Top 7 Best Credit Cards For Travel in 2021 ! (Travel For Free)

what's up members of the barrio it's

John and traveling the world can be very

expensive but what if I told you there

was a way to travel the world for free

we're talking flights hotels even free

food and drinks at airport lounges and

that way is using credit card reward

points and welcome offers this is the

kind of thing that any added traveler

needs to be on top of and today to help

you out I'm gonna be sharing the 7 best

travel credit cards for 2020 now some of

these are great for beginners people

that don't really have credit cards for

this kind of a use I'm gonna be telling

you the pros and the cons of each of

these cards as well as who I think

they're best for so make sure to stay

tuned until the end of the video we're

leading off this video with the Chase

Sapphire Preferred card not to be

confused with V Chase Sapphire Reserve

which we will be getting to later on in

the video this is an excellent credit

card for beginners if you love to travel

and it has a lot of really cool perks

what's appealing to me as of today is

the welcome offer 60-thousand chase

ultimate reward points if you spend

$4,000 in the first three months and if

you make this your everyday credit card

I definitely think that is very doable

depending on your spending habits of

course but that value is so high using

the chase Ultimate Rewards portal 60,000

points from this card would be the

equivalent of spending seven hundred and

fifty dollars on many things including

hotels and another cool perk with Chase

ultimate rewards is you can transfer

them to certain partners one of my

favorites is high it you can transfer it

at a one-to-one basis so if you

transferred six thousand points to high

it that's good for a category three

hotel for five nights I actually

utilized this very redemption to stay at

the Hyatt Regency in Tokyo an amazing

location during cherry blossom season

that hotel normally was costing two

three hundred dollars a night so we'll

start off with sixty

thousand reward points very valuable

from Chase there's also no foreign

transaction fees which is very common

with most of these travel credit cards

so swipe this in Paris and no guilt no

extra fees are gonna be applied to your

account also two times the points on

dining and travel expenses heck this is

a travel card so that is quite useful

there is an annual fee of ninety five

dollars this is much lower than the

annual fee of four hundred fifty dollars

on the Chase Sapphire Reserve card

something to consider and that ninety

five dollar annual fee I think is more

than canceled out with that extremely

generous sixty thousand chase ultimate

reward point

welcome offer as for cons I think the

biggest is that you don't get global

entry you don't get TSA pre-screen you

don't get lounge access with this card

like you would get with let's say the

American Express Platinum or with the

Chase Sapphire reserve but for that

reason I think this is the perfect

starter travel credit card next on the

list the capital one venture rewards

card and this credit card is perfect for

somebody who gets confused by all of his

technical talk about points and where to

transfer it if you just want to keep

things simple this is a great starter

travel credit card as of today you're

looking at a fifty thousand point

welcome offer if you spend three

thousand dollars in the first three

months also there's no foreign

transaction fees no annual fee the first

year it'll be ninety five dollars every

year after that so it is nice not to

have to pay an annual fee your first

year now now remember I said that this

card was simple you could just take the

50000 point welcome offer and you could

use it to cancel out any travel related

purchases in the last 90 days at a one

to one ratio so that's essentially five

hundred dollars on whatever travel

expenses you want in a three-month

period it doesn't really get much more

simple than that they also have a really

unique partner program with

where you get ten times the points if

you book a hotel through

portal and you can get an extra 10% if

you join the

loyalty program so just by utilizing

that it is a very unique way to get even

more points on regular spending that you

make on hotels if 12 different partners

you can transfer to JetBlue Lufthansa

all the major alliances OneWorld SkyTeam

the Star Line's this credit card is the

ultimate card for someone who's a free

agent and just wants to spread their

points over many different things now

the cons of the credit card it does not

have the same amount of transfer

partners as American Express and chase I

also like to chase ultimate rewards

portal better than Capital One but again

for someone who is eager to travel

credit cards I think this one is

definitely one of your best options the

Hilton Honors American Express card now

Hilton has such a big global reach and

if you are a beginner to travel credit

cards I'm gonna recommend this as your

hotel card simply because there is no

annual fee we're gonna start off with

that as the biggest pro of this credit

card and the current welcome offer

75,000 Hilton Points as of today you if

you spend just one thousand dollars in

the first three months that's a lot of

Hilton points especially if you're going

to some of the the lower tiers the

category ones a category two is that

could be 10 to 12 nights at some really

nice hotels let's say in Southeast Asia

so I think 75,000 Hilton points as a

welcome offer for a credit card with no

annual fee that immediately stands out

to me

no foreign transaction fee and you do

get Hilton silver status through this

card which isn't too much you know I

keep mentioning late check-out for you

guys but keep this in mind Hyatt and

Marriott both require you to have an

annual fee credit card to get any sort

of status with them now if you spend

$20,000 in your first year you will be

upgraded to Hilton Gold something to

