Our Taste Test to Find the Best Cocoa Powder

ask a dedicated Baker whether they

prefer natural or Dutch process cocoa

you're gonna get a serious answer

because there's a lot to consider about

this product Jax here and he's gonna

tell us which cocoa powder is best for

us baker's jack

yeah it's controversial mm-hmm people

who bake love cocoa powder because it

has the most chocolate flavor absolutely


so cocoa powder is unsweetened chocolate

that they've removed a lot of the fat

from what's left cocoa solids the thing

that gives you the UM it's the cocoa

it's the cocoa so why don't you start

tasting we did this tasting a lot of

different ways this is a chocolate sugar

cookie some of these are Dutch t'

some of them are natural terms of ducted

cocoa this was actually a process

invented by a Dutch chemist and

chocolatier in the 19th century where

they add an alkali to the cocoa to raise

its pH make it less acidic so basically

what you're doing is those astringent

notes kind of get hidden so you can

bring out the full chocolate flavor so a

lot of Baker's really prefer Dutch

process cocoa because it has a they

believe of rounder fuller flavor it also

changes the color so the cocoa powder

itself goes from what I would call light

brown or tawny to deep dark brown

devilish devilish if you add enough of

the alkali you almost get black cocoa

and that will translate over to baked

goods to things that we liked we like

dutching we also like fat so remember I

said that cocoa butter they're taking

out a fair amount of the fat but if they

take out too much fat you get a lot of

starch and the reason why starch is so

important is because starch can absorb

100% of its weight in moisture and that

of course will make a very dry cookie or

a dry crumbly cake our favorite Coco's

were Dutch high fat cocoa powders

touched high fat cocoa powder now of

course that's not labeled we sent them

all out to labs had them analyzed and

the difference was pretty substantial

the top Coco's had 20 to 22 percent fat

content the lower rated ones were more

like 11 or 12 percent so basically twice

as much fat and so I have a little

experiment to bring this to life so

these are equal amounts of cocoa powder

equal amounts of water heated to 180

Cree's and then cooled this is our top

rated high fat low starch cocoa powder

you see it's very liquidy and it's going

to make a fudgy cake or a chewy cookie

this is a low rated one with a lot of

starch and very little fat and it's

basically well that's a brick so I've

given you way too much information the

whole point of all that information was

to confuse you mm-hmm have I done that

indubitably absolutely you have first of

all I want to thank you they're all

cookies made of chocolate so I'm

enjoying myself definitely my favorite

is this one because I love the chewiness

the moisture in there and it has a very

very beautiful deep flavor so this is my

favorite okay come back in 20 minutes

I'll tell you about my second favorite

is I will say that although we found

very significant differences there

wasn't anything was bad no this one's a

little milky it's lighter in flavor okay

it's not bad but if this wasn't nearby

you know I'd still eat it these two I

could take our leave I would say the

only definitive thing I can say is this

is my favorite let's start with what you

are positive about all right my favorite

and the tasting panels favorite this is

Droste it's a Dutch cocoa that is

actually from the Netherlands high fat

low starch and absolutely delicious I've

used that for years it's perfect every

single time all right I want to see what

this one is so this was the runner-up an

American company

guitard it's also Dutch also high fat

thought it made very good cookies and

cake really nice deep layer I'm gonna go

all the way to the other end here this

is called it milky mild it's sort of

familiar among the natural cocoa powders

it was our favorite although it was not

in the top all the top Coco's were

touched right right that is a familiar

flavor and this one equal exchange was

the one Dutch cocoa powder that our

tasters didn't like you weren't really

wild about it the problem here is it's a

very low fat cocoa powder so it's got a

lot of that starch the drying effect

that cookie is much more crumbly rather

than the chewier cookies you're what

there you go if you want to bake a lot

of chocolate cookies or maybe take some

home with you or cakes or anything made

of chocolate you're gonna

need a good cocoa so why not buy the

winner it's just cocoa and it's $9.99

for eight point eight ounces

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