Best Gaming PC in 2020 [Top 5 Gaming Computer Picks]

hello guys in today's video we're gonna

check out the best gaming pcs in 2020 I

made this list based on my personal

opinion and I tried to list them based

on their price quality durability and

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in this video at number 5 it's the sky

tech plays - most would recommend those

interested in gaming PCs to build their

own rig but there are cases where it's

not very feasible to start building your

rig for example you may lack time or

have no computer knowledge and somewhat

for pre-built rigs for stability and

convenience but whichever the case I've

got you covered here with the best

gaming pcs in the market for those that

are looking for an affordable system

I've got the sky tech blaze 2 here which

has a beautiful case that's accessible

has tons of power is very upgradable and

has nice specs for some great 1080p

gaming for an affordable price without

further ado let's take a closer look the

sky tech blaze 2 comes with a super

attractive tower case that's not

homegrown but great overall I like that

it's superbly implemented into the whole

overall vibe of the device with its

all-black chassis honeycomb mesh details

on top and bottom to give it an

eye-catching look overall with the LEDs

on the inside on the left hand side of

the device you'll find a tempered glass

a thermal take h18 one that gives you a

nice view of the internal components of

this PC with the three RGB ring lights

that are around the fans giving it a

nice look at the heatsink and graphics

unit the sky tech plays two measures

about fifteen point four by eight point

one by 15 inches in total annal is a mid

tower case weighing about 23 pounds in

the connectivity department this PC is

packed with a wide range of ports

including a USB 3.1

a pair of USB 2.0 ports and a mic and

headphone jack on the front on the rear

you get four more USB 3.0 ports a couple

of USB 2.0 ports a DisplayPort 1.4 a ps2

port an HDMI a DVI and HDMI canned audio

ports while it lacks a USB type-c port

taking from its future proofing it comes

with a nice gaming keyboard and mouse

the package however the most important

part of these PC is the nvidia geforce

gtx 1660 TI graphics card with 6

gigabytes a dedicated veer a minute to

give it immense power to deliver superb

gaming performance foremost to the

triple-a games in the market with smooth

frame rates while it's not the most

future-proof package in the market the

sky tech blaze 2 is one of the best in

the affordable range a great gaming PC

overall without costing you an arm and a

leg at number four it's the CyberPower

PC gamer extreme if you're content with

1080p gaming but want super high frame

rates for it I recommend the CyberPower

PC Gamer extreme this pre-built gaming

PC delivers a great all-round

performance and not just for gaming

since it has an immense processing power

great graphics prowess and amazing

upgradeable full tower case and a nice

set of accessories in the package of the

device also for the price it comes with

tons of features that raise the value of

the product buy a lot like a proper

gaming PC the CyberPower PC gamer

extreme comes with a super flashy design

that's eye catching to say the least but

in my opinion it's an eye candy and

looks attractive despite being a little

over the top it's a full sized tower

measuring about eighteen point five by

seven point nine by seventeen point nine

inches in total allowing for plenty of

future proofing since it has great deal

of space and accessibility for upgrades

in the future I have to mention that it

rocks some great RGB lights that'll draw

a little attention and it's constructed

by an iminium finished in an attractive

black move along on the sides and front

it has a tinted tempered glass that

gives a nice view of the internals in

terms of ports and connectivity it packs

a lot including an HDMI port a

DisplayPort six USB 3.1 ports a pair of

USB 2.0 ports an rj45 Ethernet unit and

audio ports in the package you'll also

find a gaming keyboard and a mouse so

you can be ready to go right out of the

box it has plenty of fans inside that

keep things cool and thanks to its free

lifetime tech support you can sleep in

peace to complement the processing power

of this device the manufacturer has

fitted this PC with an equally powerful

graphics unit the nvidia geforce gtx

1660 GPU with 6 gigabytes a dedicated

fee ram which delivers a great 1080p

gaming with high frame rates and without

any lag

during my tests I saw that it ran all

the latest Triple A games at the highest

settings in playable framerates

just excellent at number three it's the

Intel nuc H coming up next we have a

supermini PC coming in from Intel it's

the NUC

8 performance G which is also the best

mini PC you can get in the market so far

this PC is capable of plenty of gaming

and VR as well and if you ought to buy

this package it'll come with tons of

free VR content you can enjoy to your

heart's content

a compact but powerful package coming in

from Intel the NUC 8 is ready to go

through anything

first of all I can say that the Intel

nuc 8 is a pretty compact and small

package that you can easily toss in your


since it measures about eight point

