Which car insurance company is the best | 2020 | Car Insurance

hey guys mark Flockhart and today we're

gonna talk about who is the best

insurance company for two thousand and

whatever right overall it does change

from year to year I think if you watched

my last video that I did like two years

ago was the best insurances of the top

five insurance companies in 2017 I'll

link that video if you do want to check

it out there has been some changes so a

lot of this is gonna be based off of

like my personal opinions

I am also gonna create a video once it's

done I will link it in the description

below for the top insurances for 2020 or

2019 because the data falls a year back

right so in 2019 who was the best which

carries into 2020 but that would be

based off is typically the JD power

ratings and then also insurance

complaints and stuff like that so I'll

kind of take into some considerations

who was the best priced who was the best

company who had the best service who had

the best claims things like that so who

did I pick this year so far to be the

top insurance company it's kind of

unique because this company did some

things a little bit different this year

that I kind of liked they're not

necessarily the top pick for everybody

now before I release the company that

I'm gonna say I do want a preference one

thing there are a couple factors that do

make a company better or worse in a lot

of it is the training that they've been

giving so what does the agent learned

typically even though this company has

two versions of themselves they have a

direct model and a standard model and I

recommend the standard model highly

because that's what I've personally gone

through you want to make sure that

you're dealing with an agent that knows

what they're talking about to protect

you the best but not only that they can

give you the best discounts as well in

my experience working in a call center

in the past there really wasn't a whole

lot of knowledge it was just about how

quickly could you sell something how

quickly did you get through the quote

how quickly could you just get somebody

off the phone whether they bought or not

and then move on to the next one in the

end of the day that doesn't do you any

good you're trying to match up the right

person with the right insurance and all

the things change as you buy a house

that changes as something happens you

get a ticket in an accident your risk

changes so the company that you're with

may not be the fit today

than it was five years ago today what I

think in general the company that falls

in the best out of the ones that I've

seen is going to be progressive and the

reason I chose progressive is because

they're very versatile they are kind of

a one-size-fits-all company so even if

you're retired or not retired whether

you're 25 years old or not 25 years old

there you give rates based on what they

think the risk is they don't deny use

for specific reasons there are some

legal things or there are some things

that they will deny you for because they

can't take everything otherwise they're

just gonna go crazy ultimately they've

done a really good job overall going

online to be able to access your policy

having an app to access that offering

the snapshot where you can get better

discounts if you're a good driver if

you're not it's the opposite that's the

unfortunate being able to offer prices

that are competitive for people that

have a 3 for $500,000 house and have

nice cars and don't have any ticket it's

like the confident planner is they so to

speak being competitive when it's a 18

year old that has had a clean driving

record with maybe a scratch a ticket

maybe an accident but also is just

looking for renters insurance or looking

for renters insurance and auto insurance

overall I think they've been the most

versatile and they don't price

themselves out of the market now they

don't always price themselves perfect

there are perfect scenarios for them

where they always come in competitive

but that's not always the case so more

often than that I've seen progressive

come back competitive but also I've seen

them be very lenient with some of the

stuff that other companies aren't that's

my professional opinion I've been doing

it 10 years I dealt with Amica a dealt

with State Farm

I'll stay Geico progressive a whole

gamut of companies I think right now the

company that I'm with now I trained for

them they still 17 different companies

so I've seen a lot of them do I like

other companies specifically in certain

situations absolutely do I love Safeco

if you're semi-retired have a nice home

have you know have nice cars want full

coverage no tickets no young drivers

100% do I love citizens right now I'm

with them right yes there

great fit for me and so it's a lot of it

has to do with price risk right what's

the price for the risk I don't know let

me know what you guys think

are you with progressive do you love

them do you hate them leave me a comment


maybe tell me who you're with what's

your thoughts on their what you found in

your state cuz every area is different

it's not just each state it seeds ipkiss

towards each territory so the

territories are really what determined

which is usually some states are just by

zip code or like five or six or ten zip

codes mixed into one so in your

territory what what have you guys found

love to see some answers and I'd love to

do some research on those companies if

you are interested in following and

learning more great if you want to go

I'll connect you with one of the guys

that work with there is a link below so

you can fill out a quote and I'll pass

that on otherwise I will see you guys in

the next video