How to choose the right carpet


I'm not long ago I had hardwood floors

installed by Colombo's floors to go and

my family couldn't be happier with the

results we added wood floors to our

kitchen in our eating area our pantry

and they turned out great

but how wood is far from the only option

when you're making renovations in your

home so today we're talking about the

advantages of different kinds of

carpeting and we have Scott Earhart and

designer Shay Hawkins here to talk about

this particular type of flooring I can't

say I did carpet two years ago and

frankly I found that process to be

extremely overwhelming it certainly can

be when you walk into the showroom and

there's literally a thousand carpet

samples staring you in the face where do

I even start you know and we're

certainly there to help hopefully make

that process a bit easier you know help

qualify exactly which type of carpet is

gonna be the most appropriate for you

and your family and your lifestyle and

your priorities yeah frankly that's what

it came down to we started thinking

about how we live and the fact that we

do have young children and it's busy and

I wanted something pretty easy to

maintain yeah you know at a glance a lot

of these may look identical to each

other color aside but really there's a

lot that goes on into the the fiber that

the carpet is made up of and also the

construction of that carpet and that's

actually what we're gonna talk about

here today to try to hopefully educate a

little bit so that initial experience is

a little bit easier when you come into

the show yeah customers don't

necessarily know about that so we lend

on designers we depend on you to kind of

educate us about the difference between

these types of carpet yes so today we

have four different fibers for different

types of carpet we have 4 different

fibers so we're some take you through

all four of them and give you some

advantages and disadvantages to each of

them so hopefully the next time you buy

carpet it won't be overwhelming yeah

this will be helpful for those watching

too because we know that you know it's

always great to make those upgrades in

ER yes absolutely so the first one I

start with is wool ok wool is made out

of the is it's from a sheep so it's a

natural fiber

it's from New Zealand it's very strong

so you just want to be careful when

you're with stains you know wine would

not be a good combination on this very

difficult to clean but it's really

strong again so putting this in a

high-traffic area on stairs or in

hallway it's gonna hold up like nails

people have wool in their house it's

it's been there for years and years and

years a lot of rugs see people here all

I have a little rug and it's been passed

down from family to family it just lasts

forever but it might not be the best

option if you have three kids running

around with kool-aid that's not gonna do

well on drugs because they're good

things to consider there are you know

positives and negatives what about this

one here this one here is a polyester

okay so when you feel this that's the

number one thing that people feel they

feeling it's really plush mm-hmm people

always feel like they're getting so much

bang for their buck with polyester and

it cleans up incredibly well so the dye

sites are actually closed on polyester

so stains have a hard time sticking into

enter the fiber so it cleans up

beautifully disadvantage of polyester is

that it's a plastic based fiber so in

high-traffic areas like stairs or

hallways not always the best option

you'll start to see crushing and matting

a lot faster than you will with all

their fibers mm-hmm but there's always a

perfect place for this we sell a lot of

polyester it just really depends on what

area of the home is going in - right

okay so I'm looking at this next carpet

it actually kind of looks a little

similar to this you're also very soft

but I have a feeling there are

differences yes it needs - yes this is a

nylon which is the most popular fiber

that's sold right now especially in our

showroom majority of our showroom is

nylon it is the most resilient fiber

meaning that it's going to hold up the

best in high traffic area lease off -


there's a variety of different styles of

nylons and different types of nylons

some that are softer than others but the

biggest selling feature with nylon is

how well it holds up issues an island

some of it depends on which one you're

looking at some of them can have some

hesitation on cleaning up the best but

they all have a topical stain repellent

on top of them so it's really a good

option you have the durability but then

you it will clean up also yeah okay so

this piece of carpet actually looks a

little bit familiar to me because we did

a stain test one yeah in our studio

because you are asked the expert in

flooring you actually brought in this

piece of carpet in you threw some red

wine yes between going way carpet yes

that's the exact same sample this is try

exa which is a newer fiber out of the

four of them it is its own fiber in

itself its new a lot of people refer to

it a smart strand but the actual name of

the fiber is tri-axial you've heard

smarter strand it's the exact same thing

it's kind of you get all of the bells

and whistles all in one kind of nice you

get the resistance to matting and

crushing that an island provides but you

also get the clean ability of a

polyester so you kind of get everything

put into one it's become a very popular

fiber for all of those reasons it's

great if you have pets or kids or you

know active lifestyle cause it's gonna

perform really well so you could really

eliminate a lot of carpet by process of

elimination absolutely asking those

questions about your needs where you

plan to use it in your house and how you

live yeah absolutely yeah we always try

when people come into the showroom we

ask a lot of questions to learn more

about their project out when we can help

eliminate a certain fiber that way

you're not so overwhelmed we can kind of

say okay we want something we have kids

you want it's a clean up well you'll

have to hold up maybe try access the

best option for you then we can

eliminate 75% of the showroom in in the

showroom I'm amazed because you have so

many different really popular colors

textured carpet I know has become

extremely popular having a little bit of

a design that's kind of built in to the

area we're seeing some video here and

this one is actually of your new

showroom which you had remodeled that

just was completed last month last month


yeah we're extremely excited as to how

that turned out

the designers did a wonderful job in

pulling together a lot of the most

popular styles and really showcasing a

lot of the different products we have

yeah like how you have a lot of variety

on your own floor because sometimes when

you see a sample that's only you know a

couple feet by a few feet it's hard to

imagine what its gonna look like in your

house yes this helps too because we're

seeing some great examples of flooring I

actually have that in my laundry room

you sure do it was great to say and it's

working great and so you've got lots of

great examples some of them a little

more wild and different there and so

tell us where you're located if people

have these questions what they should do

should they take in pictures of their

house what questions should they come

with you know I like to say for design

wise at having people bring in pictures

that way we can help pick style and

color but also just talking with your

family and coming to an agreement of

what your what you really want out of

the carpet a lot of times we have

spouses that you know one wants this one

wants a lines you know and so we're

trying and please both um but just

having a understanding of where this is

gonna go and how long you plan on

staying in the home

that really helps us narrow what we're

gonna narrow down well I love it - you

gave me some great samples to take to my

home so I could actually see what it

would look like considering light in a

giving room everybody has different

windows in a dybbuk superjail's

color what way is it facing and so you

were extremely helpful and I'm grateful

and I'm loving my floors oh we're so

glad to hear it thank you so much we'll

be right back after this break