Top 5 BEST Smartphones To Buy In Early 2020!

hi guys it's sbit and welcome to a huge

video now on this channel I am lucky

enough to get my hands on and review

hundreds of different smartphones and as

a result I often get asked by a lot of

you guys what's the best smartphone

what's good for camera what's good for

battery etc so instead of answering

everyone individually I thought what I

would do as we come up to the turn of

the year I would go over my top 5

smartphones that are available to buy

right now and going into early 2020 and

we would go over 5 upcoming smartphones

in early 2020 that you might possibly

want to wait for if you're not quite

sold on that's available right now and

if that's not enough I'm also going to

chuck in two more smartphones that

deserve a mention but didn't quite make

the list and I've got the giveaway

announcement so without further ado

let's get straight to it


right now you may or may not have seen

my video a couple of weeks ago on my top

seven smartphones that you might never

have known existed the underdog story if

you will the non flagships that didn't

get the line like they deserved and I

strongly recommend you watching that

after this video if you're interested in

that but in today's video it's all about

the big hitters they will range in price

but they all have a big reputation so

straight into it the first phone on the

list is the latest in a series which is

often referred to as the pinnacle of the

Android smartphone world no compromises

full-featured pure unadulterated

flagship it is of course the Samsung

Galaxy Note 10 time with the note 10

they actually split the device into two

tiers and move that at the time and

still now I didn't and don't think was a

is a great idea but out sort of that and

the fact that they didn't increase the

display refresh rate from 60 Hertz to

match the likes of 1 plus and a Zeus of

real me this phone is true beast

Snapdragon 855 or the in-house Exodus 9

8 to 5 up to 12 gigabytes of RAM 512

gigabytes of storage and a micro SD card

slot for additional external storage

it's got an industry-leading 6.8 inch

quad HD + dynamic AMOLED display a hefty

4300 mAh battery capacity with wireless

charging power share and up to 45 watts

fast charging which is crazy quick great

stereo speakers ip68 water and dust

resistant and a camera that while not

the best in every situation performs

very solidly across the board and gives

you great customization that will suit a

lot of people it's also the only real

solid device on the market that comes

with stylus integration the s-pen allows

you to control music take photos and

much much more

all with the stroke of a pen or an air

gesture which as I stated in my launch

video over in New York I'm not a massive

fan of you also have the added bonus of

Dex compatibility so if you want to hook

your phone up to a monitor

for that almost full office experience

you can do that one final feature that's

a little bit bittersweet for me is


I love Samsung's 1u I what they've done

with it how they've changed it from

recent TouchWiz etc is brilliant but

with all Samsung devices they are late

to upgrade that software the note 10

range launched almost that pretty much

the same time as Android 10 yet it

launched with Android 9 and you won't be

seeing Android 10 until probably spring

in 2020 if other Samsung devices are

anything to go by so it's a beautiful

looking phone and if you don't mind the

punch hole cut out all the substantial

price tag it's a full-featured

powerhouse that's really hard to argue

against next up is the latest and

greatest from a company who kind of

started up as a bit of a cult brand with

a focus to deliver the best possible

smartphone for the best possible price

to change the status quo in the industry

shake things up and upset the applecart

with the big boys I am of course talking

about oneplus sรกmi is on and the

landscape has changed slightly for them

as with a continuous rise in price they

can no longer really be classed as a

flagship killer but there's one thing

for sure they now make killer flood

ships yeah flagship killer killer yeah

so in this video I am of course talking

about the one +70 pro but it's the

McLaren Edition we've got here which is

the pinnacle with a few shortcomings

like no wireless charging and no IP

rating to drive the price down a little

there is still so much phone here for

the price that still just about

undercuts the competition it's not

dragon eight five five plus twelve

gigabytes of RAM and IMAX 256 gigabytes

of storage now a key selling feature

with this device is of course the

much-hyped 6.67 quad HD plus Samsung

fluid AMOLED display with his 19 Hertz

refresh rate and buttery smooth oxygen

OS over the top of Android 10 it is my

favorite phone to use to navigate

through social media browse the Internet

and just generally use the phone as a

phone really by a mile if it's triple

camera setup comprising of a wide

telephoto and ultra wide-angle lens

which is good but not industry-leading

was better at point-and-shoot speed like

the pixel for this would probably be my

daily Drive well into next year and with

its max 4k at 60 frames a second

capabilities video again does the job

for most people but it can't really

match what Apple have done with the

iPhone range the 70 Pro McLaren Edition

is propped up by a 4000 and 85 million

power battery with walk charge 30 T

providing in full day's use in about 30

minutes charge and this combined with

ufs 3.0 stereo speakers it's a hell of a

phone now from a company that provided

flagship killers we're gonna go to the

complete opposite Apple the traditional

flagship provider great products for

some people not everybody but everybody

can agree that they price themselves

right at the top end rightly or wrongly

but the phone I'm actually talking about

today is not believe it or not their

latest flagship it's not the iPhone 11

Pro or the 11pro Maxx which I do use a

lot alongside my Android contingent the