seven by five point six by 1.5 inches

and waist is 2.4 pounds in total the

smallest gaming package in the market so

far before turning it on the intel nuc 8

looks pretty bland and simple but when

you power it on it shines lights out of

the skull shaped pattern from the top

side which can also be customized from

the led manager app on this device and

if you want you can turn them off

completely but I wouldn't do that

despite coming at pretty tiny

measurements this gave me mini PC -

there's tons of connectivity options for

example on the front side you get an SD

card reader USB ports an HDMI 2.0 a port

USB type-c port 3.5 millimeter audio

jack and a quad microphone array on the

back it has lots more including the

s/pdif audio out port a pair of USB

type-c ports that support Thunderbolt 3

a pair of mini DisplayPort outputs a

pair of gigabit ethernet jacks 4 USB

type a ports and an hdmi 2.0 a port to

complete the package moving on it has

the AMD radeon RX feiger

m GL graphics unit that delivers super

smooth frame rates for gaming on the go

it's even better for productivity tasks

and I don't think you'll need more power

anytime soon for multi tasking combined

with intel's octane features the intel

nuc 8 is a beast in its class at number

2 it's the Corsair Vengeance 51 82 if

you want a PT powerful enough to handle

4k gaming then you need a mighty device

that can handle your needs the Corsair

Vengeance 51 82 fits the bill in that

regard it's

with tons of performance effects that

work in harmony like an orchestra has

decent value for its price great cooling

included peripherals in the package easy

access to the internals and future

proofing let's take a closer look the

Corsair Vengeance 5182 is built around

the excellent Corsair PC case that

you'll see in various models around the

company's lineup the crystal series 280

XR GP case I can say that this case is

pretty compact for what it offers

including a full sized ATX power supply

and it can has two hard drives three

SSDs and graphics units of all lengths

and sizes of course the internals of the

unit are fully visible from the outside

and the RGB lights make a full show as

they are around the fans the memory and

on the CPU cooler all made by Corsair

delivering beautiful design before

moving on I should say that this PC is

extremely upgradable and everything

except the motherboard is held down by

thumb screws and there's plenty of cable

management here in terms of ports it

also has a pretty good package including

two USB 3.1 ports a microphone and

headphone jack on the front and a USB

type-c a USB type a full USB 2.0 ports

an Ethernet jack a ps2 port audio ports

for surround sound three display ports

and an HDMI to wrap up the package in

the rear this PC is powered with the

Intel Core i7 9700 octa-core a thread

CPU with a boost clock speed of 4.7

gigahertz but unfortunately it's not

overclockable moving on it has sixteen

gigabytes around 480 gigabytes of SSD

and two terabytes of HDD for processing

prowess and on top of all this it has an

nvidia geforce r-tx 2070 super unit that

delivers great graphics performance for

4k gaming with great frame rates

definitely one of the best in the market

and at number one it's the ibuypower

trace the iBUYPOWER trace is the best

pre-built gaming PC in the market for a

variety of reasons the most important

being that this PC delivers great

performance for 4k gaming and it

delivers it at such a low price which is

lower than it would cost you to build it

yourself it's also a great PC for

upgrading it has a nice design is liquid

cooled and has tons of interesting

features the iBUYPOWER trace comes with

a super attractive chassis that delivers

same features as most of the PCs and the

company's lineup it's extremely sturdy

with a great frame a nice tempered glass

on the side that showcases the RGB

lights and internal components of the

device and overall it's super attractive

the whole thing measures about nineteen

point five by eight point five by

nineteen point eight inches in total and

weighs about 30 pounds which is hefty

but necessary since this PC case is

super upgradable in terms of ports this

PC is pretty rich but it is lacking the

futuristic and my personal favorite USB

type-c port however it's packed with

tons of other options including a pair

of USB 3.1 ports a microphone and a

headphone jack on the front on the rear

it has two USB 2.0 ports a pair of USB

3.1 ports an rj45 Ethernet port Audio

7.1 channel an HDMI 2.0 B port a pair of

DisplayPort 1.4 outputs and a virtual

link connector coming to the biggest

selling point the I buy power traces

packed with a ninth generation Intel

Core i7 9700 K octa-core processor with

boost clock speed of 4.9 gigahertz an

Intel Z 390 express chipset 16 gigabytes

around 240 gigabytes of SSD and one

terabyte of HDD to deliver an immense

processing power that'll help you get

through anything you may want on top of

all that it has an nvidia geforce r-tx

2070 super graphics unit with eight

gigabytes of VRAM to run any triple-a

game in 4k resolution with high refresh

rates no weak points whatsoever the

manufacturer has delivered a top-notch

machine thanks for watching I hope you

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