HDL vs LDL: Cholesterol Ratio

> We have the good cholesterol, and the bad cholesterol, what's the difference?.> It's

a bit of a misconception the whole idea about HDL, is being the good cholesterol,

LDL being the bad cholesterol, it depends some people their probe their particles

are going to be more atherogenic because of other outside stressors, other things

that cause inflammation, so some people can have the same amount of what we

think of as being the bad cholesterol, in some purpo one person might be more

prone to those particles being atherogenic or plaque forming type

particles where somebody else with the same exact number, won't have a problem,

so there's a lot of other factors that we have to look at.> I always tell people

there's no such thing as good and bad cholesterol,

there's cholesterol.> You've just broken down everything that happens from every

doctor I've ever been to in my life, that always goes through good and bad cholesterol,

so then, how are people supposed to then take that?, because I

guarantee that everybody watching the show, has had a doctor's say to them, you

have good and bad cholesterol.> Again we're being very strict, there's no such thing as

good and bad cholesterol, there's only cholesterol, cholesterol doesn't travel

freely in the body, it's encased in what are called lipoprotein particles, which

is what Lisa was alluding to, so the reality is the same cholesterol if it's

in a particle that's taking it out of the body we'll say it's good, because

it's not getting into your arteries, if it's the same cholesterol in a particle

that's going into your arteries, we'll say it's bad because it's going into the

arteries where it can cause disease, so cholesterol is cholesterol, but how it

travels, how it's packaged, will determine where it's good or bad, and as Lisa said,

it's more than just a cholestero,l you could have cholesterol in these

particles, they're not getting into the arteries, doesn't affect you in any

negative way, so the art is how we get to the people prevent it from getting into

the artery walls, keep the cholesterol on its way out, and not let them get the

disease we can't concern about, this there's no disease high cholesterol,

the disease is atherosclerosis, the diseases how it affects your arteries.