phone I'm talking about is the standard

iPhone 11 and that's because starting

from 729 pounds in the UK it's not cheap

but it's significantly cheaper than the

pro and the pro max with not a great

deal of compromise the only real camera

sacrifice from the pro model is the lack

of a telephoto lens but you still get

the primary and the ultra wide-angle

which I personally think is the two

lenses that I would choose over a

telephoto lens subjectively it takes

some of the best photos around and is

particularly popular for great landscape

shots with good HDR and it's portrait

shots and selfies but objectively

the iPhone 11 range has the best video

capture capabilities of any smartphone

on the planet for cat 60 frames a second

on both the rear and the front cameras

is the highest available at the time of

recording this video and the audio

quality is really excellent as well if

you are a pro video ography and you're

looking to add some quick shots using

just your smartphone if you don't have

your proper DSLR for example on

you then can't look past the iPhone 11

range for that need the battery is also

pretty respectable not as good as the

pro and certainly doesn't match the

insanely good battery of the pro max but

again for a standard days use it usually

gets me comfortably through the day the

weakness in battery over the pro and pro

max is mainly down to the fact that the

phone has an LCD panel and not OLED like

it's more expensive brothers / sisters

we're you know an equal right channel

after hall so because it's LCD the

backlight is always on even when parts

of the display are showing black so for

the fact the screen is LCD and only a

1792 by 828 resolution is probably the

phones biggest weakness for me it's

probably not a deal-breaker for large

portions of the average consumer but if

you are a pixel peeper and displays

incredibly important to you then this is

not for you it's got 4 gigabytes of RAM

which may not seem a lot based on

today's standards but this combined with

iOS 13 and Apple's a 13 Bionic chip the

phone performs brilliantly well and the

benchmarks will be right at the top even

going quite a long way into 20/20 stereo

speakers ip68 water and dust resistant

wireless charging round off a very

competitive phone and if you're one of

these people that is heavily ingrained

in the Apple ecosystem you've got an

iPad you've got a MacBook you've got air

pods for example then it's another it is

another selling point next up is a

hugely controversial one this is the

huawei mate 30 pro in my opinion this is

one of the most striking phones this

year and feels the nicest and most

premium in the hand not sucide which has

a purpose housing a 3d facial

recognition system this is one sexy

phone with its beautiful waterfall edges

the immersion levels here are off the

chart the six point five three inch

display is only full HD plus and it's

only 60 Hertz refresh rate but this OLED

panel is still something of beauty it's

very similar in design to the vivo next

three which I did a video on quite

recently and if aesthetics is one of the

big selling points for you then look no


but this

phone does way more than just look good

it's one of the most sophisticated

camera setups on the market quad lenses

including a 40 megapixel primary a 40

megapixel ultra wide and an 8 megapixel

telephoto and a depth sensing

time-of-flight lens to wrap it up night

mode is industry-leading

the point-and-shoot nature of this phone

is on point and overall if we forget

video for a second because that's

certainly an area where while we could

improve in the future it's probably one

of the most advanced camera setups

available the 4500 mAh battery cell is

so well optimized by the in-house Kirin

990 SOC and Huawei's emui software it's

one of my go-to devices for that kind of

more of a day's play phone and even if

you do run out of juice while way

unknown for their rapid fast charging

technology which means for battery

lovers who want a really nice package

this might be the phone for you battery

lovers are also usually power users so

with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 256

kilobytes of storage should have you

covered now there's one reason and one

reason only that this device is being

held to ransom in terms of sales and

that is the fact that it had to ship

without Google services now you may be

thinking hang on you've got Google Apps

installed and yes I do as there are

workarounds that almost bring this

device up to speed but there are a few

glitches and security-wise it's not

really the best as you're relying on

third-party installations and you just

don't really know potentially where your

informations going probably

scaremongering a little bit but it's

just the honest truth right now

that's the third-party workarounds not

far away themselves in my opinion and

it's of course all an opinion game right


unfortunately this trade friction as men

that the phone right here in front of

you is in my opinion one of the best

this year has to offer but I can't

recommend it and the world is much worse

off because of it slightly dramatic but

it's just painful to see such a great

device not getting into enough consumers

hands next up is a device rightly or

wrongly like it or not

that is different and deserves great

credit it is of course the Samsung

Galaxy fold it's the first mass-marketed

big branded folding device

to launch I feel they got a few key

things wrong mainly the 4.6 inch front

display because it's simply not

practical for everyday use it's just too

small and while I love the fact I can go

to a larger seven point three inch when

folded out I feel the way it's been

designed I have to go into tablet mode

for any real usage and sometimes using a

tablet is simply impractical but

forgetting that for a second it's truly

amazing that in a stagnating smartphone

market that this product actually exists

it's open the door not only to Samsung

to produce refined versions but it's

also given other manufacturers

