I found the BEST Cash Back Credit Cards

what's of you guys it's Graham here so

after the recent popularity of the Apple

credit card video it came to my

attention that a lot of people were

focusing on the 2% cashback on the

products purchased through Apple pay and

then also focusing on the 1% cash back

on everything else which let's be honest

here is not the highest out there so

when it comes to using a credit card to

get cash back I felt like it was worth

making a dedicated video to go over the

best highest cash back credit cards

currently available some of these are as

high as 5% cash back which is

significantly higher than just about

anything else that's currently available

and with this video I'm really just

going for simplicity I've done so much

research on these credit cards and I've

weeded out the ones with any sort of

weird spending requirements crazy annual

fees or super obscure revolving

categories these options are really

meant for someone who wants to put the

least amount of work in possible the

least amount of thought possible in a

way that is not going to be totally

confusing and no for anyone curious this

video is not sponsored by any of these

cards I had no financial incentive if

you get one of these cards or not I had

none of my own referral links in the

description to any of these cards so I'm

not biased either way if you decide to

get the card or you don't it does not

matter to me whatsoever all I'm asking

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would be very happy and really quick I

just want to say a huge thank you and

shout out to a Reddit user on personal

finance known as jack frist

who really inspired this idea and got me

to make this video only to his reddit

thread down below in the description for

anyone who wants to check that out and

read it because I would highly recommend

doing so and of course with that said

let's get into the video number one the

first card that you should consider is

the Capital One Quicksilver now the

really great thing about this card is

that they only have an annual fee of $0

and also they have a foreign transaction

fee of $0 and also they will charge you

zero dollars in interest in the first 15

months now of course all of this is

really really good but it does get a

little bit better because in addition to

charging you zero dollars for using the

card you're gonna get one and a half

percent cash back on everything that you

buy and what

this card you're never gonna have to

worry about maxing out tears or

revolving categories or having to figure

out like which card to use for what this

is straight-up super easy just one and a

half percent cash back on everything and

the other really good thing about this

card is that they will give you back a

hundred and fifty dollars when you spend

$500 on the card within the first three

months now the second option is a lot

like the first option I just mentioned

except with a little twist to it and

this would be the chase freedom

unlimited in fact this credit card is

almost completely identical to the

previous one because you will get a zero

dollar annual fee you'll also get the

same one hundred and fifty dollars back

when you spend five hundred in the first

three months you'll also get the same

one-and-a-half percent cashback but

there are some slight differences with

this card that could make it just a

little bit better than the previous one

here's why if you happen to already have

the Chase Sapphire reserved you're able

to transfer points and rewards between

credit cards this basically just means

that you could transfer your

one-and-a-half percent cash back on the

chase freedom over to the Chase Sapphire

Reserve and then when you book travel

through the Chase Sapphire reserve they

give you a 50% bonus this essentially

just makes the chase freedom unlimited

worth 2.25 percent cash back when

redeemed for travel through the Chase

Sapphire reserve now the only downside

when doing this is that you'll need the

Chase Sapphire Reserve which I don't

recommend you get unless you're really

going to be doing a lot of travel and if

you don't really use those perks and

benefits of that card they'll probably

just go to waste

but if you are the type to go and travel

and you'll really use the benefits and

perks of the card then that combo

between the two can work really really

well so now number three things are

heating up a little bit offers are

getting a little bit better and with

that we got to talk about the HSBC cash

rewards MasterCard okay so here are the

basics when it comes to this card and it

seems like all of these companies just

watch what each other is doing and then

just copy each other because this one

also has an annual fee of $0 it also has

a foreign transaction fee of $0 it also

charges you $0 in interest in the first

15 months and they also offer you the

exact same

150 dollars cash back except you have to

spend $2,500 to get that which is a lot

but here is why this card is just a

little bit better even though this card

gives you the standard one-and-a-half

percent cash back they will give you a

ten percent anniversary bonus on your

cash back when you've had the card for

one year so that essentially just makes

this card worth one point six five

percent cash back on all purchases no

matter what which is better than the

previous two but not as good as this one

because now we got number four and this

is probably one of the most popular ones

on the entire list that everyone just

loves to have and that would be the city

double cash rewards card

now just like the other cards I

mentioned this one has an annual fee of

zero dollars but where it gets really

good is that this gives you two percent

cash back on all purchases it gives you

one percent cash back when you buy

something and then another one percent

cash back when you pay it off now this

