Cough syrup off limits to those under 18

also tonight a cough syrup crackdown

begins state lawmakers are setting their

sights on certain cold remedies as they

beefed up their battle against the

counter over-the-counter drug abuse

here's News 4's Rachel Kingston Governor

Cuomo signed this new law just before 6

o'clock this evening starting in

December it will be illegal to sell over

100 over-the-counter varieties of coffee

and cold medicine to anyone under 18

robitussin dhalsim alka-seltzer Plus

coricidin sudafed

these are among over 100 coffin cold

medicines that pharmacies in New York

State can no longer sell to minors all

contain the active ingredient

dextromethorphan or DXM we're seeing an

increase and young teenagers finding out

that that you know basically drinking a

lot of coughs syrup grinding up the

tablets up along those lines will

produce like hallucinating

hallucinogenic type reactions addiction

counselors and pharmacists say DXM is

the latest over-the-counter drug kids

are using to get high it can be anywhere

from 100 to 200 milligrams and typically

most of these products contain 5 to 10

milligrams per teaspoon full or per

capsule extremely high doses of DXM can

cause hallucinations and euphoria but

it's nastier side effects include

disorientation nausea sweating high

fever vomiting heart palpitations and

even death

research indicates that young boys and

men between the ages of 12 and 18 are

the most frequent abusers of DXM even

though it's low you know 5 percent the

point is we don't want to see it grow

any further but will this new law work

some people say no because kids can just

as easily find DXM in their own medicine

cabinets at home the kids abused one

product and then that's either taken off

the market or put behind the counter so

they find something else to abuse this

is something that you know parents can't

control you know look around I mean it's

it's you're not being Snoopy if you're

you know seeing what your kids have look

under the beds things along those lines

unlike medicines containing

pseudoephedrine the ingredient that can

be used to cook meth the cough sir

with DXM are not moving behind the

pharmacy counter you'll just have to

show your ID when you buy them DXM has

been approved as safe by the Food and

Drug Administration since the 1950s well

you know rate till 1950s you said this

is the latest trend and kind of drug

abuse but why are we seeing this now

well experts think that what's happening

here is that people who are hooked on

drugs narcotics opiates some of those

harder drugs are turning to substances

like D X and when they can't get those

other drugs and are looking for a way to

keep themselves from going into

withdrawal ok good report thank you