Best Carpet Cleaning Shampoo - 5 TESTED - Bissell vs Rug Doctor vs Hoover vs Resolve

welcome to vacuum Wars today I'm testing

to see which carpet shampoo does the

best with heavily stained carpets these

mid-level carpet cleaners have become

really popular and of course each

manufacturer wants you to use their

brand of shampoo in the machine but we

wanted to see if there was much of a

difference in the cleaning power between

the popular brands of shampoo for the

carpet cleaner itself I use the Bissell

Proheat 2x revolution pet Pro which one

our carpet cleaning machine competition

last year and which is a really

versatile machine for the stains I used

Georgia red clay which I mixed with

water and painted evenly on our medium

pile carpet I've seen Consumer Reports

use Georgia red clay too though they do

apply it a little differently than I did

I also use grape juice which was painted

on in the same basic way as well as v8

juice I chose v8 because in our hard

floor cleaner test the v8 is always the

toughest stain for those types of

machines to get presumably because it

sticks to the surface more and finally

more for identification

I wrote the brand name of the carpet

shampoo with a sharpie I left the stains

to dry for 24 hours and took off the

tape now the different brands of carpet

shampoo often claim to have different

concentrations like two times three

times up to four times concentrate so I

was very careful to use the exact amount

they said to use per gallon of water

which ended up being an easy thing to do

since the tank on the Bissell Proheat is

exactly one gallon one other really

important point that will come up later

and necessitate a second winner-take-all

battle is that the recommended amounts

actually varied from one point six

ounces per gallon on the resolve up to

four ounces per gallon with the rug

doctor with many of their instructions

saying that you should double or triple

that recommended per gallon amount for

tough stains but this first test is all

about the recommended amount for one

gallon in normal conditions so links in

the description and let's get started so

I did two back-and-forth passes with a

solution sprain and two back-and-forth

passes without the spray to suck up the

water in other words eight single passes

for with water and four without and I

would say that they all did admirably

but the winner for this round was the

rug dr. oxy followed by the Bissell and

maybe the resolved in third but it was

close but the problem here is that the

rug doctor

was also the only one that claimed that

the minimum amount to use was four

ounces which was quite a bit more than

the others said to use so in order to

find out how much the amount of shampoo

played a role in its victory

I had a sudden-death round with the

three finalists this time I increase the

amount of shampoo to five ounces for all

the contestants which actually is the

recommended amount for tough stains with

the Bissell and resolved the rug doctor

only had one recommended amount which is

four ounces but I figured they were just

kind of splitting the difference to make

it easy for people to decide which

amount to use so with an equal five

ounces to one gallon mix all three did

much better but I would have to say that

the Bissell Pro advanced was the best

carpet shampoo in this sudden-death


better than the other two finalists by

just a little bit when all things were

more or less equal I have to say I've

always suspected that Bissell shampoo

was the reason I keep picking Bissell

Carpet Cleaners as the best in their

category for example my four favorite

carpet cleaners in each price range

which I will link below are all

Bissell's though to be fair stain

cleaning ability is not the only thing I

look for when reviewing carpet cleaners

but knowing what we found out today will

help me be a lot more careful in the

future to make sure everything is equal

when testing carpet cleaners and in case

you're wondering I have absolutely no

affiliation with Bissell these are just

my honest opinions and these tests are

not intended to be super scientific or

anything just an honest attempt to find

the best one be sure to subscribe to

vacuum Wars and thanks for watching