shoot for if you are a big fan of the

Hilton brand

another cool perk is five times

in reward points when you spend at US

grocery stores restaurants gas stations

seven times the points for any Hilton

property spins what about the cons okay

you don't get a free night out of this

card like you get with high it or

Marriott but then again those cards do

have the annual fees attached also as I

said silver status not really worth that

much with Hilton if you travel to Hilton

a few times a year

I think this card is absolutely a

no-brainer for your business owners out

there the business platinum card from

American Express offers some of the best

travel perks in the entire industry is

also a really cool looking platinum

credit card if that's any more extra

incentive for you but seriously if you

have a lot of business expenses you've

got to pay attention to what this card

can offer you the current welcome offer

can be as high as 100,000 membership

reward points but there's gonna be some

spending involved you'll get 50,000

membership reward points after spending

$10,000 in the first three months and

the next 50,000 if you can spend fifteen

thousand more dollars in that same

90-day span if you have a business

already and you're gonna be spending

twenty five thousand dollars over the

course of three months and putting it on

your business platinum card is one of

the best redemptions you can do American

Express has so many different partners

you could transfer to I think that is

one of the biggest advantages of any of

the American Express cards another huge

perk of the business platinum card is

access to the American Express Centurion

lounge at airports they have a great one

at LaGuardia in Las Vegas in Houston I

have been to them before they're some of

the best lounges you could find

especially in the United States you know

gourmet food cocktails all included with

this credit card and if you travel a lot

that isn't perfect you could really

really take advantage of we're gonna be

talking about some hotel credit cards in

a little bit but with the business

platinum you are automatically gold at

Marriott you are automatically gold at

Hilton and this can lead to some great

upgrades when you are staying

at those chains another unique perk with

the business platinum card is you can

pick one airline per year and you can

deduct 35% of your points from any point

charges used on that airline I'll give

you an example if you spend 50,000

points on United and United is your

carrier of choice you will be refunded

17,500 points into your account

essentially making any reward purchase

with business platinum and those points

very valuable if you have one airline

mind also if you're making big-time

purchases for your business you can get

one point five points to the dollar for

any purchase of five thousand dollars or

more you can get up to 1 million bonus

points through this again if you run a

business and you love to travel either

traveling for the business or just

traveling on your own leisure time the

American Express business platinum card

such a winner the business platinum card

also offers you global entry offers you

lounge access group by already past so

these are some of the upper echelon

benefits of a card like the business

platinum now on to the cons and the big

one that's gonna scare some people

is the five hundred ninety five dollar

annual fee on the business platinum card

but if you are getting a lot of perks

and all of those benefits that I

mentioned if you're using this card all

the time for your business I think you

you are just cancelling out that five

hundred ninety five dollar annual fee

per year now this is considered a higher

end more of a luxury card so you're

traveling all the time or if you spend a

lot of money on your business I think

the five hundred ninety five dollar

annual fee really you're not gonna feel

it that much the Chase Sapphire Reserve

I like this card so much I have it

myself and funny story about this guy

three years ago when it came out it was

the most popular travel credit card ever

it was so popular that Chase actually

ran out of metal to print it that says a

lot and I could wax poetic forever about

why I really love having this credit

card but it is considered a premium card

we're gonna talk about the perks we're

gonna talk about some of the cons as


the current welcome offer here

thousand chase ultimate reward points if

you spend $4,000 in the first three

months now these points are valued even

higher than the preferred card it's a

one point five to one value so on the

chase ultimate rewards portal 50000

bonus points is equal to seven hundred

and fifty dollars worth value what I

love about the chase card is you could

use that value on the ultimate reward

system in book boutique hotels outside

of the major chains you know book of

boutique in Paris book a boutique hotel

in New York 750 dollars let me repeat

that is an extraordinary value on this

credit card for the welcome offer but

some more really cool perks Priority

Pass which I use all the time when I

travel because of this credit card and

you can also bring up to two guests and

just about any lounge in the priority

pass system now American Express does

offer this with their business platinum

card as we just discussed but one thing

that Amex does not offer you that Chase

Sapphire Reserve does with the Priority

Pass is there are some restaurants that

partner up with Chase Sapphire Reserve

where you can get up to twenty eight

dollars off of your bill from two people

at different restaurants at different

airports so I've actually utilized this

before just the JFK a couple of months

ago went to a steak house we each got

burgers comp that was a really cool / to

just go to a restaurant and basically

eat for free with my wife Global Entry

is another perk that you're gonna see on

more of the higher-end credit cards like

the Chase Sapphire Reserve so I know

when I come back to the United States

