BEST Crypto Wallets 2021: Top 5 Picks 🔓

if you plan on holding any

cryptocurrency one of the most important

decisions that you can make comes even

before you buy your first token it comes

before you even create your first

exchange account I am of course talking

about the type of cryptocurrency wallet

that you choose with so much value

stored for the long term huddle you have

to make sure that you have got the right

wallet one that is not only highly

secure but also functional and user

friendly so what is the right wallet my

name is guy and in this video I'm going

to answer exactly that I'm going to

reveal my top five crypto wallet pics as

well as the pros and cons of each I also

have some top storage tips for you that

you just need to know so be sure to

stick around till the very end for these

golden nuggets of wisdom before I lock

load and get ready to go there are a few

quick things I have to say I am NOT a

financial adviser so be sure to speak

with yours before making any moves into

crypto this video is also intended to be

merely an educational tool to support

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video alrighty so are you ready to

huddle to the moon let's explore these

wallets then before I jump into my list

of top crypto wallet picks I need to

explain why it's so important to use a

safe crypto wallet if this is something

that you already know quite well then

feel free to jump to the pics in the

timestamps that I provided below

now most crypto newcomers may not know

this but storing your crypto on

exchanges is not a good idea the reason

why this is is that when you keep your

coins on in exchange you're essentially

giving up ownership and control of your

crypto so not only does this mean you

have to fully trust the exchange

operators but it also means that if the

exchange was hacked you could lose all

your funds this has actually happened

quite a bit in the past one of the most

notable examples was mount docks that

saw over 850,000 Bitcoin

stolen in a hack this was the largest

Bitcoin hack in history and I actually

know a few early investors who lost all

their coins on docks

tens of millions in today's money of

course you also have exchanges which

have just plain scams from the beginning

a more recent example of this is


CX the exchange was the coin base of

Canada and users over there lost over

190 million dollars worth of crypto also

some exchanges are suspected of running

fractional reserves with many users of

certain exchanges reporting that they

have a hard time or are unable to

withdraw their funds the key thing to

take away here is that if you don't hold

the keys to your crypto you do not

really own it there is a famous saying

that's repeated on numerous occasions in

crypto circles not your keys not your


by keeping your coins on an exchange all

you really have is a promise from that

exchange that you own a certain number

of coins and nothing more that's why so

many crypto people talk about taking

responsibility for your own crypto and

taking security seriously to take back

control of your crypto you will need a

crypto currency wallet so without any

further ado let me jump right into my

top five wallets at the number one spot

we have the ledger nano X and the ledger

nano s what's important to know is that

these are Hardware wallets that enable

you to store your crypto on a physical

device which looks a bit like a USB


another fun fact is that hardware wallet

devices like ledger store your private

keys and do not expose them to the

outside world

this provides defense against cyber

hacks like phishing scams and key

loggers so if you're looking for the

highest levels of security money can buy

then a hardware wallet is a sound

purchase private keys on ledger are so

secure that you do not even know them

yourself instead they're stored within

the device itself and secured with a PIN

number with a ledger any crypto thief

would need to have your ledger in their

possession and know or guess your PIN

number alternatively they could try and

guess your twenty word recovery seed

good luck to them on that oh yes in case

you wondered what a recovery seed is

it's a random string of words that you

can use to get access to your crypto if

you lose your device a pretty neat

backup we've led your hardware wallets

you also get access to ledger live which

is an app to manage the applications

installed on your device and enables you

to manage your different crypto accounts

this includes sending and receiving

crypto or even just checking your crypto

balances when it comes to the difference

between the legend nano X and the legend

nano s the former has a bigger screen

the ability to use Bluetooth to connect

to your mobile device the ledger X can

also store up to 100 applications on it

versus the four or five the nano s can

hold what's important to note about

ledger applications is that each

separate blockchain will have its own

app so you can use the ledger theory map

to store eath or any e rc 20 token and

you wouldn't need a separate app to keep

your ear safe this means that if you

want to hold a ton of different coins

than the number of ledger apps which can

be stored on a device will probably be a

big consideration of course there's no

point in getting a wallet if the coins

you want to store on it and not support

it the good news is that ledger supports

over 1,000 crypto currencies that's the

biggest range of crypto currencies for

any wallet out there you can basically

throw a dart at the first couple of

pages of coin market camp and the

chances are that the coin you hit will

be supported by ledger

another big consideration for most in

crypto is staking which is when you hold

your coins in a certain wallet and earn

interest ledger also supports staking

for popular coins like EOS tezo's Tron

neo waves and one chain in terms of

security ledger wallets are honestly the

best in class with no known hacks that I

can think of the only security breach

that I know of is when scammers buy

Ledger's open them up to generate the

recovery seat and resell the ledgers on

sites like eBay these nasty pieces of

work then wait for the buyer to send

their crypto to the ledger and gain

access to it using the recovery seed

however you can avoid that problem by

