Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019) 9th Gen Best Cases!


so in this video we're gonna take a look

at five different cases for the new 2019

version Fire HD 10 and I'll leave a link

in the description below with current

pricing and more information so the

first one we're going to start with is

by Amazon and currently only the

charcoal black is in stock but there's

also a purple blue and punch red and

even though this has fit

seventh-generation this should be the

exact same case for the ninth generation


so yeah this one actually does feel like

pretty good quality it does feel like

fabric here on the cover and then it

feels a little bit like felt material on

the inside and then the back is a hard

plastic on the inside with that same

fabric material on the back side and you

can see the speaker holes line up pretty

accurately a perfect cutout for the rear

facing camera and then the top and

bottom is exposed so it's easy to get to

all your controls and yes you can open

this cover to wake the tablet or close

it to put it to sleep and there's two

different positions here you can use

this in landscape or portrait mode so

yeah this is definitely a pretty good

quality case I just wish it was a little

bit cheaper the next case up is by moko

and this was only 15 dollars on Amazon

this one actually comes in four

different colors I'm not sure why black

is only ten dollars but then you've also

got plum white and Twilight blue

this one is definitely clear on the

backside it's just a plexiglass look to

it and then around the edges you've got

sort of a medium to soft feeling TPU

material here along the top you've got

your power volume buttons that are

covered up and then you've got cutouts

for the headphone jack microphone and

USB C charging port now here on the side

is a little bit different you've got

exact cutouts for each speaker hole and

then you've also got little ridges on

the side to help give you a little bit

better grip and you've got a nice little

cutout here for the rear facing camera

so yeah even though this is a really

slim case I feel like the material on

the back and these little ridges on the

side definitely give you a little better

grip than just the tablet by itself and

there isn't a huge lip around the edges

but I feel like there's just enough to

help protect the screen


now if you want something that is a

little bit more protective then you're

definitely gonna want to check out this

next one by poetic which is a turtle

skin case and it's currently 1695 on

Amazon you can get this in black blue

green and purple and you can see this

one is super thick but yet really

flexible so one thing to keep in mind is

this one does add just a little bit of

weight to it but one of the coolest

features about this kind of case is it

redirects the speaker's on the side to

be facing toward you so it actually is

gonna sound better in this case then

with no case whatsoever and then it's

also gonna give a little bit extra grip

with this texture here along the edges

you've also got holes here on each

corner in case you want to use a lanyard

you've got a nice cutout for the front

facing camera then along the top you've

got cutouts for the USB C charging port

headphone jack and microphone and even

though the power and volume buttons are

covered with that silicone material they

still seem to work really good you've

also got a cutout on the back for the

rear facing camera and you can see on

the back why this is called turtle skin

and then we got a really thick lip here

all the way around the front to protect

the screen in case you drop it now the

next one up is by Z 2 Z and this one is

currently $24.99 on Amazon and you have

four different colors to choose from

black brown blue red and brown so this

one is a pretty typical leather like

material that I've seen on a lot of

cases you just slide the tablet in right

here on the side and then it just stays

in place with this little velcro strip

the nice thing is this one does have the

sleep and wake function when you open

and close it you've got a little spot on

the side here

for a stylist a pretty good-sized pocket

here on the front cover and then you've

got three big holes for each speaker

along the edge on the backside you've

got to cut out for the rear facing

camera here on the inside of the front

cover you've got a spot for what looks

like I don't know maybe a couple cards

you've got a cutout here for the front

facing camera and you've got a couple

different positions to choose from in

landscape mode you've got the power and

volume buttons exposed along the top

which is gonna make it pretty easy to

get to and the magnet on the front

actually seems to keep the cover on

pretty good so this definitely seems

like a pretty solid case as well if

you're looking for this style the next

case up is by tsq and this is currently

$29.99 on Amazon and this comes in black

blue purple or red so this one comes

with a pretty thick lanyard style strap

which just snaps right into the corner

so on the back this one has a really

soft silicon material and then you've

got a nice little adjustable strap for

your hand

and it's also got a built-in rotating

stand and then the back of the inside is

a really hard plastic and then to

protect around the edges of the screen

you've got a plastic piece that just

snaps right into place you've got a

cutout on the top for the headphone jack

microphone and USB C charging port and

then the volume and power buttons are

covered by that silicone material which

make it super easy to use this is

probably the easiest one to use out of

all of these cases you've also got a

cutout for the front-facing camera and

proximity sensor and then of course

you've got cutouts on the side for the

speakers and if you're not going to use

this trap it's pretty easy to just take

the little clips off the corners and you

can see on the back is a cutout for the

rear facing camera so yeah this one is

definitely by far the most heavy-duty

case out of all of these and probably

the easiest to use with only one hand so

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