The Best Cast Iron Skillet? - Review of Lodge, Field Co, Stargazer, Butter Pat

hey folks y'all been asking for it so we

gonna deliver it aside by side

comparison of the butter pants

stargazer filled and large skillets

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get there we've been doing a short cast

iron seer series as we have promised yes

we are doing a side-by-side comparison

of some major USA made cast iron brands

butter pet yep

field stargazer and lodge we did contact

butter Pat field and stargazer and asked

them if they would provide us a skillet

and they were very Genest to do so we're

not being paid by those companies to

promote or say anything about their

products but they did provide the

skillets for an honest review for the

large skillet we just went and purchased

one the categories that we were

comparing these skillets in our weight

seasoning and finish handle design

overall design and finally price there

you go you know yes we are

much-anticipated episode I've been

waiting for weeks for this this Lodge

they're calling this their 10.25 skillet

however all of these skillets have about

an eight and a half inch cooking surface

larges weight is 5 pounds 6.4 ounces and

this does come in as our heaviest


so um the next one we're going to talk

about is a big one in castle here it is

that it is the seasoning and the finish

the lodge that I have and I have a lot

of it is a pre-season base sure it's

blacker than any of these other skillets

it's got that nice black color but let

me tell you folks this is like a truck

bedliner when you run across here and

I'm a firm believer just me you have to

start with a smooth surface to end up

with a smooth surface now I've always

just took orbital sander and 60 grit

paper II got down to the Smoove and then

started over but do you feel that over

time it builds and accepts seasoning

well Ivan I've sanded a piece down and

started over and it finishes back pretty

quick but it is definitely a whole lot

easier to clean after I did away with

their pre-season and started with a

slick finish anyone is interested in the

way that we smooth and then rebuild that

seasoning we'll put a link below it's a

free crap guide that we've created and

it's pretty easy to follow if you do

have lodge or interested in buying some

lodge so next we're going to talk about

the Stargazer

seasoning and finish well as soon as I

pull it out of the box I seen that good

slick finish and it had a good bronze

color to it and we fried a little bike

in as y'all seen and then we scramble

the egg in there I was impressed with

this skillet in the way that it accepted

the seasoning that we put back on it and

the way it performed with what they

already had on I even think that we

maybe felt it cleaned up and the other

skillets did they do sell this season

and no more difference do you recommend

go ahead and go with their seasoning

they've already started it for you and

it was a really good seasoning yes when

you run you cross your hand across this

and a hand across this you I mean you

can you can hear it folks hear this

there is a difference her field skillet

and I do have to say from our unboxing

my favorite seasoning was on the field I

would say the Stargazer the field and

the butter Pat all had smoothness to me

the field had a hand-finished feel to it

I ran my thing

across it and I could see my fingerprint

and the oil come through and it felt

like somebody had personally oiled rep

the thing that I really liked about it

as well as the stargazer and the butter

pet - it had the feel of old arm of

Wagner and Griswold yes butter pet and

so the thing that was unique about

butter pant I saw was that because it's

the only one that it's hand finished

there are none of those swirl marks that

you can see on all of your field and

field this one was just like LexCorp

yeah I mean it was slick slick finish

yeah all of them that is kind of where

they are all different yes it is and

we'll start back here with logic that is

about three quarters yeah four and three

quarters inches but I when I grab a hold

of this it's automatically here short

handle to is gonna make this skillet

seem a little heavier when it's a

shorter piece of leverage that you're

trying to pick up feels good in my hand

it's heavy but I do like that it's just

a classic design and it feels good and

and maybe it's because we had cooked

with Lodge quite a bit on the Griswolds

and the Wagner's this is seven and a

half inches so you gained three inches

okay now when I first seen this my

automatic thought and y'all see y'all

heard me say it this is for a cooling

design but also folks there is one other

feature that they have here that I

overlooked you can lay a spatula or a

wooden spoon right here the more I used

it the more I picked it up I got to sort

of thinking hey this thing is alright

does have the longer handle it is cooler

I can grab it barehanded

we have noticed like when we did cook

with it it took a lot longer for this

handle to get hot while cooking so that

was a big advantage for me however I

don't like the handle I have a smaller

hand it's a little too wide and it just

doesn't feel because then I have to grip

it so hard it's this cutting into my

and you do have this on a campfire and

stick it there you're further away from

the actual fires ain't burning the hair

off your knuckles the feels good yeah it

has a little more roll to it which makes

it a little easier to grab ahold of big

hands or little does it feel good in

your hand

cast-iron feels good in my hand all the

time but I do like the way this skillet

fields it is longer than the lodge this

one is so it also has just a flat yeah

coming out and some maybe that does help

out my hand yes four and five eighths I

was close doesn't feel as good as the

lodge or the field and why is that this

cuts into me here this design with not

being a solid and being solid or being

maybe a little more rounded to me it

feels pretty similar to the old handles

that were on the Griswold stuff it's

just this age if it was wrong down just

a little over all my completely favorite

handle is the field really yeah but I do

you give me more time to use this one

and that gives me a little more room you

know I would say my favorite is either

the lodge or the field the only reason I

would lean toward the field is because

it is a lighter skillet and so I don't

have as much weight holding me down talk

about the overall design of these

skillets and since we can we did the

magic shield the thickness of the wall

reminded me so much of Griswold Wagner

Ware has no pour spouts but it's flared

enough that I have poured gravy from any

direction in the world sometimes when

you just have a flared edge on these and

you go to pour and gravy across the

chicken-fried steak that beat Bobby

Flay's but it's going to drip down the

pan what I liked the most about the

