Top 5 Best Coconut Oil For Dogs Review in 2020

hey guys in this video we're gonna be

checking out the top five best coconut

oil for dogs that are available on the

market for their true quality I made

this list based in my personal opinion

and hours of research and have listed

them based on popularity quality price

durability user opinions and more if you

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starting at number five we have the

nature's way organic coconut oil for

dogs our best choice option is this 32

ounce tub of pure and unrefined coconut

oil it has been cold-pressed unbleached

and unrefined and it offers a taste in

aroma that is very appealing it is also

a product that has been non-gmo

certified it is good for adding to a

variety of the different dishes that you

would normally prepare for your

four-legged friend plus it is an organic

and extra-virgin product

moving on at number four we have the

Viva naturals organic coconut oil for

dogs made from coconuts that are fresh

and organic the flavors are rich and you

will be able to smell the aroma from the

moment that you crack open the tub made

using a high quality of organic coconut

the products used are all non-gmo they

also have the advantage of being gluten

free and they are also harvested

sustainably without the use of any

harmful chemicals or other pesticides at

number three we have the island fresh

superior organic coconut oil for dogs

now we have this fifty-four ounce of

virgin coconut oil that helps to support

weight management and metabolism again

this is a certified organic and non-gmo

product you will have seen the term

cold-pressed bandied around and may now

be looking for confirmation of what is

actually means well it essentially

refers to temperatures being kept low

during oil extraction as well as the

avoidance of refinement methods

at number 2 we have the zesty paws

coconut oil for dogs suitable for

consumption or application onto the skin

you can use this coconut oil for a host

of reasons on your furry friend as for

topical application some of the benefits

include as anti itch skin care as well

as the development of a healthy and

shiny coat if you choose to feed it to

your dog there have been a number of

benefits directly associated with this

oil including supporting brain and

digestive health while also providing a

boost to the immune system of canines

and finally at number one we have the

coconut oil for dogs alpha pet zone next

we have this coconut oil which is

suitable for use on your dog's body to

clear up allergies fungus yeast etc it

works to have anti shedding and

hydrating effects which leave your pooch

smelling clean and fresh you can also

use it on dry areas of your dog's such

as their elbows paws and nose as well as

all the possible skin benefits you can

also use it as a leave-in conditioner

which gets rid of the need for a dander

removal spray

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