3 At-Home Cellulite Treatments

so that's the big myth the despite diet

and exercise you really can't get rid of

cellulite and it's a huge affliction in

women over 90 percent of women have

cellulite so you're not alone if you

have it at home but there are things we

can do in office and at home to actually

improve the appearance of it so we

smooth out the surface of the skin

looking better that's true everybody

exactly why dieting doesn't work so let

me show you what sale it really is so

think of these little yellow blue

globules as your fat cells and they're

sort of big you notice these red bands

they're really important they tether the

skin up here to the deeper tissues the

muscle and the fashion down below the

fact is in the way so the fat bulges up

pushes on these little fibrous bands and

crazes little dimples that if you look

on top you'll notice might resemble some

of the cellulite that you mentioned only

90 percent of women have so what happens

when you lose weight but all the other

one in well Danny what do you think are

you impressed by this difference I mean

it's better but it's not gone and that's

the reality it's still uneven on the

surface of the skin and so that's what

we're talking about I treat beautiful

actresses and models and they're very

thin and they still have cellulite

because they still have the fibrous

bands in the front that are important to

keep your skin attached to your muscles

don't get mad at them you need them

there or you're still would fall off so

even if the fat cells are smaller

they're still there you're still gonna

get the dimpling little difference maybe

but not enough to make you feel that

it's gone so it's a myth that losing

weight will help you lose cellulite but

we've got an idea what are women to do

we took the most popular cellulite

treatments out there we put them to the

test and yamaneika here with three brave

best friends because each tried it at

home treatment for cellulite so what did

they each try well ladies tell us what

each one of you guys tried just over the

left side there so I tried this really

cool micro needling brush it was so

awesome I loved it okay how do you do it

you was rolling your skin yes so dr. oz

what you do is you press this little

power button and you start to roll on

your skin and you feel this tingling cuz

they're micro needles in it so you feel

this tingling warm sensation as you

begin to go in different directions yeah

many cuz muscles you built up in the gym

earlier yeah yeah that buff muscle you

can use that on that maybe I mean a

thousand of those

I used this great caffeine cream in the

morning I'd have my cup of coffee and

I'd have caffeine for my skin also so it

stimulated my skin and I could feel this

so you leave dripping off mmm that's

good inside and outside yeah I tried the

dry brush you take the brush and just

rub it up against this a light okay you

rub upwards upwards yes take it rub the

brush upward and then you take a hot

shower and it's leaving go again do you

need a doctor or the professional

opinion what do you think these three

ideas okay so let's talk about the

mechanism of action of all of these so

the micro needling is a big trend in

anti-aging for skin wrinkles but it's

now been developed into a body device as

well and so what it does is creates

contained concentrated injury into the

skin so that we're stimulating our

body's own production of collagen and

elastin which makes the overall skin

thicker so it suppresses that fat layer

and broods this the bulging and so this

device is really smart because it also

has LED light emitting diodes that we

love and it's almost like a light based

device which also works synergistically

to stimulate collagen and elastin

production what about the caffeine cream

so the caffeine Crean actually has real

science behind it and so what it does is

actually causes the adipocyte or the fat

cell to lose fluid so it dehydrates it

so it shrinks so it's similar to the

effect that we saw earlier with the

smaller fat cell not bulging as much and

if you use it it's temporary but if you

use it every day you still get prolonged

effects you till you felt the skin

tightening up a little bit and my

co-workers noticed it also they were

looking at your on my arms



yeah how about these brushes my wife has

these dat home she's got bunch of them

yeah they do so dry brushing the

mechanism is a little bit controversial

as to the effects but the reality is it

stimulates circulation

it improves lymphatic drainage it takes

the toxins out of the tissue and so it

makes the skin look smoother so you do

it before you get into the shower and

then when the with the warmness of the

water it's supposed to smooth the skin

you wash your back with this glue first

you I just rub my whole body take both

of them

okay these are temporary solution but

then that make advanced - why not yeah

for sure

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