buying directly through the official

ledger site so be sure to do that when

it comes to integrations ledger honestly

works with a lot of stuff in the crypto

universe if you're looking to get

involved in d5 crypto lending and ledger

integrates with popular web 3 wallets

like meta masks so who can benefit the

most from a ledger Hardware wallet well

the legend an OS costs $59 with the

legend and her ex setting you back 119

dollars now that sounds like a lot

however you have to remember that this

is the most secure crypto wallet money

can buy the key question is if you

actually need that top-of-the-line

security or not put simply if you were

dipping your toes into crypto and want

to store a hundred dollars in coins then

I honestly don't think it's worth buying

one I would personally use that money to

buy more crypto and use one of the free

wallet suggestions that I'll get onto in

a minute

however if you think it's for you and

you're going to be mainly holding

Bitcoin aetherium and a bunch of ERC 20

tokens I'd go for the cheaper legend

nano s I don't see the need to shell out

more on the more expensive wallet if you

think you can benefit from a bigger

screen or want to hold a boatload of

different coins then the legend a net X

is probably the right option for you I

have to level with you I don't really

see the value in the nano X's bluetooth

connectivity and I frankly never felt

like using it however if you're one of

those guys that simply must use a device

like this on a mobile app then the X is

what you need if you're interested in

getting a ledger and want to support the

channel then please do check out the

ledger links in the description

my number-two safest wallet pick is

exodus wallet this is actually the

wallet that I typically recommend if any

of my friends are starting out in crypto

Exodus is a completely free multi

currency wallet that is available for

both mobile and desktop one of the main

benefits of Exodus is that it's super

easy to use has 24/7 support via live

chat a built-in crypto exchange and

supports over 100 different crypto

currencies oh yeah it also looks goddamn

beautiful too and you can view your

entire crypto portfolio at a glance on

the home screen so if you want all that

stuff in one simple solution and Exodus

is probably the wallet for you in terms

of supported coins Exodus supports

exactly one hundred and twelve coins at

the time of making this video here are

some of the most notable which should

satisfy most hot lers

I've also provided a link to the full

list of crypto assets supported by this

wallet in the video description in terms

of backup features Exodus provides two

key ways of regaining access to your

crypto in case your computer is lost or


number one is using a twelve word

passphrase that you generate when

creating your Exodus wallet

the second is an email restore feature

where exorcists will send a link to your

email which you need to click and enter

your password to get back access to your

crypto however although these backup

features are convenient the Exodus

wallet doesn't really offer the same

level of security as Hardware while it's

like ledger given that your private keys

are stored on your local device it could

be susceptible to malware that either

steals private keys or logs your

keystrokes all that being said Exodus is

way more secure than web wallets found

at exchanges and it's free too if you're

still worried about storing your keys

locally on the device it's great to know

that the security on Exodus is

upgradable this is due to the wallets

integration with treszura which is

another type of hardware wallet device

like the ledger this means you can enjoy

all the benefits of Exodus while having

your crypto secured by a hardware wallet

it's for this very reason that I think

that the Exodus and treszura partnership

is the most important strategic move

that the wallet creators have made in

short if you're looking for a free

wallet that supports a load of coins and

want a simple uncluttered interface then

honestly I would go for an exodus wallet

if you want to upgrade your security

later you also have the option to do

that by buying a treasure or Hardware

wallet and that is a great segue into

the next wallet on my list

the treasure Hardware wallet comes in at

number three similar to ledger you have

two different models to choose from the

original treasure one and the treasure

Model T I have to give it to treasure

there Hardware wallets are slightly

easier to use and setup than ledger

treads are share many of the security

benefits of ledger but they come in at a

slightly higher price point the

treasurer one comes in at $78 and the

treasurer T sets you back a cool 165

dollars the key difference between the

two models is that the treasurer T comes

with a bigger color screen and supports

microSD cards the treasurer one on the

other hand just has a black and white

screen like ledger

treszura supports over 1,000 different

crypto currencies so you can be pretty

confident that almost any crypto you

want to store will be compatible with

this wallet however treszura doesn't

support staking for the same range of

coins that ledger does the treasurer

wallet does integrate with the simple

staking wallet so you do have that

option honestly the main reason why

treasurer didn't feature higher in my

list is due to the crypto exchange

Kraken identifying a critical

vulnerability in Trez or hardware

wallets in a nutshell Kraken found a way

of cracking into a treasure in about 15

minutes by exploiting voltage glitching

in the device to get hold of the

encrypted seed the encrypted seed can

then be accessed by brute forcing the

pin number securing the funds yes this

sounds terrifying and you're probably

wondering how I can still rape tresor

after this the reason why is that this

Trez or hacking method requires the

crypto thief to have possession of your

treasure and a bunch of equipment to

pull off the hack now I don't know about

you but I'm not leaving my treasure

lying around anywhere willy-nilly and

I'm more concerned about cyber attacks

when it comes to crypto theft the truth

is that if anyone came after your crypto

in the real world and put a gun to your

head then it probably doesn't matter if

