ResMed AirSense 10 Auto Vs. Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine

welcome everybody my name is Jose I am a

respiratory therapist at the CPAP shop

that coming today we're going to compare

the philips respironics

drink station Auto Papp and the rest Med

air since 10 Auto set machine a couple

of similarities they are both capable of

being programmed on auto path mode

that's where there's a range of

pressures and the machine at any given

moment will determine the least amount

of pressure needed to keep your airway

open they can both also be programmed to

CPAP old that's when your doctor

prescribes one fixed setting and that's

what he finds is the least amount of

pressure needed to keep your airway open

other similarities is well they both

have filters the drink station comes

with two that's the reusable that's the

disposable you have to keep clean wash

it periodically I would recommend once a


sober water is good enough main thing is

make sure it's fully dry before you

reinsert it the rest med is right here

and that's disposable so check up on it

at least once a week

so that's where the SD card goes

and Respironics SD card is right here

humidity the rest med has a built-in

humidifier here's the water chamber

simply squeeze and pull out and you open

up to keep it clean distilled water is

what you need for this for the dream

station it's an option and here it is

that's your water chamber take it out

clean it you will line it snaps right in

push this button you can disconnect it

let's talk tubing standard 2d means both

ends are identical so what matter where

it goes so ResMed makes their own and it

goes right to the back this could fit

here as well but respironics also makes

their own standard tubing again both

ends are identical they can go to the

water chamber to the humidifier or

directly to the machine they both have

the option of using either tubing now

even tubing is specific to the maker and

model so this is the Respironics

you can connect it right here and

squeeze right to the humidifier

and it can also be connected directly to

the machine you wouldn't really use the

heated tubing feature if you're

bypassing the humidifier but if this is

all you have at least you know you can

still use it the rest meant specific

only to the air since 10 clicks swivels

and again the ends are slightly

different this would go to your mask if

you decided to not use humidity options

a couple of other similarities is that

that display is right on the front here

the displace do dim down they will not

stay lit throughout the night you're

trying to go to sleep you don't need

extra light they both have apps

available so you can monitor track your

sleeping so they're both very similar in

that respect the power quartz they're

both dual voltage so if you travel

you're all set up you just need to buy

the plugs and they do both have the

brick that you need it's just an

inverter for power differences between

here and other countries I'm going to

program both machines to CPAP of 10 and

I'm going to put them on EPR and flex of

three that's a feature that allows the

pressure to back off when you exhale

we're going to test the machines to hear

what they sound like with the mask being

used and without it okay so both

machines are set to see type of 10 with

EPR or flex set at 3 I'm going to use

the same tubing and I'm going to use

this mask

I have always say and I mean

in this masochist that's what I use at

home their nasal pillows and let's turn

okay so I'm going to switch over to the

Respironics dream station and let's try


okay so the rest meant was choir and

what I found from patients is that some

patients like the sound that the

Respironics makes it's almost like a

white noise that they feel they need to

have obviously it's up to you to

determine what is best for you that

white noise or just having it be quieter

so again this is just to educate and

have you make a more informed decision I

hope this really does help you if you

have any questions please reach out to

us at contact and the CPAP shop comm

thank you