Diabetic Breakfast

get your day off to a good start with a

blood sugar friendly breakfast the

following are all simple ideas for

breakfast popular with people with

diabetes natural or Greek yogurt can

make for a great healthy breakfast enjoy

it with nuts

oatmeal berries or another fruit of your

choice eggs are a common favorite for

keeping your blood sugar levels low

enjoy your eggs boiled scrambled or have

an omelet with a range of vegetables

porridge is another popular breakfast

option for people with diabetes we know

that some people can handle porridge

differently to others so we advise that

you check your blood sugars to see how

porridge affects you breakfast cereals

tend to be carbohydrate heavy which

means that even people on insulin may

struggle to maintain good blood sugar

levels however Weetabix ohta bik's

and shredded wheat tend to have generous

amounts of fiber and so are some of the

more blood sugar friendly cereal options

available smoothies can be a good option

if you want to quit breakfast and can be

savory or sweet fruit smoothies tend to

have a high sugar content so you may

wish to make these yogurt based or

creamy to keep the carbohydrate content

low by testing just before eating and

testing 2 hours and 4 hours after you

can see whether your chosen breakfast

pushes your blood sugar levels up

significantly testing can be helpful

when choosing the right breakfast cereal

for you