully you've seen now what the

AI slider is capable of and just how it

can enhance your photography very very

simply so let's move on

and look at a couple of other features

that this software has again keeping it

super simple so if you're just starting

out with this stuff you can really make

some impactful images with very very

little effort at all let's grab the AI

slider and boost it up let's just see

what it does so straight away with this

photo we're increasing the contrast the

colors are becoming more vibrant it's

looking really really nice but here's

another slider underneath AI sky

enhancer let's grab that and see what

that does

we're bringing out that deep rich blue

into the sky yeah I'm really enjoying

that another slider further down within

this quick and awesome menu setup is the

clarity slider if I grab that and crank

that that starts to add a lot more

contrast into the image let's say we

push that clarity slider up we've

boosted the AI filter all the way up and

we've also boosted the sky enhancer

let's say we push that all the way up as

well and we think that looks great you

go away you make a cup of tea coffee you

come back and you sit in front of your

computer and you go oh I really took

that too far this is another thing I

really love about this software we can

actually dial back all of the changes we

make to any photograph all in unison so

rather than having to come in and

individually grab each slider and adjust

it at the bottom here we have filters

amount we can grab that pull that out

and we can either get rid of everything

and see it all before go a hundred

percent which we've already thought is

that's too much but we could kind of

find a happy medium somewhere somewhere

around the middle we could say hey

around 59 percent that looks great and

if you want to see your before and after

on the photo come up to this I and the

top here hold it down you see you before

let go you see after before after boom

before after boom really happy with that

okay so you're cranking along and you've

got yourself a nice shot of the Milky

Way that might be a little bit advanced

for a brand new photographer old leaf at

one let's jump onto this shot of my

daughter give me a nice kiss in the sea

apart from the wrinkles around my eyes I

love everything about this photo so the

fact that the horizon is wonky I don't

care for me being in this photo with my

daughter planting a nice big kiss on my

face love it but let's see what we can

do to improve this photo with the

options we've got in this quick and

awesome setup here so let's go accent eh

I grab this slide it to the right Wow

can you see how it's really enhancing

the sky and the sea and at the same time

as its boosting all of that up and

bringing out the contrast the AI in this

software is intelligently recognizing

where there's skin tones so our faces

arms hands all of that has been left

alone or modified very slightly so where

is all the Blues are being enriched and

said would the Blues are being returned

but our faces are being left alone and I

really love that very clever

well done eggs egg heads at Skyland labs

you've done a grand job there let's see

the sky enhancer let's crank that up wow

that's taking it to the next level see

for me these sliders are so powerful but

as spider-man taught us with great power

comes great responsibility so you don't

want to go oh go over cooking your

photos but let's say you do get a little

carried away we've increased some let's

say saturation whoa let's come down to

the bottom here where this filters and

mount is just pull it back nice okay

let's move on to this image here this is

this was a really nice location looking

down this Beach here but at the moment

everything's looking a little flat and

washed out in the olden days pre

lightroom even info

shop I'd be working on the curve

adjustments levels things like this to

enhance the contrast I might be painting

more blue into the sky with with special

layers and justment layers all things

that you don't have to worry about when

you've got this software I'll grab this

AI filter again boost it up and I'm done

jobs are good and so I'm really happy

with that as well you could say you

don't need to do anything more to that

image than that one slider and as I

alluded to in the introduction that is

why I think this is so great for people

just starting out incidentally if you do

want to get this software sky ylim have

who create the software they've actually

given me a $10 discount code which I can

pass on to you guys it's a tee sky 10 at

sky 10 if you put that in at the

checkout you will be given a discount

off of this software so yeah if you want

to get yourself this get rolling with it

and take advantage of that okay guys let

me show you one more thing that will

really help you get started with this

software like I say if you are new to

post production and editing your photos

I think you're really gonna enjoy what

what this software has to offer because

you've got the AI filter if I bring that

up Wow bring it back down this it's

night and day it really is this photo

yeah it's it's nothing much going on

there as soon as I bring this up it's

brought all that richness and red tones

where the Setting Sun was casting light

over onto onto the cliffside here which

I really really love but one more thing

I want to show everyone is if you come

down to the bottom strip this film strip

along the bottom here we can see it says

luminar looks and currently I've got

landscape selected but you can choose a

look that you feel

is appropriate to the style of

photography you're doing but at the

moment we're in landscape so let's leave

it set on that and then from here we

have a selection of different looks that

we can apply so that one's our autumn

colors deep sky like that dramatic

landscape a little too dark on this one

I feel impressive so that's gone for a

more muted kind of look in the in the

the blacks black and white landscape

really nice let's see mystic land nice

warm sunset surely that's going to be

nice for this ah yes so warm sunset if

we think again that's too much you can

grab the slider and pull it out but in

this case I want every last drop of that

filter on that I really like that so

that guys is basically a quick

run-through of how a couple of sliders

within this software can really help

your photography move to the next level

from something you've just captured yeah

I don't really know what to do with this

it's a nice image but it's lacking

something I really want it to pop this

is a software that can help you do that

with a couple of simple steps you'll get

there so you don't need to reinvent the

wheel and figure out what all these

different sliders and terms and curves

and nuts mapping and what is all this

you don't need to know it initially you

can still get great photos right out of

the box with that just those couple of

things I've shown you but if you want to

take your photography to the next level

then this software will help you in

terms of it's there for when you're

ready to grow it grows with you within

the what was that workspace that I

showed you initially which was quick and

awesome with the boost in there and sky

enhancer and clarity saturation vibrance

that's all there and quick and awesome

but if you want to go to the next level

we can take things up with ascent

and from here you have a really really

powerful photo editor just in this one

drop down here called develop that will

allow you to tweak highlights bring up

shadows see their shadows nice bring up

your whites if you want it a little

brighter blacks and from there if you're

happy with the place your photos out

from there then you can start layering

on the accent AI and building it up from

there the sky enhancer let's throw some

of that on there really like the color

vibrance that's bring that up or let's

make it a bit more Orange II almost all

tum noir you can actually grab your

color temperature at the top and change

that so you've got so much depth with

this software but you don't need to know

it all initially unlike with Lightroom

and Photoshop there's a lot you need to

know just to get started so that's why I

seriously recommend this if you are just

starting out take time have a look at

this I think currently they do the

software with a 60 day money back

guarantee so you can give it a try if

you if it's not what you were hoping for

you can just get your money back so give

it a go guys you've got nothing to lose

and if you'd like me to do another video

that just takes you a little bit deeper

into this processing with some some of

the other photos let me know leave me a

comment this has been my first video in

months I've been so swamped doing

photography jobs it's been crazy

absolutely crazy and I'm just really

grateful to be able to find the time to

sit down and do a video for you guys

hope you liked it yeah leave me a

comment I'd appreciate it

cheers guys catch you the next one bye