you have a treasure or the more secure


either way the bad guy is probably going

to end up with your crypto

in terms of key tressle partnerships I'm

going to have to mention that the Exodus

partnership again Exodus is honestly

such a popular free wallet and I think

it's a masterstroke byte resort to give

Exodus users the ability to upgrade

their security to sum it up Tresor is

the ideal crypto wallet for anyone that

wants first-class crypto wallet security

and needs it to be as simple and quick

to set up as possible I actually got my

trays or good to go in about 10 minutes

and I can tell you it took much longer

to set up my ledger if you really need a

bigger screen then the treszura model T

is the way to go however I think most

people are probably best off saving the

extra eighty seven dollars and going

with the Tresor one so if you think

Tresor is the wallet for you then I'd

love it if you supported my work by

using one of my trestle affiliate links

in the description

my fourth favorite crypto wallet is

trust wallet and it's one of the best

options out there for anyone wanting to

carry around their crypto on their

mobile the app can be downloaded for

free from the Apple App Store Google

Play and Android trust wallet is also

another multi crypto wallet and is able

to interact with decentralized

applications directly through the app

thanks to its Web 3 browser so if you

want to play some crypto games or have

the option of using your wallet with


then Trust wallet is the way to go trust

wallet is also fully open source this

basically means that the underlying

software code is open to all to audit

and verify generally open source

software is viewed favorably in the

crypto space as it means the community

was able to independently verify the

security of said code so that's a plus

something else that works pretty neat is

that this wallet also works perfectly

with the by Nance Dex and Kaiba network

protocol that means you can make instant

trades of decentralized exchanges with

no fuss at all passive income' fans will

also be pleased to know that trust

wallet supports staking for cosmos Tron

and teasers

in terms of coin support trust wallet

allows you to store all a RC 20 tokens

all tokens issued on Tron and by Nance

chain plus a bunch of other top crypto

currencies like Bitcoin XRP and litecoin

honestly as long as you're wanting to

store pretty well-known crypto

currencies trust wallets should have


in terms of security concerns I've not

heard about any trust wallet hacks

however what's for sure is that the

wallet will never be as secure as a

hardware wallet you still have risks of

local device intrusions having said that

I should point out that it was one of

the first acquisitions by by Nance and

the exchange uses it as its official

wallet so this is no doubt a vote of

confidence in my opinion in summary

trust wallet is an ideal choice for

anyone wanting free multi crypto wallet

app to manage your coins on the go I've

popped a link in the description in case

you want to try it out ok so it's time

for my final crypto wallet pic and I'm

going to go for meta mask this wallet

can be used as a browser extension on

Google Chrome Firefox and the brave

browser this basically means it acts

like a kind of bridge between standard

web browsers and the etherium blockchain

if you're looking to store a ton of

different coins then I'm going to have

to stop you right there and just say

that meta Mask is not for you the wallet

only supports aetherium and ERC 20

tokens so limited on that front yet a

pretty cool thing about meta mask is

that it links directly with coinbase and

shape-shift which makes it super easy to

buy 'if or ERC 20 tokens it's also

pretty easy to use too when it comes to

security I've not heard about any meta

mask hacks it uses HD backup settings

and has a strong community of developers

constantly updating its source code

which is also open source however the

most common security threat to metal

mask users will be phishing attacks so

just be careful when you enter your meta

mask password when it comes to

integrations this is where meta mask

really shines if you're looking to get

involved in the defy ecosystem by

earning interest on defy loans giving a

crypto loan or even trading on

decentralized platforms like synthetics

then you can do all that with meta masks

pretty much any DAP in defy or any

aetherium based app for that matter

integrates with meta mask in short if

you're even mildly interested in

exploring some of the dams on the

etherion blockchain then a meta masks

wallet is basically a must-have it

also a pretty beginner-friendly wallet

and it's completely free too

however if you don't want to be

restricted to aetherium and ERC 20

tokens then I would honestly look at

other wallet options and that's it my

list for the top five wallets in crypto

the best wallet for you will honestly

depend on what coins you want to store

the functionality you need and what

level of security you're comfortable

with if you want to go for the best

crypto security out there then I would

certainly recommend going with a ledger

or treasurer

however the free wallet I've talked

about are also very solid options - the

truth is that just having control over

your own private keys and keeping your

funds off an exchange already makes your

crypto more secure than most people's

having said that though you still need

to take precautions with some wallet

security 101 always backup your seeds

and store them in a secure place if

you're using desktop or mobile wallets

be sure to keep your devices malware and

virus free basically don't click on junk

and finally haughtily your coins in

secret no one needs to know that you own

any crypto and when anyone does you make

yourself vulnerable

not even the strongest Hardware wallet

can stop the $5 wrench attack

and that my fellow crypto pians is the

end of my video what do you think about

my crypto wallet pics though are there

any others that you think should be on

this list I'd be super interested to

hear your comments below also if you got

value from this video then please don't

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your keys not your crypto thank you for

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