Optimum Nutrition Creatine 2500 Caps Review


hey what's up guys this is negative

event calm today I'm gonna be taking a

look at creatine 2500 caps the creating

pill some optimal nutrition

so also nutrition is a really big name

the supplement industry they are behind

gold standard whey which is probably the

most popular whey protein powder on the

market almost got a lot of other

products that I've tried out including

brassy and amino acids pre workouts and

more just here's one of the creating

products I've got a few and obviously

it's a little bit unusual in that it is

create teen pills and they come in pills

like this you I meant to have three

pills per serving to get 2.5 grams of

creatine let's take a close look at the

ingredients so the main ingredient in

these computing pills is of course

creatine specifically it's creating

monohydrate that comes from creapure

that's a German company and they're

really well known for the purity of

their product they get them tested at

the German Olympic Training Center and

they really are very very stringent as

far as making sure there are no bad

substances and things like that so for a

lot of enthusiasts creapure is usually a

sign of a really high quality creatine

besides that there are just a couple

other ingredients the pills themselves

are made of gelatin now I called up

nutrition and they told me that the

pills are made of beef and or pork so

it's not vegetarian or vegan it's also

not kosher or halal and there plenty of

other people that might want to avoid

these are pills because they do contain

either either beef or pork in them

besides that this is magnesium stearate

that's a flow agent and magnesium

stearate is just used to make sure that

the creation doesn't stick to the

machinery in the facility which is made

that's everything so as far as the price

goes this bottle here has 300 pills in

it and it's gonna cost you about 25

dollars so that means that it has 150

servings for $25 each serving is 2.5

grams of creatine so it's 16 cents per

serving of 2.5 grams of creatine

or at 6.6 cents per gram of creatine

which is usually the metric that I use

when talking about the price of creatine

6.6 cents per gram of creatine it's not

that cheap actually creating it's a very

very cheap supplement normally you can

find it for about 3-4 cents per gram of

creatine six point six is a little on

the pricier side especially for pills

which are typically pretty cheap then

again you are talking about creapure

creatine which is pretty high quality

it's also made a good in a good

manufacturing practices certified

facility so for that you may be willing

to pay the extra there are a few things

that I liked about the creatine 2500


first of all you may find that creatine

in pills is more convenient you do need

about four capsules to reach the 5

and dosage that a lot of people try to

stick with nonetheless because that

pills it's easy to just take a few

fistfuls would you put in your pocket of

a gym that kind of thing

so it does have an added layer like

convenience and portability for some

people also its creapure creatine which

is a really high-quality really good

reputation for having high quality

creatine it's a good manufacturing

practices facility which means they have

to adhere to regulations enforced by the

Food and Drug Administration to help

this trio product purity it was also

pretty nice and finally there are no

artificial ingredients as far as

artificial sweeteners or colors or

anti-caking agents or anything like that

the main things that some consumers

might not be so crazy about with this

product I mean first of all it doesn't

have any extra ingredients like some

people like to have like some extra

carbohydrates which may help to drive

the creatine to the muscles maybe some

people like to have some branch and

amino acids with their creatine this is

just straight creatine it's no frills

it's very basic which is fine for some

people but some people want something

extra in addition to that it does

contain gelatin which means that because

it's made from beef and/or pork that may

make it off-limits for a lot of

consumers finally it's not that cheap

compared to some other creatine brands

normally it's like 3 or 4 cents per gram

of creatine at 6.6 it's a little on the

pricier side but then again it's pretty

high quality creatine so it may be worth

it for you alright so there's my

thoughts on the creatine 2500 caps from

out of nutrition for the four of you

it's check out the link below at Bob