Best College Degree Tier List (College Majors Ranked)

what's happening guys it's Shane here so

another day and another tier list that's

right this time I'm going to be going

over the most popular college majors in

degrees and then ranking them on whether

they're a good investment or not now a

lot of my subscribers probably know me

from my video college majors that are

actually worth it or the most worthless

degrees where I talk about which majors

I think are outrageous and they're just

not worth it at all and which majors I

think are a very very good investment

some of them are worth the outrageous

fees that colleges are charging us these

days and then some of them are going to

lead to you not being able to get a job

and then working in a completely

different industry like you know the

coffee industry working as a Starbucks

barista now there's a ton of different

majors so I'm just gonna go over the

most popular ones and then I'm gonna

group some of them together so that this

video doesn't run for like 45 minutes so

I'm not gonna include majors like

smashing the like button for instance

because even though you should

definitely do that and that would be

awesome because it would help me with

the YouTube algorithm it's not something

that I should put on the video because

it would just take too long so let's get

started with number one which is

anything with the word studies in it yes

that is a rule that I'm setting right

now anything with the word studies in it

is automatically gonna go into ft R

there are little to no jobs for people

who graduate with these degrees and the

few jobs that are out there probably get

a hundred applicants every single day

and so you know your chances of actually

getting a job are very very low anything

with the word studies in it is gonna go

in ft R I'm sure there's probably

somebody in the comments who's gonna

find an exception to this rule but

generally this is a very good rule to

follow unless you want to go $40,000

into debt without being able to get a

job and then you just end up living

paycheck to paycheck barely getting by

next one on the list is going to be math

now math isn't the most popular subject

in the world you could probably be safe

saying that a lot of people actually

hate math but if you are blessed by the

gods and you're somehow one of those few

people who is just naturally very good

at it then this can be a pretty

lucrative degree for you although there

aren't that many jobs out there

have people just purely doing math a lot

of math majors end up switching their

career into something like computer

science where their ability to create

and solve algorithms actually ends up

helping them a lot and they actually

have a leg up on a lot of computer

science degrees because they understand

how algorithms work so a lot of them end

up switching careers and becoming you

know programmers or you know something

like that so for that reason I'm gonna

go ahead and put math in B tier now the

next one on the list is going to be

language studies and this includes a lot

of different ones but you know I give a

lot of grief to this because you could

literally just take that 40,000 plus

dollars that you're paying in tuition

and housing and and food and all that

and then you could just move to whatever

country's language that you're studying

the best way to learn a language is to

speak with people who know that language

and so let's say you're trying to learn

Spanish you could just move to Mexico

and then just talk with people who are

speaking Spanish all day long you've

learned it much faster this way and

while you're there you could actually

get a job as either a translator or an

English teacher or something along those

lines and then you can literally get

paid to learn that language now to be

fair there are some languages that are

more profitable more lucrative to learn

like Mandarin Chinese Arabic Russian

Dothraki and if you do get really good

at those languages you can make a good

living as a translator so for that

reason I'm gonna go ahead and put this

one in D tier because it's not

completely useless next on the list is

gonna be business degrees and this

encompasses a bunch of different degrees

but this actually has pretty good stats

in terms of job openings and how much

you can actually get paid so that's

pretty great but I don't think anybody

wants to work in a cubicle in an office

for the rest of their life unless it's

the right office

there's beats battlestar galactica bears

do not what is going on a tear

now the next one on this list is

honestly kind of heartbreaking it's

extremely sad and that's going to be

education so even though this is

probably one of the most

degrees you could possibly get because

education is so important for the future

of our country for some reason the

United States of America has just gotten

into this situation where they don't

really value education especially in the

lower grades whereas you have a country

like South Korea for instance where

teachers are considered to be on the

same level as doctors and lawyers it's

actually extremely prestigious to be a

teacher and you get paid very very well

and that's probably one of the reasons

that South Korea is consistently s tier

when it comes to their scores against

the rest of the world in education so

even though teaching is one of the most

important jobs in the United States

their work to death and they're not paid

very well and so for that reason I

really don't recommend getting into this

career and I really really wish I could

say you should go get this degree but

it's just not true

you shouldn't this one is gonna go into

