what's the best unlimited smartphone

plan for the iPhone and Android device

tablets and more I have your answer and

it might surprise you do they really

need to nickel and dime you that much

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now this is not a sponsored video no

company is paying me to say anything

positive about them which is why I'm

gonna slam a few companies but also

highlight a smaller carrier that you

might not have heard of with some larger

potential for an unlimited plan these

days and this is a u.s. video even

though I'm Canadian and I'll handle

other carriers in different countries at

another point for an unlimited plan for

your new iPhone or your Android device

or whatever device it is you want to

hook up

we generally depend on AT&T Sprint

Verizon or t-mobile those are the big

carriers and I know there's smaller

options through Walmart and so on but

I'm looking at dependability today so

some of these tiny carriers I'm not

going to include them some of the

carriers with no coverage anywhere I'm

not going to include them and we're

looking at a price of 50 60 70 or $80

for unlimited coverage per month and

then on top of it there's perks that you

might need to know but you might not

know exists and they're all new so let

me break this down for you first things

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savings in addition to what you are

going to see right now so let's look at

the unlimited basic plan from Sprint

we're going to talk about coverage in a

moment sprint is updated its plans

they're giving you additional benefits

of Hulu on their unlimited basic plan I

like that

Sprint is now finally catching up to

carriers like t-mobile and for $60

you're going to do well with them for

their basic plan you are going to get

some unlimited benefits but their basic

plan does not include any roaming or any

data benefits if you visit another

which is what's going to bring us to

t-mobile for a moment now t-mobile's

magenta plan is great I'm a huge fan and

subscriber of t-mobile but they are no

longer the cheapest let's look at the

magenta plan for a second and they're

going to throw in all sorts of benefits

for you and as t-mobile points out and

it's interesting they're not comparing

themselves to sprint because that merger

could happen they give you a point of

prioritization up to 50 gigs Verizon

will slow you down at 22 AT&T will as

well you also have all of their taxes

and fees included in the price that's

something that Verizon and AT&T will not

show you so that is again additional

savings and they give you unlimited

texting and data abroad now I travel a

lot I have a sister in London England

this is really important to me sprint

does not provide that unless you go up

in $10 per month so with that being said

let's continue along to Verizon a

Verizon has the most coverage as a whole

in the US and we're gonna talk about

which carrier actually has the most

coverage and their $70 unlimited plan

gives you many of the features that you

just saw and Verizon does add all of

those roaming options abroad but they

add taxes and fees on top of this so

you're see taxes and fees added right

here that takes the $70 per month and

then amplifies it to almost 90 per month

once everything is added to your bills

again those initial numbers that you see

on a quick web search is not always what

you get and I will praise t-mobile for

one more moment they were one of the

first carriers to obliterate contracts

they add Netflix streaming into many of

their plans and they also for me as a

Canadian got rid of roaming abroad if

you are using your phone in Canada or

Mexico they were very aggressive and

they also were very vocal against all of

the carriers but they're still not the

lowest the lowest price right now is

Metro now this is a subsidy of t-mobile

they use the t-mobile network and

they're throwing in things like Amazon

Prime which is a really great add-on for

their plans they are also starting you

off at a $50 unlimited plan so $20 less

than if you go through

t-mobile and they also have 5g benefits

which are going to be live December 6 or

already live depending on when you watch

this they are very aggressive you can

get two phone lines for 90 plus a tablet

line for 10 bucks with all of this

unlimited data plus Prime so if you

actually look at what your needs are you

may find that Metro is the best for you

and there's $60 in limited high speed

plan which is still cheaper than the

competition does throw in the benefits

of Prime and if you add that in and then

put that up against taxes and fees and

the Google 100 gigs of storage and the

hotspot data they may actually come out

on top for you I'm just throwing this in

as an option as we compare all of the

carriers and one of my other favorite

websites whistle out in terms of their

cell phone coverage did a very good job

of breaking down which carrier is

dominant and it used to be AT&T but

you'll notice that 70% of the 4G

coverage in the u.s. is Verizon so if

you have to go horizon if you live in a

rural community you might not have a

choice t-mobile is now at 59% that means

they are ahead of AT&T for one of the

first times I've seen in a while on a

coverage map and then Sprint under that

now Sprint and t-mobile merge they will

be dominant in terms of coverage with

the 5g and I'll full breakdown of what

you might need to know tied to that I

will have that information for you it

may be worth taking into account that

some of the small carriers that operate

as part of the larger companies or at

least on that network as long as they

exist and you're getting perks like free

primer free Hulu or free Netflix if you

add up the cost of what you'd be

spending on those other services you

work it in you look at the taxes and

fees it likely isn't going to be Verizon

or AT&T that is the least expensive just

throwing that out there now if there are

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