Best Budget Desktop Computers in 2019 [Great For Office & Personal Use]

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check out the top five best budget

desktops in 2019 I made this list based

on my personal opinion and I trying to

list them based on their price quality

durability and more to find out more

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number five it's the aspire TC 885

opting for a desktop PC in a laptop

predominant market is a pretty bold move

however most of the desktop PCs nowadays

deliver plenty of performance for a

lower price but if you really lack the

funds for an expensive desktop PC you

can find plenty of budget systems that

are excellent and Rock an amazing

quality for example the aspire TC 8 8 5

produced by a tip it's one of the best

pcs for work and productivity purposes

and on top of that it has an amazing

case that's very roomy meaning you can

upgrade it whenever you feel like it

without further ado let's take a closer

look the aspire TC 8 8 v comes with a

great case that's been used for a long

time in the aspire TC series but this

time around it has some nice details

that make it more aesthetically pleasing

in this particular model the

manufacturer has put a v-shaped orange

LED light near the Acer logo and the

power button on top of that it also has

a line that runs along the middle of the

device vertically along the length of

the case on the front you'll see some

ports and the drive and overall I can

say that this case has a pleasing design

and it's roomy measuring 15.2 2 by 7

point zero nine by fourteen point zero

two inches making it pop gradable the

device has plenty of connectivity

options in terms of ports it's equipped

with a USB type-c port USB 3.1 port

microphone and headphone ports an SD

card reader and a DVD RW optical drive

on the front and on the back it has a

pair of USB 3.1 ports for USB 2.0 ports

a pair of HDMI ports a VGA port and an


put on top of that it also has Wi-Fi and

Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity in addition

to this in the package of device you'll

find a keyboard and a mouse in the

performance Department this PC shines as

it fitted with an Intel coffee Lake Core

i5 8400 CPU with a base clock speed of

2.8 gigahertz 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram

and 16 gigabytes of octane memory on top

of it giving an amazing boost to the 2

terabyte HDD of this device I was amazed

by the performance of the coffee Lakes

CPU as it delivers plenty speed and

efficiency to the system the perfect CPU

for productivity

however this PC isn't intended for

gaming with its Intel you HD graphics

630 and you should invest in an

appropriate graphics unit if you want to

game at number 4 it's the Lenovo idea

center 510 a as I mentioned earlier most

desktop pcs deliver plenty of value for

their prices and if you want the most

bang for your buck you should opt for an

all-round machine like the Lenovo idea

center 510 a Lenovo is known for

delivering excellent devices however the

performance for the price comparison of

this is off the charts it's the perfect

desktop PC for your home and family

the Lenovo idea center 510 a PC has a

nice tower shape that looks streamlined

and refined it'll fit right into any

room or desk thanks to its iron gray

paint job that looks amazing and

sophisticated on top of that the front

panel of this tower has hidden ports as

most of the ports are just an eyesore

instead it has a magnetic dual that

uncovers the ports it's pretty cleverly

integrated to the overall design of the

tower and it's worth mentioning that the

tower measures fourteen point four by

eleven point two by five point seven

inches in total and waist as 12 pounds

so you can carry it around the house


in terms of connectivity the Lenovo idea

since of 510 a has some good options

with a microphone and headphone port SD

card port one USB type-c port two USB

3.0 ports and a pair of USB 2.0 ports

plus an optical DVD drive on the front

in the back you have the standard

microphone and two speaker ports an HDMI

port VGA port Ethernet and four more USB

ports on top of that it also has Wi-Fi

connectivity and Bluetooth 4.1 in the

performance Department

the Lenovo idea center 510 a rocks an

Intel Core i3 80-100 which is eighth

generation coffee Lake processor this

processor is bundled with 4 gigabytes

RAM and 16 gigabytes of Intel octane

memory on top of its one terabyte of HDD

to give it SSD level speeds in addition

to this it's equipped with an integrated

Intel u HD graphics 6:34 good graphical

performance however don't expect a game

on this system it comes with Windows 10

installed and it has a mouse and

keyboard bundled in its package at

number 3 it's a Lenovo ThinkCentre m73

get through office work the Lenovo

ThinkCentre m73 or NEADS this desktop PC

has plenty of performance that'll get

you through heavy tasks and in Amazon

it's available in many different setups

so you can choose the one that suits

your needs but each one of the models is

capable of getting through productivity

tasks with ease the Lenovo ThinkCentre


and business a similar design language

used in all the Novo think devices the

case measures eleven point four by three

point six by 13.5 inches in total and

weighs a light weight thirteen point two

pounds its interior is extremely

accessible to allow you to upgrade or

modify the parts of your PC making it

future-proof in the process in the top

parts of the front panel you'll find the

ports and the power button in a black

plastic panel and the rest of the front