field is it was very very simple design

yeah straight handle a nice thin wall

stargazer next okay this is probably the

most unique billet unlike that you can

put your whole hand through it I don't

know why it's not like I'm walking

around like you carry that Airport know

me but you don't want to do it you could

I do like that it has a more rolled

flared out edge versus the other ones

but like I said for me I just the the

handles not my friend the other thing

too this is the deepest of the skillet

yes like a tuna quarter depth field is 1

and 3/4

Lodge is nearly 2 and butter pad is just

over one and a half maybe Lodge does

have a poor smoke which I like it's it's

little I would have liked to see that

more pronounced a wall however is

significantly thicker than the other

ones yeah that will go into the weight

factor which I don't like but I did like

the handle it's just a classic handle if

it was a little longer it would be a

good deal yeah would finish off overall

design with the butter Pat the thing I

love the best is the thin wall yeah and

then also the pour spout it has the most

pronounced pour spout which I do like

this is kind of a little unique design

for them it's different than anything

we've seen but it does give you a little

know I've got a leverage German the

handles not my favorite it actually the

longer I hold it it does start hurting I

don't feel like it's very ergonomic

that's a big word apart I really like

these pour spouts I really did

I like the way the design of the skinny

would out rolled the edges just a little

bit to me this is a this is a skillet

that hey it's user friendly to nearly

everybody how much will it affect your

wallet or credit card yes but one thing

about cast iron when you buy good

quality cast iron it is an investment

every time you cook out of it it's

giving you something back the watch I

picked this up at Walmart I told you and

it was $20 the Stargazer it comes in two

styles like we said unseasoned it's $80

seasoned it's

eighty-eight dollars but they also have

a military discount yes so if you go on

their website they do offer a 15%

discount field and their skillet is $100

yeah but they do have a 15% off now

going on right yes ma'am their

promotions so be sure to check out site

or contact them I think I did see maybe

that if you sign up for the lodge email

you do get a coupon alright so you could

check that and then finally butter Pat

is a hundred and ninety five dollars so

let's just go through and do a quick

kind of pros and cons pros and cons to

each skillet when Lodge changed and went

to the pre seasoning that they do now to

me it didn't do anything but create me

more work to get what I was after

now the old lodge that I have I wouldn't

take nothing for it it has served me

well biggest con to lodge is the priests

the rough pre seasoning and it's wait


the pros to lie deeper its its

inexpensive it's available nearly

everywhere they have different sizes

much is the only company currently

making quality american-made cast-iron

Dutch oven so if you're looking for that

we do recommend their dutch ovens the

only thing that I really disliked about

this skillet and it's very little was I

might have squeezed this handily and

just a tad yeah you know and it would

have made it a little easier I like that

it's cooler you know I love the design I

like the flare on the lid the thing I

really love about this skillet is its

weight and its finish I could take my

finger and rub across there and I knew

that this skillet was going to finish

well it was going to perform well clean

well I would have liked to have seen a

pour spout on here they just kept it

real simple that this handle does feel

really good to me the butter pad no I'm

just gonna say it right out of the gate

the biggest con to this one it's its

price but you do have to remember that

it is completely handmade this to me

would be something that a collector an

aficionado would have really it's such a

classic a piece of of American cast-iron

I'm not a big fan of the handle I do

love love love love

stop so first thing that got me when I

run my hand across this and better than

any of them was the finish they had all

you know it was like blast smooth and

that's how I know that a skillet is

going to perform well okay but I'm gonna

play devil's advocate here a little bit

do you feel that there is a big enough

difference between the stargazer at 88

and the butter Pat at 195 uh not

necessarily no and I'm not belittling

these people or telling them that tell

you that don't buy one no and that's the

thing with butter Pat is because there's

not a machine involved that's where

you're getting that your cost like I

said I would say this is the skillet for

the collector for somebody that's really

hard to buy for that's where that's

where I think your butterfat market

comes in I would give a maybe final

recommendation if you are new to

cast-iron I would probably recommend

either the stargazer or the field

because they come with a really great

pre seasoning a lot of people who are

just new to cast-iron don't understand

how it works and how the seasoning works

and they get frustrated for more ease of

use out of the beginning I would maybe

suggest one of those you know say the

lodge is a good one it's just the

preseason is so rough I wouldn't give

that to somebody right out of the bat

and say here this is what cast-iron is

like because you have to put a little

more love into the lodge remember what

you're looking for but first of all

remember it's all made in the USA by

hard-working people here yep and so the

biggest takeaway is there are all

different styles of skillets all

different price ranges we hope this

helped you know maybe find out what

works best for you are you gonna pick a

favorite oh they can overall fit that's

what people been asking me although they

weren't overall they wanted a favorite

chin I mean is it not me okay the mimori

on I think I'd have to go with the field

simple light and the handle is good if I

was saying that I had to go and buy one

skillet it would be a field yeah but I

haven't cooked with this skillet long

but I am

really lucky I think you're kind of Yat

like as you have talked about it more

and more I think the stargazer is

growing on you we thank y'all for

stopping by the barn thank you for your

concern about my mustache I was really

it was just heartwarming all the

sympathy and support that I got over it

she said that is a really good

impression of Kent Rollins hope you

enjoyed this little series we did on

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down the trove

hey folks y'all been asking for it so

we're gonna give it to you side-by-side

comparison of the butter path the

Stargazer of the field and large cast

iron you don't want to stick around

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