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thinking of going to a Caribbean medical

school but don't know which school to

pick you're in luck because today I'm

going to tell you the top five Caribbean

medical schools that are worthy of your



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you may be toying with the idea of going

to medical school in the Caribbean but

may have found yourself unsure if it was

a good decision other than the obvious

lifestyle benefits of Sun warmth sand

and the ocean there are some major

benefits of studying there versus here

in general Caribbean medical schools

offer quality education excellent

training lower tuition and higher

acceptance rates but it's very important

to note that not all schools are created

equally and although there are over 60

schools in the Caribbean you want to

make sure you're applying to the very

best and most importantly the ones that

are accredited or internationally

recognized before we get into our top

five list I need to break down what I

mean by accredited and recognized have

you heard of terms such as W FM e n CF

MEA New York and California recognized

do you know what they mean don't worry

if you don't let's quickly clarify any

confusion W FM e is the world Federation

for medical education they award

recognition status to an accrediting

agency that is operating at an

internationally accepted high standard

think about it there could be tons of

companies throughout the Caribbean that

say they're an accreditation agency but

just because they exist it doesn't mean

they're making trustworthy decisions on

the quality of the medical programs

that's where the W FM e comes in they

will recognize acceptable accreditors

which in turn accredit different schools

the n CF MEA is the National Committee

on foreign medical education and

accreditation the committee evaluates

the standards of accreditation applied

to foreign medical schools and compares

them to standards of accreditation

applied to medical schools in the u.s.

if the n CF MEA decides the foreign

countries accreditation standards are

comparable to those in the United States

then the country is eligible to

participate in the federal student loan

program New York and California

recognized our more straightforward and

simply tell you if the

school is recognized and therefore

approved for rotations residency and

licensure by those states if the state

doesn't have its own review process for

foreign medical schools then they often

adhere to whether or not it's California

recognized the u.s. educational

commission for foreign medical graduates

states that only schools that are listed

in the world directory of medical

schools are eligible to take the USMLE

exams which are required to practice in

the US and participate in residency

matching currently they don't require

schools to be accredited by an

accreditation body but as of 2023 this

will be required in order for the grads

to practice medicine in the US you see

where I'm going with this bottom line

take-home message is that the school you

attend in the Caribbean should be wfm e


New York and/or California recognized if

you have the intention of working in the

States upon graduation you need to be

sure of these recognitions and

accreditations the good news is that's

what I'm here for

now you need to make sure you stay up to

date with these recognitions and

accreditation 'z because they can change

and I'm going to be telling you about

the USMLE pass rates and residency stats

for the best five Caribbean medical

schools but these also can change the

following schools are constantly listed

as the top players in the field medical

University of the Americas mu a in nevus

eighty-eight percent of grads obtain

residency in the US or Canada and they

have a 99 percent USMLE pass rate savvy

University on Sabah Island it boasts in

nearly 100% USMLE pass rate and roughly

94 percent of their graduates obtain

residency placements in Canada or the

u.s. Ross University in Barbados they

have a 96% USMLE pass rate and 92

percent of their graduates obtain

residency positions st. George's

University in Grenada 96 percent pass

rate for the USMLE and 93 percent of the

scribes obtain residency positions

American University of the Caribbean UAC

they have a 91 percent residency match

rate and a 94 percent USMLE pass rate

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