part is covered in a metal mesh that's

very nicely designed

pretty clean apart

the red lenovo and silver ThinkCentre

logos it delivers plenty of connectivity

options in its body as it has a USB

type-c for more USB 3.0 ports microphone

and headphone ports SD card port and

optical DVD drive on the front side

moving to the back you get six four USB

ports a fiji a port DisplayPort serial

port ps2 port HDMI and parallel ports to

complete the package in the performance

Department the Lenovo ThinkCentre m73

the seventh generation Intel Core i7 770

CPU with eight gigabytes around and one

terabyte of 7k HDD so it'll provide

plenty of punch for productivity and

multitasking it's important to note that

this is the most basic package and if

your budget is a little more relaxed you

can get a better setup with eight

generation CPU more RAM and SSD for

storage however this should be enough

for office use in my opinion and thanks

to its future proofing you can upgrade

it when you see fit at number two it's

the CyberPower PC Gamer ultra we all

know that gaming rigs can get pretty

expensive and adult and teen gamers quit

the Hobby because of the growing costs

however cyber power PC is a company that

delivers desktop PCs that provide

amazing value for their prices and are

amazingly convenient because you don't

have to go through the process of

picking parts separately and designing

your system which can get a little

frustrating if you don't have the

knowledge all funds with the CyberPower

PC Gamer ultra you get plenty of

qualities at a budget price and you can

run most of the low demanding and older

games without any problem the design of

the CyberPower PC Gamer ultra emits

gamer vibes from every corner thanks to

its ultra aggressive design first off I

have to mention that this is a pretty

large case measuring eighteen point five

by eight point two by eighteen point

seven inches in total and it weighs

about 32 pounds meaning it has plenty of

space to tweak the system and upgrade it

making it extremely future-proof it's

also very accessible thanks to its

polygonal glass panel on the

that shows off the internals of this PC

and it's equipped with red lights from

the extremely capable fan on the front

you'll spot the metal grille design that

just reinforces its look up top you'll

spot two USB 3.0 ports microphone and

headphone ports for connectivity and on

the back you have the other standard

ports not anything remarkable but decent

overall this device comes with a nice

102 key keyboard with an LED logo and a

nine button Gaming Mouse which offers

4000 dpi optical sensor and five

adjustable weights pretty nice for this

budget package performance wise the

CyberPower PC Gamer ultra is packed with

an AMD FX 6300 3.5 gigahertz six core

CPU eight gigabytes of RAM and one

terabyte of HDD delivering plenty of

processing power for multitasking and

productivity it's also bundled with an

AMD radeon r7 240 graphics unit with two

gigabytes of vram delivering the

graphical prowess that this PC needs to

run games as it should do if you want a

cheap gaming system that'll run things

properly you can't go wrong with any PC

from CyberPower PC especially the gamer


and at number one it's the dell 99 k5t

Optiplex 3050 dell has always put out

one of the best computers in the market

both in the desktop pc and laptop

categories by using quality parts that

offer high performance the dell 99 k5t

Optiplex 3050 is a perfect example and

it's one of the few pcs in the Optiplex

series that allows for further expansion

thanks to the roomy body it's a PC

that's intended for office use but if

you utilize some upgrades it could be a

worthy all-rounder the Dell 99 k5t

optiplex 3050 is a definite business

machine and it looks like it from every

corner it's not the largest tower in the

market but neither the smallest as it

measures 19 point one by fifteen point

six by ten point one inches in total and

waist is thirteen point six pounds

meaning it can fit into the majority of

spaces and desks it rocks a nice and

convenient design with an all-black body

constructed from metal and on the front

part you have the panel for the

connectivity ports on the top right-hand

side and the rest has a metal mesh

design it'll look perfect on your desk

it's also designed to be extremely

accessible for working on it so you

won't need any special tools for opening

it up and on top of that it also has

some cable management solution on the

back to clear up some clutter in terms

of connectivity and has some rich

options such as two USB 2.0 ports two

USB type 3.1 ports an SD card slot and a

headphone jack on the front sight on the

rear you have a lineout port an HDMI

port a display port two USB 2.0 ports a

pair of USB 3.1 ports and an Ethernet

port to complete the package without

forgetting you also have an optical DVD

drive up front and the device has had

Windows 10 Pro pre-installed so you're

ready to go right from the get-go in the

performance Department this desktop

computer proves to be useful thanks to

its use of the seventh generation Intel

Core i5 7500 CPU with a base clock speed

of 3.4 gigahertz that's combined with 8

gigabytes of ddr4 ram and 256 gigabytes

of SATA solid-state drive to provide

fast boot up speeds and file

access for the graphical prowess it

utilizes an integrated intel graphics

UHD 630 unit but don't expect to run any

games without investing in a dedicated

GPU the best budget desktop in the

market a nice all-rounder that'll allow

you to get around those tasks thanks for

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