C tier okay so that's how it's gonna be

y'all want to play and honestly it might

be more of a B tier one but technically

you can get jobs if you get an

educational degree like there's plenty

of jobs out there they just don't pay

very well and you get worked to death

the next one on the list is going to be

engineering and this is gonna be a

little bit controversial but I'm gonna

go ahead and put engineering in a tier

instead of pest here and here's why

there's a bunch of different types of

engineering degrees out there

and not all of them are created equal so

if you go for one of the better ones

you're gonna be golden that's definitely

s tier engineering is awesome

it's the degree that actually creates

the most millionaires out of any degree

but some engineering majors are better

than others and for that reason I'm

gonna go ahead and put engineering in a

tier although it is a high a tier status

the next one on the list is going to be

anthropology slash archaeology and

honestly this one is fascinating but

getting an actual degree in it is not a

good idea for most people because there

are just simply no jobs you know if you

know somebody who is in the industry and

they you know they're gonna have an end

for you they're gonna have a job for you

then sure go for it but if you don't

there's just not that many jobs in this

field so I really don't have a joke or

anything for this one

just don't do it anthropology goes in D

tier next on the list is going to be

psychology and man oh man this is one of

the most popular majors I think its top

five most popular majors that people

take and if you just get a normal

psychology degree of four-year

bachelor's and you don't go for masters

or doctorate it is so tough to find a

job again fascinating subject

I'm not surprised so many people are

interested in this one but how the heck

are you gonna find a job there's so many

people that go into this thinking that

they can find a job and then they can't

like my psychology education is useless

and then they act so surprised I mean

what did you think was gonna happen if

you're passionate about this subject you

better be willing to go for a master's

or a doctorate or just don't do the

degree study it on the side make a

youtube channel about it create a blog

about it whatever you want to do but

don't get a degree that's not gonna lead

to you getting a job and this is a very

valuable job I think it has a lot of

value to society there's a lot of need

for people who are mental health

professionals and so for that reason I'm

gonna go ahead and put this one in C

tier the next one on the list is gonna

go straight into F tier and that is

gonna be drama

or really any of these type of fine arts

now listen if you're rich you know

you're a trust-fund baby you don't ever

have to worry about getting a job then

by all means go into fine arts get a

drama degree you can do whatever you

want with your life you're gonna be

totally fine now if you aren't in a

situation like that where you don't have

to worry about money and then you go for

a degree like this and you expect to

actually get a job or you expect

businesses to just be lined up outside

your door waiting for your application

then you're just completely delusional

Lilly Singh here's your diploma

we'd like to offer you a job as a

psychologist really no it takes like ten

years of experience left ear for sure

now the next one on the list is gonna be

any type of health related degree like

RN you know registered nurse or maybe

physician's assistant anything like that

and I know a lot about this subject

because I am in the health field and

getting into the health field is

especially good if you're an empathetic

person and you care about helping others

now like I said not all of these are

equal you definitely need to do your

research if you're thinking about

getting a health degree but these are

pretty much future proof and the reason

for that is because unfortunately human

beings are always going to have health

problems they're always going to get

sick and because of that there will

always be a need for people to take care

of them for people to treat them or cure

them and there's always gonna be jobs

anywhere that you want to be so if you

want to live in Texas there's gonna be

jobs in Texas if you want to live in New

York there's gonna be jobs in New York

certain places are gonna be a little bit

more saturated than others you might not

be able to get a job there right off the

bat but after you've got a few years

under your belt you can pretty much get

a job anywhere and that's not

necessarily true for a lot of the other

degrees now health is really tough and

you're gonna get worked super hard

you're gonna see people at their

absolute worst so people that are

generally super nice amazing people

might go off on you and just get really

you know mad at you and so you got to

have thick skin but the compensation is

pretty good in health careers especially

if you go for something like piei or

nurse practitioner and so for that

reason health is gonna go in st ER next

up on the list is going to be

information technology or ite and this

career and degree is amazing because

you're basically the middleman between

the business side of things and the

technology side of things and these are

two of the most profitable industries

that you could possibly get into so

being an expert on these two things

gives you a huge advantage now all the

statistics are really good with IT you

know future growth potential job

openings right now job satisfaction

score how much they make all the normal

statistics that you look at are really

good but it's also a great segue into

