Grandma Barb's Homemade Cough Syrup..That Works!!

hey guys today on divas can cook I'm

going to show you how to make my grandma

Barb's homemade cough syrup this stuff

is the bomb and it only has three

ingredients so let's get started okay

we're going to start by using a really

good raw organic honey honey it's like a

powerhouse for like coals and soothing

sore throats it works really well so go

ahead and pour that honey into a small

pot just like that alright in our next

ingredient is some olive oil make sure

you use some extra virgin olive oil

organic I like to use organic when I'm

you know using food as medicine and

stuff and don't forget you guys you can

get this recipe on my blog

deivis and cook calm with the ton of

other recipes so go check that out okay

now just pour that olive oil right on in

there and our last ingredient is lemon

the lemon has a ton of vitamin C it's

just boost the immune system weakens the

cold virus it is subbamma you can also

use this um cough syrup as like for

allergies I have really bad allergies in

the fall time my throat is all scratchy

itchy uh this works great for that so

just go ahead and place the juice of

that lemon right into that pot squeeze

it really good all that juice comes out

now we're going to put this on the stove

on medium heat we're just going to steam

it we're not going to boil it just think

make sure to stir it really well you

guys if you're enjoying this recipe

please be sure to give me a thumbs up

comment I love all that stuff and

appreciate it so much okay when you're

done you making this all combined and

stuff it's done that's how it'll thicken

up as it cool off but that's pretty much

how it looks and now you just want to

place it into a storage container I like

to use these mason jars they're really

good at keeping this in the Fraser on

the counter go ahead and pour that into

your mason jar try not to make a mess

like I'm doing okay and now you're

pretty much done okay my grandmother

stores hers in the fridge I keep mine on

the countertop and go ahead and use it

as much as you need it I need some right

now because these allergies are killing

me okay that's it you guys thank you so

much for watching bye