Five Favorite Dickens

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every time I post a new video so if

you've been watching my videos are

following me on Goodreads then you know

that it has been my goal for quite some

time well you know for a couple of

decades to finish reading all of Dickens

and I finally finished it just a couple

of weeks ago I finally accomplished that

goal and oh my goodness it feels so good

so of course now that I have read all of

Dickens I can sit down and say these are

my five favorite so I'm gonna start off

with an honorable mention that did not

quite make the top 5 but is still a

forever favorite and that is our mutual

friend this follows john harmon and

bella wilfer as they well fall in love

obviously you can't have a Dickens novel

without somebody falling in love but

there's this inheritance and there's a

lot of money being thrown around and

who's supposed to get the inheritance

and it was lots of mystery it's a good

one number 5 is Martin Chuzzlewit old

Martin Chuzzlewit has disowned his only

son young Martin Chuzzlewit and young

Martin runs off to America to make his

fortune of course leaving behind the

girl he loves because there has to be a

love story somewhere the main reason

that I love love

this book is the incredible character

development of young Martin in the

beginning I hated young Martin he is a

jerk and by the end it was like oh

nobody touched my young Martin he's my

sweetheart you know I completely fell in

love with him he has this amazing

redemption arc I mean the character

development I have never in my life read

a book with this kind of character

development it is just incredible to

follow this character through every step

of the way as he literally changes his

life so good

number four is Dombey and son this

follows up mr. Dom B who is a terrible

parent to his one son and his lovely

daughter the reason why I love this

first of all is because one of my heroes

is Walter gay who of course falls in

love with the daughter and he's just

he's such a good hero he just jumps in

and saves the day and all kinds of

wonderful stuff but the main main reason

why I love this is the lovely sibling

relationship between the brother and

sister the you know children of mr. Dom

B it's just oh it's such a beautiful

story and it's sad and bittersweet and

heartbreaking and I just love that

sibling relationship though how close

those two are I think that is my

favorite part of Dombey and son

number three is such a favorite that I

actually have two copies

it's A Tale of Two Cities there is a

reason why this is one of the most

famous books that Dickens ever wrote it

is incredible it is set during the

French Revolution and there are people

being beheaded right and left and there

is a poor prisoner who is released from

prison and his lovely daughter who of

course falls in love with the hero of

the story but the reason why people

really love this one I think is the

bittersweet ending I cried buckets and


at the ending and if you know this

ending then you know oh my goodness it

is so heart-wrenching ah it's just such

a full rich story and I can never get

over Tale of Two Cities forever


it's so wonderful the number two slot

goes to Bleak House and the main reason

for this is the main character Esther

Summerson Esther goes through just

terrible heartbreak and illness and just

awful circumstances she is pretty much

rescued by these lovely friends and she

just sets up this lovely life for

herself but continues to just drama

there just seems like everything always

goes wrong for Esther poor Esther and

through it all she is so resilient

she is so loving despite all the

disappointments and you know just

terrible situations in her life

she's so kind and loving and and not in

a like oh she's an angel kind of way but

in a really relatable way

and besides Esther there is just so much

fantastic mystery and humor and a very

complex plot like you know we're always

looking forward from Dickens the second

thing that I really love a bleak house

is mr. bucket he is a detective one of

the first detectives ever written in

British fiction and oh my goodness mr.

bucket in the beginning I was like I

don't know about this guy I'm not so

sure if I like this person and by the

end I was like yes mr. bucket oh I love

him I love him so much I can't even tell

you I cannot even explain if you've read

it you know mr. bucket we love mr.

bucket Oh Bleak House I just love it I'm

actually tearing up just thinking about


ah there are tears my eyes because I

love it so much okay I have to pull

myself together to tell you about

out the number one favorite Dickens

forever forever and incidentally this is

one of the first Dickens is maybe the

third or fourth Dickens novel that I

ever read you know back 15 years ago or

something when I really first started

getting into Dickens and despite all the

other Dickens that I've read this one

has remained my forever favorite it is

David Copperfield it's kind of funny

because David Copperfield is one of

those you either really love it or

you're really bored by it tons of people

have told me oh you like David

Copperfield that's so boring you know

and I really can't hardly even explain

to you why I love David Copperfield so

much I just know that I do for one thing

it is one of the very few Dickens I

think the only one that I can think of

that is told in first-person it is

narrated by David Copperfield himself

telling you about his life so that alone

makes it stand out among Dickens as

books another reason why I really love

it it is it has a much broader scope of

life than a lot of Dickens other novels

this follows young David from the time

he was born through his childhood

through his school days through his

young adulthood kind of setting him up

in a career and then finally with his

marriage and it really goes through just

this massive scope of his life and there

are very few other Dickens novels that

follow such a broad spectrum of time so

I guess I really love it because it's

more of a coming-of-age story and I

can't think of any others that are quite

I mean Oliver Twist maybe but at the end

of Oliver Twist Oliver Twist is still a

child so not that one leave me a comment

down below if you can think of more

coming-of-age kind of stories and

Dickens this is the only one I can

really think of that that fits that

description this a book also has

the worst villain in my opinion in all

of Dickens and Dickens is known for

writing really creepy villains like

villains that will just make you go oh

they're so gross and they're so nasty

and evil and you just cringe like

Dickens is known for writing really

really incredible villains and uriah

heep from David Copperfield in my

opinion is the worst

I just want to vomit just say the name

you're Riya Heep he is so slimy and he

pretends to be your friend he pretends

to be really humble and all the while

behind the scenes he is stealing and

lying and he's just a creep he just

grosses me out oh I hate him so much I

am getting emotional here okay there are

also a ton of humorous quirky weird

characters in David Copperfield mr.

Micawber just makes me laugh my head off

Betsey Trotwood David Copperfield aunt

is Betsey Trotwood and she is just so

strange like she is just so weird and

she just says the craziest stuff and I

just I just have to laugh I mean so much

humor in this book I pretty much just

laughed my way through David Copperfield

every time I read it of course the main

reason why I love David Copperfield is

David himself he is a fantastic hero in

my opinion some people say that he's

boring that he doesn't take enough

action but I feel like he just plays

such a central role in everything that

happens in the book he is foolish

sometimes he makes mistakes but through

every page I am just cheering him on

wanting him to succeed I could do a

whole separate video on why I love David

Copperfield there are so many fantastic

subplots betrayal and love and marriage

and of course

money which is always a major theme

there's a debtors prison again lots of

debtors prison in Dickens books David

Copperfield is also the book that is

said to be most like an autobiography

because so many of the elements in here

are taken from Dickens's own life in his

own childhood so I don't know maybe

that's why I love it so much because it

just rings so true because so many of

the elements and the plot devices and

different characters and things are true

people and true things that happened in

Dickens actual life Oh

David Copperfield I just love it forever

oh I just love it so much so much I

really need to reread this like today

and there you have it those are my five

favorite Dickens and an honorable

mention please leave me a comment down

below and let me know what is your

favorite Dickens novel thanks for

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