validation to experiment in this way

because even though Samsung weren't the

first company to deliver a concept like

this into a product and release it

Samsung have given it mass market appeal

and as far as I'm aware the sales

figures have done better than expected

especially considering what happened

with that first group of devices all top

specs good battery life a note 10 esque

camera array means that if you can

afford the expensive price tag and love

experimenting with a first gen product

then this might be the way to go for you

now before we get on to my top five

upcoming smartphones to honorable

mentions number one the Google pixel for

excel for planing simply as you would

expect the camera it's the reason why no

matter how good other phones have been

before or since

I still find myself creeping back to

this little cheeky other phones actually

have a more complete camera setup COFF

COFF wink-wink ultra wide angle lens

Google what but no phone has the

point-and-shoot capabilities of the

pixel for the post-processing quality

Google have at their disposal means the

run-and-gun approach you can add to your

photography is absolutely impossible to

match if you want a phone that gives you

the most reliable chance to capture

life's magical moments then don't look

anywhere else other than a pixel

seriously Google on your next device all

you have to do is create a phone that

has this camera add an ultra wide-angle


give it a battery which matches other

flagships that are

in 2020 and just fix up that design and

bring it into 2020 just a tiny bit and

your sales will literally go through the

roof it's so frustrating watching pixel

launches their potential is so big and

it just hasn't happened

the second honorable mention goes to the

real me x2 Pro in a short time I've had

hands-on with it and knowing the specs

it offers means the product you get for

the price is absolutely insane

Snapdragon 805 5 plus 12 gigabytes of

RAM 90 Hertz AMOLED display quad camera

4000 mAh battery 50 watts fast charging

all for around three to four hundred US


it's absolutely ridonculous and that's

not a word it is now now let's turn our

attention to the upcoming and what we

know right now the first device which is

launching imminently

if you believe the leaks is the xiaomi

redmi k 30 pro the phone that's

following on from the incredibly

successful K 20 Pro and that would have

made my early list had it not been for

the imminent launch of the 30 it's due

to feature the brand-new upcoming

Snapdragon 86 5 have a quad camera set

up a 4500 mAh battery capacity and a

full screen display with a punch all cut

out next up is the oneplus 8/8 pro slash

an unconfirmed by one plus eight light a

cheaper wallet friendly version the

oneplus equivalent to the Samsung S 10

II if you will we believe oneplus are

adding this and continuing their other

two-tier trend even though at times it

got a little bit confusing last year

especially with the immense improvements

of the 70 and the incrementals of the 70

pro but potentially three devices on

launch again the snapdragon 865 punch

all cut out in the AMOLED display and if

early links are to be true the eight

will have a single punch hole and the

pro will have a dual punch hole cutter

the latest renders appeared to show the

camera setups on the top left in a

rectangular fashion on certain models

again unconfirmed and also the pro model

is tipped to be ever so slightly smaller

than last year's seven pro and 70 pro


the form factor for a strong pet peeve

of people that have small hands Samsung

are up next and the triple T is set to

continue here as well s11 s 11 plus and

the S 11 e with a max capacity of the

plus model expected to reach 5000 mAh

expect a powerhouse we are due to see a

larger battery across the board from the

STM range so expect a larger chunkier

phone as a result something else that

will be larger is the camera sensors

with an exclusive custom sensor already

in the works

potentially exceeding what we've seen on

the Xiaomi me Note 10 that just got

released expect a real step up in camera

performance from Samsung with all the

top 20/20 specs also expect Samsung to

skip the 90 Hertz and go straight to 120

Hertz in their display technology which

in my opinion is a real must considering

they were a little bit behind last year

in that last year this year we're at the

turn of the year who knows next up is a

mysterious one in the form of the Xiaomi

me mix for the mixer is is one of my

favorite series of any brand striving to

push design to the forefront of

everything the phone is about elegant

stylish and just a beautiful bit of kit

it was a series that pretty much started

this bezel-less wave in mainstream phone

design but it's now gone mysteriously

quiet the last phone was the me mix 3a

Mac got launched in October 2018 over a

year ago so you'd be forgiven for

thinking that Xiaomi had forgotten about

this series but fresh leaks have hinted

at the four coming in the

not-too-distant future my guess would be

probably around MWC in February there

have been leaked photos of the apparent

mix for supporting under the display

front cameras which would be the first

in a commercially available smartphone

and could give the series a much-needed

new lease of life in a market that has

caught them up no leaks have been

confirmed of course from Xiaomi with an

apparent 120 Hertz display all the top

specs including the snapdragon 865 and

5g compatibility this could be huge and

then we have another from huawei the p40

pro expect 5 cameras including a similar

periscope set

to the p30 Pro which is going to enable

it to have optical zoom up to ten times

and even better sensors taking the 20/20

smartphone camera game to the limit wow

that was a juicy video and I hope you

did enjoy it let me know in the comment

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what are you most excited about and what

phone do you have

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