is just a really easy straightforward

simple free two percent cash back

purchase on everything card however this

is still not the best one on the list

and there are some downsides of this one

number one downside is that they charge

with foreign transaction fee of three

percent which is not the end of the

world but hey you know if you don't have

to pay that three percent you don't have

to pay it anytime you travel


now the next downside with this is that

they don't offer a sign up bonus like

the other cards do so you're not getting

any cash back or anything just for

getting the card but still overall just

getting free 2% cash back on everything

is awesome but the reason this is not

the number one on the list is because I

found one card that no one really talks

about that's a lot better than this card

and that's because the card that barely

beats that is the fidelity cash rewards

Visa signature card now here's why this

credit card is so good just like the

last ones it has an annual fee of zero

dollars and instead of having a three

percent foreign transaction fee it only

has a one percent foreign transaction

fee it'll also give you a bonus of one

hundred dollars when you spend a

thousand dollars in the first three

months and best of all it'll give you

two percent cash back unlimited on

everything when you deposit that money

back into a fidelity account so it's

pretty much just as easy as that and you

get $100 back just for signing up for

the credit card and spending the

thousand dollars in the three months

however it doesn't end there because now

we can get into a few more niche options

that are even better with just a few

fine details and with that one we have

the Alliance Visa signature card and

this card is insanely good and here's

why in the first year you have no annual

fee you also have a zero dollar foreign

transaction fee and also in the first a

year they will give you a limited three

percent cashback on it everything just

imagine getting three percent cash back

on everything no matter what you buy

without even thinking about it for free

without any money out of pocket this is

a really good card

however the only downside with this card

is that after the first year there's a

fifty nine dollar annual fee and also

the cashback drops from three percent

down to two and a half percent so this

card is really only worth keeping if you

spend enough money in the card to wipe

out the $59 annual fee or you cancel the

card after the first year but I have to

say in the first year this card is

absolutely incredible to get but you

know what I have to say I think we could

do slightly better than that card

believe it or not if we go a little bit

more niche and that would be this the

uber Visa Card

that's that's right uber now the reason

I like this card so much is that the

annual fee is $0 so of course it's a

free card but what gets even better is

that they give you four percent cashback

on dining three percent cashback on

travel two percent cashback on online

purchases and 1 percent cash back on

everything else and you'll get all of

that with a 0% foreign transaction fee

but still even with that credit card I

think we could do maybe slightly better

than that depending on how you spend

your money and that would be the Amazon

Prime rewards card now this one is

really good for a few reasons number one

zero dollar annual fee number two zero

dollar foreign transaction fee and

here's the big one if you do a lot of

shopping on Amazon like I do you'll get

five percent cash

on all purchases so it's pretty much

like you're automatically just always

getting a 5% discount on anything you

buy through Amazon just for using this

credit card and if you're anything like

me you end up doing a lot of spending on

Amazon Prime on just necessities to

avoid leaving the house so you may as

well just take the 5% discount just

because you don't want to leave extra

money on the table cheese and of course

this video keeps going it's just like

this Energizer battery that will not

stop because now I have an honorable

mention it could be even better than the

Amazon Prime one again depending on how

you spend your money here's an honorable

mention and that would be the Costco any

work hard and the only reason for this

$0 annual fee and you get four percent

cashback on gas except this car doesn't

really benefit me anymore because they

don't spend any money on gas because I

got a Tesla link to that in the

description but for all of you gas

guzzlers out there this is you can you

can get four percent cashback and by the

way so no one gets triggered I'm kidding

on the whole gas guzzler part there's a

Lotus Exige so that's parked like right

here off camera so I still do go to the

gas station I try to be funny sometimes

in a not so just bear with me so anyway

with that said before you click out of

the video just summing things up here my

number one recommendation here would be

the Alliance credit card in the first

year for the unlimited three percent

cashback then after that one the

fidelity card would actually be my

number one choice for two percent

cashback unlimited on everything else

and then if you're feeling a little

crazy and a little adventurous get four

percent cash back with the uber card on

dining and then also five percent

cashback with the Amazon Prime card on

Amazon and again these rewards are

really perfect for someone who wants the

bonuses and benefits of using credit but

who doesn't really travel enough to take

advantage of the high signup bonuses for

people who might want to redeem that for

travel so for everyone else then

cashback is the next best to get and

this will give you the most money back

in your pocket at the end of the day for

free just forgetting the card and

smashing the like button so with that

said you guys thank you so much for

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