Top 10 Best Selling Cars of 2019... So Far: The Short List


it's hard to believe more than 50% of

2019 is already gone where does the time

go I can't answer that question but I

can fill you in on what the best-selling

cars and trucks in the United States

have been that is coming your way right

after this


welcome to another episode of the short


I am your incorrigible irascible

inimitable host Craig Cole as mentioned

before that fancy intro animation got in

the way the year is half gone which

makes it a great time to see which cars

including crossovers and trucks of

course have proven to be the most

popular in America through the month of

June so without belaboring the point

here are the 10 best-selling models


picking this list off is the august

toyota corolla for 50 plus years across

12 generations more than 43 million

examples of this small car have been

sold around the globe or rather across

the plane if you happen to be a flat

earther you do you deliveries in the US

for the first half of 2019 are

understandably slightly less impressive

still dealerships pushed out nearly 150

3,000 examples

meaning this small car outpaced vehicles

like the Jeep Wrangler Toyota Tacoma and

even Honda Accord speaking of the

company that soichiro built the

best-selling car offered by Honda is the

smooth and sophisticated Civic in fact

my fellow Americans snapped up just shy

of 170,000 of the little buggers through

June of this year at that rate the

automaker is on track to sell around 340

thousand of them in 2019 that folks

makes the Civic and absolute blockbuster

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but moving along besting even at Honda

showroom performance is a cross over

from Chevrolet in the first half of 2019

the bowtie brand sold more than one

74,000 examples of its practical and

surprisingly pervasive equinox in fact

my producer Ben's mom just picked one up

a month or two ago she said Vicki really

liked hers and that was enough of an

endorsement for her to get one as well

that folks is the power of word-of-mouth

next up the Nissan Rogue and rogue sport

pipe down everyone calm down it's okay

yes nissan combines the sales of these

different though similarly named models

likely to gin up a higher overall figure

Toyota used to do exactly the same thing

with its Corolla and matrix more than

175,000 rogues of various sort were

delivered in the first half of 2019

enough to make this name plates plural

the Nissan brand's top-selling models in

the u.s. outpacing the second-place

Sentra sedan buy in excess of 65,000

units so what do you think should

automakers be allowed to combine the

sales figures of different models to

deliver a higher total well vote in our

poll up there abouts moving along Toyota

stores across the land pushed out an

astonishing one hundred seventy six

thousand and eight cameras through the

end of June and that means the capital T

is on track to deliver more than three

hundred and fifty thousand examples by

year's end a Camry has been the

best-selling car in the United States

for the last 16 years I predict it will

be 17 when it's time to replace my paper

calendar with a new one for 2020 but I

was selling the Camry and its own

showroom sibling the Civic is Honda's

CRV crossover a whisper shy of 177

thousand copies have been delivered too

eager or more likely disinterested

customers through June that is enough to

make it Honda's most popular nameplate

in America and if you can believe it the

CRV outsold the entire Acura brand by a

factor of nearly 2.4 during this time


wowsers besting this Honda in 2019 is

the Toyota rav4 more than 200,000 of

little rascals have been delivered in

the first half of the year and that

performance is enough to make it the

fourth best selling vehicle in the US

all right so far this list has featured

a few cars and plenty of crossovers but

now it's high time for some pickup

trucks can you guess the three models

topping the sales charts this year I bet

you can in third place comes the

Chevrolet Silverado family of light and

heavy duty trucks for the sake of an

apples-to-apples comparison I lumped

these rigs together just as Ford and RAM

are keen to do combined bowtie

dealerships move more than two hundred

and fifty six thousand of these

rough-and-ready pickups in the first

half of 2019 handily outpacing the rav4

just mentioned but here's a shocker ram

is outselling the Rado FCA's in-house

truck division is blowing the doors off

these days through June dealers have

delivered nearly 300,000 light and heavy

duty rigs and that's a tremendous

showing for what was not that long ago

something of an underdog brand it just

goes to show you what can happen when

you offer innovative features and

segment leading interiors but topping

even Rams strong showroom performance

and by a wide margin was the Ford

f-series this diverse range of pickups

continues to sell in practically

inconceivable numbers just short of

450,000 examples were moved through June

of this year and astounding performance

one that puts Dearborn on track to

deliver nearly eight hundred and ninety

seven thousand trucks for all of 2019

now that is a huge number but it's

slightly behind what they did in 2018

sales hit one point zero seven five

million last year or one truck every

twenty nine point three seconds and

that's it for this episode of the

shortlist thank you very much for

watching and if you haven't done so

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always look forward to seeing the

results you know the Accord is always

one of the best selling cars in America

even if it

quite make it on this top-10 list now if

you're interested in buying one of these

sedans I suggest you check out one of

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