Is AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil better than Mobil 1? Let's find out!

if you like me one of the biggest

expenses you have is your automobile and

you want your automobile to last as long

as possible and operate as efficiently

as possible so should you trust

amazonbasics full synthetic engine oil

now that's a pretty good price for under

$20 you can purchase five quarts that's

not much more than conventional oil and

it's a lot less than a lot of other full

synthetic brands such as Mobil 1 so the

question remains should you trust it

well today we're gonna do some testing

to find out which one of these brands is

the best also just as a reminder I'm not

sponsored by Mobil 1

amazonbasics or Valvoline I do

independent testing viewers requested

this video and that's why we're doing it

so let's get the testing underway and

see which one these brands is the best

well I don't have a multimillion-dollar

oil testing lab there are some oil

properties that can be tested easily to

compare oil performance and the first

test will be measuring cold temperature

oil flow why does this matter when an

engine is first started you really want

that oil flowing as soon as possible to

begin lubricating the engine so the oil

that will be testing will be placed in

the freezer that's at 15 below zero

Fahrenheit we'll leave it in there for

24 hours and later in the video we'll

come back and test it to see how each

product performs before we move on to

our next test you'll notice that all

major brands of oil have an American

Petroleum Institute donut which includes

two important pieces of information it

includes the viscosity grade viscosity

is a measure of the resistance of a

fluids flow in a 10w30 oil for example

the 10 w w stands for winter simply

means that an oil must have a certain

maximum viscosity or flow at low

temperature to lower the W number the

bed of the oils called temperature

performance the 30 and 10w30 simply

means that the oil must flow within a

certain viscosity limits at 212 degrees

Fahrenheit let's face it while these

products are rated the same in the lab

environment to meet the minimum

requirements in the real world it gets

colder and it gets hotter than what

they're tested at so let's see how they

perform at each temperature extreme the

second piece of information that we're

interested in is the tude letter code at

the top of the donut both the Valvoline

and the mobile one are rated for SN

which simply means that both of these

boils are designed to provide improved

high-temperature deposit protection for

Pistons more stringent sludge control

and seal compatibility the amazonbasics

is actually rated for SN plus it's what

benefits to SN plus rated oil products

offer over SN bid dress increasing

impact of low-speed pre-ignition and

turbocharged gasoline direct and

action engines what is low-speed

pre-ignition low-speed pre-ignition is

simply an abnormal combustion process at

low engine speeds and wished the fuel

air mixture in the combustion chamber

ignites before spark timing this can

cause engine knock broken spark plugs

and cracked pistons and in severe cases

catastrophic engine failure with all

that said you really don't need the SN

plus designation unless you own a

turbocharged gasoline direct injection

engine since each one of these products

claim that it contains anti-wear

additives we're going to be testing each

product on the lubricity tester and

comparing the amount of where that takes

place I have a separate video that

explains how to lubricity tester works

so please consider checking it out in

this test to be weighing the bearings

before and after the test and measuring

the scar on the bearing











very interesting results on the

lubricity test the Valvoline is on the


amazonbasics is in the middle and the

mobile one is on the right obviously

both synthetic oils really tore up the

Valvoline however it's a very close race

between both the Mobil 1 in the Amazon

with Mobil 1 clearly coming in first

place but amazonbasics really didn't do

that bad when you consider the price of

the oil calculating the area for an

ellipse the size of the scart and the

mobile one bearing is 12 point 4 square

millimeters so the size of the scar on

the mobile one bearing is nearly 26

percent smaller than the Valvoline

bearing also the mobile one scar is

approximately 9 percent less than

amazonbasics scar regarding the

amazonbasics the size of the scar is 17

percent less than the Valvoline scar

very impressive after sitting in the

freezer overnight is time to conduct the

cold temperature oil flow test I have to

admit I was rather surprised to see the

amazonbasics oil hit the slide first

after all Mobil 1 is an amazing product

in the end amazonbasics won the race by

a solid 2 inches over Mobil 1 and both

brands beat Valvoline by a solid six

inches demonstrating their superior cold

flow capability the next test will be

heating up each one of these coils in a

very similar manner to the no act

volatility test using a little bit

different process since we don't have

the multi-million dollar equipment setup

at most oil testing labs have the first

thing I'm going to do is measure the way

that each one of these coffee pots the

second thing I'm going to do is then

fill each one of these cups with the

respective motor oil that be testing and

then I'm going to weight each one then

I'm going to add the contents into the

containers and weigh the container and

the contents together for a total weight

after the test we're going to measure

how much of the contents actually

evaporated off


I'm adding a little oil to each

container just to make sure we're pretty

close to 200 grams Amazon is now 407

grams and began at 207 grams

Valvoline is at 442 grams it originally

started off at 242 grams and Mobil 1 is

now at 431 grams and originally began at

232 grams if you want to protect your

engine and keep it running smoothly you

just don't want an oil that's going to

evaporate quickly the appropriate tests

to measure the vaporators loss is known

as the no act volatility test the no act

test involves heating the oil up to 482

degrees Fahrenheit for a period of one

hour along with constant air flow since

I don't have this special piece of test

equipment I'm only going to heat the oil

up to 400 degrees for a period of two

hours this test exposes oil to some high

temperature as well as air to simulate

conditions in the area around the top of

piston rings of the engine I've rotated

the position of each coffee pot every 5

minutes just in case one part of the

electric griddle was slightly hotter

than another spot the Valvoline appears

to have the most vapor compared to the

Amazon and Mobil 1

each of the products has had a chance to

cool off so i'ma go ahead and weigh each

one of these one at a time beginning

with Valvoline

gaveling start off at 442 grams is down

to 439 Amazon's started off at 407 grams

it lost a total of 1 gram 406 Mobil 1

started off at 431 grams it's down to

430 grams


so how did heat one of these oil brands

perform after they've been exposed to a

significant amount of heat we're gonna

place these oil products in the freezer

again and rerun the flow test to see how

they perform





we'll have to admit I'm really impressed

at the amazonbasics full synthetic

engine oil testing it actually performed

extremely well against Mobil 1 but one

does seem to have a better film strength

however amazonbasics flows better in

cold temperatures even after it's been

cooked for a couple of hours

pretty impressive performance would I

use this oil in a vehicle absolutely in

fact a near the end of an oil change

interval in one of my vehicles I need to

change that oil really soon and I've

noticed that it is used less oil than

normal now in the past I've used a

synthetic blend and of course that

synthetic blend is most likely

evaporating off a little faster than a

synthetic wood as we saw in the

evaporative testing just as a reminder I

don't make a dime if you buy this

product I'm not invested in amazonbasics

in any way I don't even have an

affiliate account because I don't want

to be tied to selling products of any

sort my objective is to provide unbiased

testing I get all my video ideas from

you guys you requested it so thanks for

the request please keep those ideas

coming and I'll keep making videos

please take care and I look forward to

next time