Which Operating System Should You Choose

so one of the biggest questions I always

get asked is what's the best operating

system or you know what operating system

should I use and I it's a really hard

question to answer because in my opinion

operating system really doesn't matter

that much it just depends on what you're

doing and I'm going to show you the

three use cases I see why I use like a

Windows why I would use Linux why I

would use Mac OS because each one I I

think has their place in the computer

realm to many people I think always

think hey one operating system needs to

conquer all and that's just not how it

is in in real life you know so let's get

into all three as I'm certified in

Windows and have worked in Windows for

probably about twenty years now and when

it comes to Linux I've obviously made a

ton of Linux videos probably upwards of

two hundred fluidics videos in YouTube

and then Mac it's kind of like the the

final one I don't actually have a Mac

machine here to kind of do a showcase

run through but I'll kind of give you my

final thoughts on it as I do have a

couple certifications albeit older ones

going over Mac OS so let's talk about

these three operating systems and what

their use cases are for myself and maybe

you as well because it's really

interesting to see the evolution of many

of them so let's get into it so the

first one up here is gonna be Linux

obviously I've made the most YouTube

videos about Linux Linux is obviously my

daily driver but I really love Linux

once I got used to it

when I first did it you can watch my

first 30 days on Linux actually did it

on the channel when I did fold Linux

desktop I was very familiar with like

server and and more of the professional

scene of Linux but not really using it

as a daily driver like this so Linux

itself when you're flipping through I

have my

as a tiling window manager and you know

you can launch different now terminals

you can go into like let's say I want to

go over to my web browser and just hit

this up and say okay I want to watch all

these and go into this one launch that

you know you can do whatever you want in

here and it's very powerful once you get

used to it

but again a very sharp learning curve

probably the sharpest learning curve of

all three but probably the biggest pay

out of all three as well as I'm more

efficient in Linux now when I'm making

videos when I'm doing stuff heck the

other day I think I was talking to

someone and I was making a little

Windows video and it was it was a little

bit harder to make when it came to the

windows video because I was constantly

having a deal with like updates and

other things where the Linux experience

is just much more consistent but that's

not to say Linux is all roses I mean

it's is fantastic for making you know

playing music in the background while

editing a video and then you can go

ahead launch into this and if you have

just some you know older game that you

want to play you can go ahead and launch

into you know your Lutra sand launch

into that game and play it so it's

really good for base applications and a

majority of computer users could be

comfortable in Linux however it's

probably the most badly misunderstood of

all three and again a very sharp

learning curve but well worth it so if

you really want to go down this path go

through my whole Windows to Linux series

it's pretty applicable pretty much any

computer user and you'll be able to at

least get started in Linux but don't

anticipate a smooth transition it does

take time really it took me about two

months before I really became

comfortable in Linux in probably six

months before I was far more efficient

in Linux than other operating systems so

that was my journey let's flip over to

Windows and old windows this is what

I've spent most of my life in Windows 10

obviously is about five years old at

this time you notice most of my most

popular videos on this channel are over

deep loading windows making minimal

installs just making windows comfortable

Windows by itself is

kind of a weird operating system in the

fact that it has all of the market share

or a good majority of it I think it's

about 75 to 80 percent right now and it

doesn't have a really great experience

out of the box because it has a lot of

things running in the background so like

just a simple task manager here you can

kind of see about a hundred processes

this is on a deep bloated install that

doesn't have a whole lot of garbage in

it so this is me stripping down windows

to make it really functional so I could

use it for gaming because that's where

Windows really shines is gaming as it

has the most compatibility you can play

the most games on it and when you come

in into like Microsoft Office and some

office applications obviously when using

like office 365 you're gonna probably

want to be on a Windows machine but

that's not to say you should be so I'll

go into the the final one that's what

kind of Mac is starting to come into

play when it comes to just base office

users or maybe even novices that really

haven't had a lot of computer experience

but before we get to that I just kind of

want to say when it comes to Windows I

still use it I still use it on a weekly

basis to play certain games certain

things I do on Windows requires that

operating system so it's fine for that I

do miss a lot of my functionality from

Linux when I'm in Windows but I do like

the added compatibility with all the

programs so I already mentioned

Microsoft Office but also the Dobby

suite is where most people on the

Internet really have the most issues

with Windows so at Acrobat and premiere

and those types of things are what most

Windows users use when you're getting

past the gaming section but past that

that's really all I have to say about

Windows now the third and final one is

Mac OS and Mac OS has really gained a

lot of market share in the past couple

years as Windows 10 just doesn't have a

very good out-of-the-box experience and

a lot of people

can't take the time to learn Linux and

really can appreciate it so that's where

Mac OS kind of fills this gap for the

novus is out there or people that just

want their computer to work a certain

way but they don't really necessarily

want to learn how an operating system

works or how things function in an

operating system a lot of people have

chosen Mac mainly because you still get

the Adobe line and then also the

Microsoft Office line these are two big

product suites that Linux doesn't have

even though there are more noob friendly

distributions in the Linux realm when it

comes to Mac OS I think it's more

Universal most people can pick up a Mac

and do basic functions it's really kind

of surprising like when I'm remoting in

like out of this whole pandemic I've had

to remote into a ton of machines and

probably about a third of those machines

are Mac users when I'm talking about you

know just in users laptops and Mac I

treat kind of like Linux a lot of times

because I really don't like its

interface I don't like its workflow but

it's a very consistent experience that's

why people choose it because once you

learn the Mac experience it's not bad

it's not good but it's consistent that's

really where it shines where it's always

a certain thing it's a walled garden you

have your specific software suite and at

the end of the day it just simply works

and that's a big big deal so that's

where Mac kind of fills all this in I

like I said I don't particularly use it

because I really like Linux but then

again I don't use Microsoft Office that

much and I definitely don't use the

Adobe suite anymore so it just depends

on where you fit in as a user but all

three of them have their purposes I'm

not gonna say one is better than the

other because at the end of the day I

used multiple operating systems I'll use

a Mac albeit a lot of times I'm pulling

up spotlight and launching terminal

because that's where I'm most

comfortable and it feels better to me


you know using finder or any of the Mac

stuff but needless to say I don't want

to crap on any of these three I just

want to say each one has their time and

place and to just say one operating

system is completely better than any

other I think is just short-sighted and

I've made that video where I was like

hey this operating system is the best

but I really think everyone should learn

all three and get comfortable in all

three if you can is especially if you're

going into IT being able to work in all

three is a triple threat kind of thing

and that's really important for just

understanding what users are going

through and understanding how to support

people it's it's big deal so I'm not

gonna say they don't matter when it

comes to operating systems but I'm not

gonna say one's better than another

anymore I'm gonna just say each one has

their time in place and you should use

what's best for you depending on your

needs so that's where I'm gonna leave

this video what are your comments let me

know down below because I'm always

looking forward to them I've been really

focusing more on comment driven stuff so

if there's any comments I usually read

through and I'm like you know what that

might make a great video because that's

where most these video ideas come from

and a big shout out to all my patrons

without you I couldn't make videos like

this one and I'll see you in the next