Best HVAC Air Conditioner Brand

hey guys Jay here with word of advice to

be and many of my videos in the comments

sections people have been asking me for

furnace and air conditioner what brand

would I recommend what is the most

reliable what is the best brand out

there to get for a new air conditioner

or a new furnace and my answer always is

don't get too caught up on the brand for

your furnace or your air conditioner the

brand doesn't really matter because the

truth is a handful of companies a

handful of mother or parent companies

own all of the brands so my

recommendation is just go for the best

deal whatever costs you the least amount

because most air conditioners and

furnaces will last on average about the

same amount of time and it's really hard

to say which brand is the best because

there's a ton of variables that come

into play like how big is your house

what does the layout of your house was

the ductwork sized properly in your

house do you replace the furnace filter

regularly what kind of furnace filter do

you use do you ever hold down your

outside unit do you ever do any kind of

maintenance and etc etc etc and of

course that is just my opinion but

consumer report did a survey and over

20,000 homeowners where they asked him

what brand of AC or furnace they have

how often they had to get it repaired

when they had to get it replaced and

would they recommend that unit to a

friend and here are the results the day

got theirs five brands that they would

not recommend they got the lowest

ratings and those five were Coleman

Frigidaire luxaire Maytag and George so

those five apparently you should avoid

because people have been having the most

problems with those five brands and then

there was five brands that got the best

rating of excellent for satisfaction and

those were Lennox

American Standard Trane carrier and

Bryant so those five were two highest

rated and I right here have an American

Standard and it's been going great

this thing is $19.99 so it's 20 years

old now and it's been running like a

champ hopefully it'll run for another

ten years before I have to replace it

well and that's what Consumer Reports

had to say about which brand is best for

AC or furnace and I just want to briefly

come back to how I said that a handful

of companies pretty much own all of the


and I just want to break that down for

you so you know who makes what or who

owns which companies the biggest mother

company out of the ball is United

Technologies and those are the guys that

own carrier Bryant Payne day and night

and they also own ICP which stands for

international comfort products and those

guys make arco air keeprite hail

tap star and comfortmaker next up we

have Lennox International and Lennox

international makes Lennox Duquesne

Armstrong Concorde Allied air ease and

airflow and then there's Rheem which

also makes rude and those are the only

two brands that they have the next one

is Dyken global those guys own Dyke and

Goodman Amana and janitrol next we have

Johnson Controls those guys own York

Luxor and Coleman next we have Ingersoll

Rand they make American Standard and

train after that there's North tech

global HVAC they make Frigidaire and

Maytag and lastly there's Wolff steel

they make Napoleon and Continental so

there you have it I think that kind of

helps paint a picture so people

understand that behind every single

brand there is not an individual company

for example United Technologies which

pretty much owns half of those brands

that we just listed those guys carrier

that's pretty much their beta version

whatever they launched their carrier

they wait for a year and if there's any

bugs in the carrier units that they

launch for the air conditioner or their

furnace they fix those bugs in a year

later another one is launched under the

name Bryant and any bugs that were there

they fixed them for the Bryant but

essentially a lot of times there is no

bugs the insides of for example of

carrier Bryant and Payne are all the

same the labels change you no one will

say Bryant other one carrier other on

pain but once you open them up the

insides and the components are all the

same and United Technologies is the most

notorious for that and Frank Phyllida

owned a lot of those brands comfortmaker

tap star they all look pretty similar to

each other as well and the whole list

that I went over by all means that is

not an

austan list there's a ton of brands out

there the ones that I went over are just

the more common ones that you see out

there so after hearing all of that of

course there will still be people

that'll ask me J we understand all of

that we get it but if your air

conditioner or your furnace dies which

brand will you get for yourself and yes

I do work on a lot of units and I see

which ones break more often so

personally even though I would just go

for whatever is the best deal if I had

to choose I would probably choose either

a train or a Lennox those to me seem

like they're the most reliable out of

all the units that I see and I also want

to mention when I get myself a new unit

I personally will avoid anything

high-efficiency or variable speed just

because if I ever have to replace those

parts for example a high-efficiency or a

variable speed inducer motor for a

furnace would cost about four times as

much as a regular inducer motor on the

furnace and also high-efficiency

furnaces they have two heat exchangers

instead of one and that's pretty much

the guts of the unit so the second heat

exchanger it condenses it has water in

it that flows through it and that just

adds more chances that there might be

some rust there might be some corrosion

that happens because of that if

something was not installed correctly or

if it's not pitched correctly and

install down the road there will be

problems I know carrier had problems a

chronic problem with their heat

exchangers the secondary heat exchangers

but that's a whole other topic for air

conditioners you know the more high

efficient the air conditioner is if it's

a two-stage compressor if there's

Control board's in there that's just

that much more opportunities for

something to go wrong and those parts

are much more expensive than anything

that a basic air conditioner would have

so are those units a lot more efficient

yes the answer is definitely yes they do

save power they do save you on the

energy bill they are a lot more

efficient but if you have to do any

repairs on them that's going to cost you

more and there's a good chance that that

unit will not last as long so in my

opinion the energy savings are not worth

the expenses incurred but of course all

of that is just my personal opinion and

everybody is entitled to their own

opinion of what they think is best for

them which brings me to ask this whole

time I've been talking at you but


watching me right now what do you think

what is the best brand air conditioner

out there what have you had good luck

with what lasted a long time you barely

ever had to repair it or anything like

that or if you're an HVAC technician

what do you think what's your opinion do

you see these units every day furnaces

and air conditioners which brand do you

think is the most reliable which one is

the best which one would you get for


so please do share your opinions if

you're a homeowner or if you're a

technician with everybody else in the

comments below a lot of times the stuff

in the comment section the content or

the value of that is almost as good as

everything in the video so the more

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