Best Cell Phone Plans [August 2020]


hey everybody david and david here from and

in this video we're going to tell you

about the best cell phone plans of

august 2020

starting with verizon's five gigabyte

prepaid plan

well the five gigabyte prepaid plan is a

lot like the six gigabyte prepaid plan

except it's one less gigabyte

and a different pricing structure and a

different pricing structure so

the pricing structure works like this

you start off yeah they got rid of the

multi-line discounts you start off

paying 35

a month per line for five gigabytes then

after three months

you're paying thirty dollars a line for

five gigabytes same plan

after nine months total twenty five

dollars a month

for five gigabytes on verizon that is a

great deal

can't beat it best best network mobile

hotspot is included

we both have this plan it's a good plan

it's a great plan that's a good plan to

get this plan

yes next up is at t's eight gigabyte

prepaid plan we recommended the 12 month

version of this plan because it is the

cheapest per month

right um 25 dollars you pay off for all

of it up front though so it works out

with 304 dollars for 8 gigabytes of data

unlimited minutes unlimited messages and

mobile hotspot you might be wondering

okay 25 bucks a month essentially

for this plan verizon's ends up at 25

bucks a month

verizon's though the first year is going

to cost you a total of 360 dollars

if you do the math and you know add up

all the extra fees but then

the second year it's gonna be 300 bucks

just like this plan yeah

less data but you don't have to pay for

the whole thing up front

that's a plus i mean if i was trying to

pick between the two i would say which

carrier is better coverage where i live

and i'd check by going to

coverage map

to find that information or

maps maps yes yep or coverage map


we do want to mention that att recently

rolled out their nationwide 5g network

it is

it's low band 5g and it's not really


low band 5g is the slowest 5g it's

really not that much faster than 4g lte

and this plan doesn't include 5g access

anyway so if you want an att

plan with that 5g access you need a 5g

phone and a plan that includes it right

so whether or not your iphone

says it has 5g it doesn't we used to get

comments about that my iphone says 5g no

iphones at this point support 5g

they probably will in september with the

iphone 12 or whatever it's called

i think that 5g at this point is just a

lot of hype

because the really ultra fast 5g is only

outside in big cities but this low band

5g as david just said

verizon is a commercial where they

compare verizon's 4g lte to t-mobile's

low-band 5g and verizon's 4g lte blows

it out of the water

has everything to do like david said

with coverage

and with your signal strength bad signal

strength bad speeds period

so don't get att 5g that works right not

worth it

next plane we want to talk about is mint

mobile's eight gigabyte prepaid plan

now we recommend getting this plan in

the three month or the 12 month version

because they are cheaper than the six


uh three month twenty dollars a month

for eight gigabytes of data

unlimited minutes limited messages

that's the same price per month

if you pay up front for the 12 month

plan but if you get the

six month version of the plan it is is

more expensive that makes no sense at


the pricing structure is a little weird

well it's i believe it's more

it's more expensive when you renew it

this is why this isn't number one or two

on our list huh it's cheap

yeah i mean eight gigabytes of data is

five dollars per month cheaper than a

t's plan

uh t-mobile mvno good coverage

um and unlike some other mvnos mint

mobile does have a pretty good catalog

of phones if you don't have one to bring

with you already

and they have access to t-mobile's 5g

network i know we just kind of said that

5g stinks but

uh if you're interested in getting 5g

for sheep mint mobile is a good option

that is a great deal

you also find 5g on some of the spectrum

mobile plants

and the comcast mobile or whatever the

xfinity mobile

yeah yeah so it's interesting to you

have to ask to see if your plan is going

to include 5g especially if you go with

one of the smaller carriers

david does that look like you're still

talking i want to end the video

well yeah one more plan to talk about

telemobile's value plan two gigabytes of

data unlimited minutes unlimited


mobile hotspot won't get you very far

but it is included

that's just 14 a month one thing to keep

in mind with telo is that they are a

sprint mvno

uh so with this merger which is it's

where it's gold going through right now

it's happening right now

just be a little bit careful because if

you get a cdma locked phone

for a sprint you may i don't know it's

really a thing of the past

cdma thing that's 3g but it's probably

not going to be

locked so a carrier locks phone i mean

right so if you get a carrier locked


it's all going to work though it's part

of the deal the deal is that t-mobile


raise the prices of any plans or their

mdno plans for

three years i think yeah but it'll be

interesting to see what happens uh

especially because there's going to be a

new carrier in town dish mobile

yeah can't wait to see those prices yeah

those prices and that covered

we'll see yes those are the best plans

of august 2020 thanks for watching this

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