you don't have to wait in line for

immigration you just scan your passport

and you're in and out in two or three

minutes if there's no line it is super

super nice a very underrated value of

the Chase Sapphire reserve is you get

three times points on travel expenses

three times points on dining and if you

like to travel I can really see those

chase ultimate reward points of crewing

in a hurry you go to a big city you're

gonna be eating out a lot over time I've

seen my ultimate reward points going up

up and up because

spend a lot of money on travel there's

also a lot of airline transfer partners

you can send these directly to United

you can send these directly to high-end

when we're looking at hotels as we

discuss we had Lee Chase Sapphire

Preferred now on to the cons and the

biggest con of this credit card is the

annual fee $450 which will scare some of

you out there but there's a huge caveat

with that $450 annual fee comes a $300

travel credit and if you're not spending

$300 a year on travel well you probably

shouldn't be getting this credit card

but it's not just airplanes it's not

just buses and trains even ubers it's

subway swipes in New York City it is

very easy to spend those three hundred

dollars I spend it so fast on this card

and it turns an annual fee from $450 to

just one hundred and fifty dollars which

to me makes me Chase Sapphire reserved

one of the best premium travel credit

cards in the industry and the other con

is that you know when this card first

came out the welcome offer was 100

thousand points which was incredible

fifty thousand points not bad at all but

yes they have in the past had some

really big welcome offers so we can call

that a cotton why not onto the gold

Delta SkyMiles card from American

Express this one's pretty intriguing if

you like to fly Delta but you're not a

business traveler you're not traveling

all the time but Delta is still your

choice airline this one could be just

for you

the current welcome bonus is 60,000

Delta SkyMiles if you spend $2,000 or

more in the first three months and also

a $50 credit on any Delta purchase in

the first 90 days so you're looking at a

free meal or two on your next flight

with this 60,000 SkyMiles very good

easily a roundtrip domestic flight

within the United States plus you could

transfer those sky miles to many many

partners you also can name priority

boarding with this credit card and if

you're anything like me and you hate

boarding last if you have

a carry-on bag you know how people are

on airlines today's I can't do a whole

video about that so being able to board

early if you're gonna stow luggage is a

very nice perk if you do like to fly

Delta from time to time

trust me another perk is no annual fee

the first year $95 after the first year

another cool perk your first checked bag

absolutely free which is a value of $30

you can also get Delta Sky Club access

at $29 because you have this credit card

which is not open to the general public

I have been to the Sky Club before if

you have a long layover $29 is a good

price to get in there with all the

things they've got going on some of the

cons of the credit card you get just the

one to one dollar two-point ratio on any

spend that is not related to Delta so it

could be difficult to accrue Delta

SkyMiles through this card unless you're

spending a ton of money on it the other

con is you don't really get any premium

status with this credit card with Delta

but there's not really any credit cards

out there that will give you airline

status anyway the other would be if you

don't fly Delta that often then I'm not

sure it's the credit card for you the

Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card this

is a real wild card my parents actually

each have one of these my dad is quite

the savvy traveler and I'm going to

explain why they have this card and you

know what sorts of people this car to be

perfect for let's start with the big

perks and the current welcome offer is

40,000 miles if you spend $2,000 in the

first 90 days that is good enough for a

domestic round-trip flight within the

United States next up is their famous

companion fare which is something very

unique in the credit card industry in

the airline industry and how the

companion fare works is after one year

of having this credit card you get

access to the Alaska Airlines companion

fare which essentially with fees is one

and $35 so let's say that you're flying

to New York from San Diego which is what

my parents like to do if that flight is

$300 you can add a companion fare and

they just have to pay the fees which is

$135 so you're getting that second

flight at a discount of about $150 and

if you get a good deal on the flight the

discount can be even more $135 no matter

where you're flying anywhere even the

Alaska system and that more than helps

you cover the $75 annual fee you also

get a free checked bag for yourself and

up to six different people traveling on

your itinerary free miles for every

dollar spent on Alaska not too shabby

especially if you fly Alaska a lot

anyway now for the cons only a $1 to

mile ratio on your everyday purchases

unless you are spending it directly with

Alaska this could be a difficult credit

card to really accrue a lot of miles

with the other con is the $75 annual fee

which I think it's canceled out pretty

nicely with the companion fare but you

know what if you don't have any

companions to bring then what well make

more friends or don't get the Alaska

credit card you want to explore travel

airline hotel credit cards check out the

links down below in the description I

think this is an amazing way to travel

the world absolutely for free

and it's something I utilize all the

time also a shout out to Bruce watching

from Washington one of my patreon thank

you guys so much for your support you

want to check out our patreon link down

below as well guys hope you learned

something from this video thank you so

much for watching as always until next