What you need to know about a colonoscopy: Prep - the most important or worst part?


if it's time for a colonoscopy it's time

for the prep we all agree it's not the

most pleasant thing but the prep is

actually the most important part proper

bowel preparation beforehand ensures

that your doctor will be able to detect

any growths lesions or abnormalities in

the colon that could be cancerous if

your colon is not empty your doctor will

not have a clear view of your colon and

could miss something

tell your doctor all of the medications

you are taking you may be asked to stop

taking some also ask your doctor about

which medications you can take on the

day of the procedure the day before your

test you will begin to take the laxative

your doctor prescribed for you follow

the directions you are given the liquid

laxatives can taste salty and unpleasant

and you may feel like you need to throw

up this is normal the prep has come a

long way from what it used to be but

there's no easy way around this here are

a few helpful hints try eating lighter

during the days leading up to the

procedure avoid high residue foods such

as nuts corn peas seeds at least three

days before your exam the day before

your procedure you can only have a clear

liquid diet such as water tea black

coffee apple juice and broth you may

also eat popsicles and gelatin do not

eat or drink anything red or purple as

it may leave a residue in the colon that

could be mistaken for blood during the

test get the liquid laxative nice and

cold before you drink it bypass your

taste buds by drinking it with a straw

follow each sip of laxatives with water

or clear juice to take away the taste

suck on sliced lemon wedges between sips

the laxatives will cause you to have

loose frequent bowel movements and

eventually watery diarrhea so you will

want to stay close to a bathroom don't

plan any audience on preparation day

instead pamper yourself watch movies

Knab and keep drinking those clear

liquids to avoid becoming dehydrated

your doctor will prescribe a split dose

prep this means you will have taken part

of your solution the night before and

you'll take the rest the morning of your

procedure a proper prep will result in

light yellow to clear liquid stool