Sri Lanka | 3 weeks | 22,000 INR | Budget Travel Tips and Hacks

hello guys so if you are going to Sri

Lanka then this video is for you we're

going to talk about food transport visa

SIM cards for an exchange almost about

everything so stay tuned we will see

this drone footage in some other video

as of now let's talk about some useful

stuff so today I leave for Delhi and

then I leave for Russia and I just had a

few hours so I thought why not do a

video sharing all my travel hacks about

Sri Lanka with you guys so let's start

so the first thing is visa so visa you

can apply online for Sri Lanka

it takes about twelve hundred rupees

maybe and you just have to carry that

letter you get any letter and you have

to carry that letter at the immigration

and you'll get the visa on arrival

second thing is hotels I personally

booked all my hotels on the go on you'll get really nice

hotels for about thousand fifteen

hundred rupees a night so the third

thing we have to talk about is money

exchange in Sri Lanka you can visit any

of the jewellery shops to get the

currency exchange so almost all the

jewelry shops to have foreign currencies

I have visited the jewelry shops in

Colombo Kandy even and Trincomalee

before thing is send cards I used

dialogue SIM card the coverage was

really good but the thing is the data is

expensive you will get only one GB data

for about 300 or 400 fill Lankan rupees

it's not like India that you get like 1

GB data per day you get 1 GB for the

whole month or whatever you plan is the

fifth thing is transport when you are in

Sri Lanka how do you communities

the buses are good like they have a

variety of buses private government they

are equally good

the trains are also good and if you are

going to the mountains from Allah to

candy I suggest you you go by train

because it's like really beautiful you

can go by bus as well but beautiful

journey through train now coming to food

we not Indians we like we are so fond of

eating chapatis and paranthas so let me

tell you that in Sri Lanka you mostly

get rice all you will get paratha I

don't know how to pronounce it

kurta we always confuse it with the

parantha the knots and prawn timetables

not the parantha we have this assumption

that the food will be the same as that

we get in South India it's not the food

is different and food is really yummy

my favourite was caught - you should try

it if you will ask for roti roti for

them is like some stuffing if it's a

specific table rotate a lot potatoes in

it or a chicken and the last thing that

I'm going to talk about is the entry

tickets if even if you are going to

museums national parks there are in

critical so for foreign nationals the

entity gets like 20 or 30 times more

than the local Sri Lankans but for

Indians there is some sort of discount

for stop nations basically one of the

other tips that I would like to give you

is learn some local Sahel our common

words like Coe Hamada it means hi how

are you getting in like I'll see you

again some stuff like that but it's