Equipment Reviews: Best Cutting Boards & Our Testing Winner

a cutting board is a kitchen essential

for too often their disappointments they

split and crack and warp they stain and

get deep gouges from the knife pieces

break off they just don't hold up we

wanted to find the last cutting board

you'll ever need to buy that was our

quest we picked nine boards ranging from

twenty-two dollars to two hundred

dollars we had wood bamboo composite and

plastic boards in a range of weights

thicknesses and construction now we

chose a nice generous size too many home

cooks use dinky little boards you need

room to cut comfortably and safely we

focused on boards are at least 15 by 20

inches but some of these turned out to

be too heavy or hard to grab we like the

ones with grips or handles we wanted a

board that be nice to cut on not have

your food slide all around your knife

should stick just a little as you cut

and that's what's going to give you

excellent control finally and most

importantly we wanted a board that's

going to last it should stay flat should

resist warping show only minor scratches

and not need a ton of TLC first we

assigned each board to test cooks who

put them through three months of day in

and day out use cooking all day long in

the Test Kitchen we took another set and

did a series of tests we diced onions

minced fresh herbs chopped chipotle

chilies in adobo to check for staining

we hacked through bone-in chicken thighs

with a cleaver to test the toughness and

we did a cutting test where we made 750

consecutive cuts on each board with new

knives this told us whether the boards

were dulling our knives and one of the

knives damaged the boards we put the

dishwasher safe ones through the

dishwasher multiple times and we washed

and rinsed them in between each juice

and check to see if they had warp or

crack finally we push them all up the

countertop now they all survived that

test but simple washing proved to be too

much for some of these boards and grand

boards these are also called butcher

block they warped whether they were made

of wood or bamboo one actually split now

these boards are terrific to cut on but

all those end pieces of wood soak up

moisture like straws when wood gets wet

it expands and it contracts when it

dries that's what leads to warping and

cracking making the board extremely

unstable a bamboo edge grading board

where the pieces go the long way down

the board arrived cracked and a

replacement was no improvement two

composite boards were horrible to cut on

went clack clack clack every time we cut

a thin one begin to warp and actually

dulled our knife the slightly thicker

one did well until the cleaver test

which raised huge splinters we had to

pick out of the chicken it was gross the

plastic boards were durable except one

that got gouged but most of these were

more slippery to cut on than we'd like

and that's for the wooden boards we

found one that passed all our tests and

didn't seem as thirsty for oil as the

others this board turned out to be made

of teak which is naturally high in oily

resins which help it resist moisture and

in turn brighness the protec edge

grained teak cutting board and $85 was

our winner it's a great cutting board

it's extremely knife friendly with a

satiny finish good hand holds for easier

maneuvering and it held up beautifully

throughout our testing for a budget

friendly and dishwasher safe alternative

we recommend the Aqsa good grips carving

and cutting board it's plastic it's

lightweight it's just $22