becoming an entrepreneur if you decide

to go that way when you're in this

position you have a unique opportunity

to understand the needs of businesses

right now you know you could notice that

maybe this sort of technology for you

know these types of clinics or

pharmacies or hospitals or whatever is

lacking and then you could just be like

okay I'm gonna create a software that

makes this particular process so much

easier for them and it saves them a ton

of time and then you can just start your

own business and go off on your own you

can also work remotely with some IT jobs

that specialize in software and you know

with a health career for instance it's

pretty tough to work remotely so that's

another advantage this is just a

win-win-win on all levels and I think

it's one of the best career choices and

if you're smart about the industry that

you go into if you go into a booming

industry and there's just gonna be so

many opportunities for you you can make

an absolute killing doing IT so for that

reason I'm gonna go ahead and put IT in

S tier status economics is next on the

list and this is another really good

major to get into

I almost Group this one in with business

but I decided to you know keep it

separate and it is a little bit

difficult to find a job with an

economics degree but once you do and

once you get some experience you're set

you get paid really well at your job and

you'll be invaluable to whoever you work

for and on top of that economics can

lead into you starting your own business

because you have such a good

understanding about which industries are

great opportunities how business works

in general and so you'll definitely have

a leg up on the competition

economics is definitely a tier now next

on the list is going to be chemistry and

biology you want to maybe become a

doctor or a PA or something like that

it's really good to get into this in

order to segue into all the knowledge

you're gonna have to know anyways if you

decide to go into a health related

career for instance but this one is

surprisingly difficult especially the

biology side to find a job just with a

or your degree so for that reason I'm

gonna go ahead and put them in beat ear

although I would say chemistry is

probably high beat ear and biology is

more on the low beat ear side in fact

I'd almost say chemistry is a tear it's

really borderline but I'm just gonna go

ahead and put it in beat ear

next on the list is probably gonna be

one of my favorite subjects in the world

and that is history you know this is one

of my biggest passions I love listening

to Dan Carlin's hardcore history podcast

and reading you know James Michener and

Leon URIs all kinds of different books

about history with that being said I'm

extremely grateful that

seventeen-year-old Shane decided to not

pursue history and go for a degree

that's a little bit more practical and

ironically I probably have more free

time now to study history and spend as

much time you know reading about history

as I want then if I actually got a

history degree because I'd probably have

to work to borderline minimum-wage jobs

just to get by now in terms of stats

there honestly aren't that many jobs out

there but the ones that are out there do

actually pay decently well so I'll go

ahead and put history in C tier status

but I might be a little bit biased

honestly it might be more of a D tier

but whatever next on the list is going

to be communications and this is one of

those degrees that I kind of mentioned

this before it's so broad that it almost

becomes worthless because you're not

really an expert at any one thing and

it's almost hard to define what you even

do with a communications degree now this

is commonly known as the athletes major

because colleges don't want their

athletes to fail out of classes and so

they send them into communications

classes because they're kind of known

for being really really easy it's also

known as the what the hell am I doing

with my life degree so this one is gonna

go into DT R for sure

borderline ft R and the reason for that

is because there are so many people that

get communications degrees it's another

one of those that I believe is a top

five most popular degree and you simply

just cannot get a job or it's very

difficult to find a job related to

communications once you graduate next on

the list is theology and you can

probably guess where this one

is going another degree that's

incredibly interesting but it doesn't

have any practical value in the real

world no one is willing to actually pay

you in the real world for your skills as

a sociologist it's just too theoretical

at least for now no jobs low pay no

demand future growth does not look good

and tons and tons of competition this

one is definitely going to go in F tier

the next one on the list is last but

definitely not least and that is going

to be computer science now computer

science degree is going to be incredibly

valuable in the next 40 years we are

entering into the age of automation

right now and you can either be the

person who loses your job or you can be

the person who programs the software or

the machine that makes people lose their

job because there's going to be a lot of

industries that are going to be

disrupted by automation and if you go

into this field you'll pretty much gonna

be guaranteed a job as long as AI

doesn't take over and destroy all of us

this one might actually be the best one

on the list pretty close with the IT one

it's it's it's up there I would say this

is probably the best one on the list

probably s+ tear go ahead and check out

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