Car Organization and Mommy Hacks. Family Of 6

what's up buddies welcome back to my

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I'm pretty pumped about this video I'm

not even gonna lie because I love

organizing my car it literally irritates

my husband how much I like to organize

my car I have everything in its place

all of my bags diaper bags everything

organized now if you're not into that

sort of thing this video may not be for

you because it's gonna be detailed and

it's gonna be organized and this is not

for everybody but for all of my fellow

organizing people this is gonna sing to

your soul and your spirit

deep within I'm your girl Erna Marie

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you guys we're gonna start with I'm

gonna show you I like to keep this empty

there and I keep this little hand

sanitizer I keep all my extra stuff on

the side and my kids seat so when I open

the doors so this is everything in the

glove box we have our manual and I have

this file system and I'll show you in a

second but this is basically all the

stuff that I like to have really

accessible so I have in here this is all

of my women products I have a face wipes

just in case I need to remove my makeup

on the way home then I have another

sanitizer you will be seeing these all

over my car then I have some Listerine I

keep an extra cube in here

glasses wipes in here and then I also

like to have a little bit of these these

are like the sugar-free lifesavers then

we keep this little tool in here so it's

like one of those multi-use tools it has

scissors and all kinds of craziness on

the inside so it literally has

everything okay so I wanted to show you

guys this little filing system that I

have so this is a filing system that I


it's got my registration my insurance my

license when I have an accident this is

where I go I also have extra cash just

in case for tolls whatever it is there's

been a couple of times where I forgot my

wallet so I'm so glad that I have cash

in here or sometimes the kids need cash

for lunch or whatever it may be it's so

handy I also list all of the kids I saw

this on one of those safety shows you

list the adults and then all the kids in

the car just in case there's like an

accident or something they can know who

exactly is in the car and I know that

sounds really sad to even say but hey it

happens now this accident section has a

pen and cards in it the cards have all

of my information ready to go to just

hand to somebody also have a card that I

fill out with their information because

sometimes when you get in a cart note

all the times when you get in a car

accident your super flustered so when

you have that card you know exactly what

you need to do and I just go straight to

this little Act

Siddhant area and I pull my cards out

and all of that so this is the inside of

my middle console so I have a system in

my car and I use these baskets whenever

we go out to eat so these are little

trays that we use and I'm going to show

you guys how this system works in my car

this is the moment I've been waiting to

share with you guys I'm super pumped to

show you this this is the system that we

use to eat food in our car and you know

what I'd like to say we don't eat in our

car but we do we are at chick-fil-a and

know this video is not sponsored but hey

chick-fil-a if you're out there let me

know and I use these trays and I line it

with a napkin and I put all of their

food inside now the trick is to not pass

back any

wrappers that is the key to this whole

thing and it really really keeps your

car clean now you still have crumbs

which is fine because I have a vacuum

but this is so awesome and I put these

little trays food trays on these little

backseat trays that go over the kids

they don't have to hold it in their lab

they can actually have a space where

they can grab their food and start

eating it without it dumping on the

floor I cannot tell you guys how much

this system has worked and I absolutely

love it you guys have to try it and

these little caddies are not that

expensive from Amazon I absolutely love

them after they're done eating everybody

passes up their trays throws their

little napkins in the trash and then

there's nothing else left back there

then my son grabs this vacuum we bought

off of Amazon and he gives everything a

quick vacuum and puts it back in the bag

and puts it underneath my son's seat

where it's stored it's a perfect

location to keep it out of the way

because nobody steps there this is the

rest of the inside I keep these I keep

three different kinds of wipes in here I

know that seems kind of crazy well we

have Lysol wipes you never know when you

need to wipe stuff down because there's

germs everywhere

just kidding things get gross I have no

I was gonna say wipes you wipe your butt

with no I have moist flushable wipes by

Kirkland BAM and then we have

antibacterial wipes

so I keep three different types of wipes

in here then on this side here you'll

see these two little baggies tucked in I

keep receipts and change in one I just

clean this out so they're empty I keep

those on the side and I keep them

unzipped so I can easily like what I'm

gonna drive through or something I can

just shove stuff in there I keep this

little flashlight on the side and then I

have this bag okay so this bag houses

everything that I could possibly need in

my car got this bag from a thrift store

years ago it's by trish mcevoy I keep a

mirror sometimes some neosporin I also

do band-aids and I also keep Orajel and

some floss some q-tips and then on the

inside pocket I really like how you open

it up like a book and you can see the

different pages and nothing is like

stacked on top of each other you can

actually see things so I keep some hair

ties on a ring and on the inside here I

have some nail glue which is super good

to have I have a sewing kit a lighter

some earbuds and some more tylenol and

then on this clear inside pocket here

I'm gonna just take everything out but I

have some more tylenol packs I have some

whiz a lot of little perfume samples and

lotion samples I just stick these in

here whenever I get them so I use them

up and not waste them but I have eyelash

glue and a pencil sharpener okay so in

this other pocket we have a shout to go

wipes I also like to refill my purses

from here so if my purse is missing

something I can stick it in here but I

have nail files and a toothbrush


so now chucked on this side I just have

some of my kids DVDs I keep them in

these little sleeves so they don't take

up a lot of room and then on the top

here I have more toothpicks

so you guys know I love my toothpicks

and then this is a really good hack I

wanted to show you guys so this is I got

like a set of five or six of these from

Walmart and I put all of our little

doggie poop bags in here because that's

what they're for we have a dog but also

if you want to clean your car you can

just pull one of these off so I

love this little hacks I keep this on

this side and then I have this little

pencil holder so this little cup holder

I have a fan I got this from Walmart by

the way and then I have a brush lint

roller I have two pens tied stick more

hand sanitizer and a lip balm so I keep

that all right here so we can access it

very easily and I like to keep a few

things in the kids back a door remember

mine's empty and then we put all the

stuff on their side so I always like to

keep spf30 on us this is the organic

kind I love this you guys definitely

check it out in this sense are all

really nice and then we keep bug spray I

always have to have this cuz we're super

active and then I also do wet wipes

because you know with for kids and

babies it gets crazy and then my son has

his little headphones okay so each cute

has one of these seat covers underneath

I even have them on the front seats to

protect the seat and as you can see my

daughter has one here too she has this

little mirror here where I can see her

in the front seat I like this one

because it's super big and then right

here I have this rubbermaid little

station you kind of saw it I just showed

you how we do the food but it's so cool

because the tray folds up super easy

even my little toddler can do it and

then inside of here they have hand

sanitizer of course each kid has their

own they have a little space to put

their drink and then this these are the

plastic coffee cups that I showed you

earlier that I got a set of from Walmart

and they stick their trash in here so

they have their own little garbage can

and it has a lid on it so I really

really like that there's my sons and

then here is my daughters she has hers

right here so here's my son see in a

very back and if you can see I have this

little packing cube here let me grab

them I don't have a lot of toys because

I don't like hecka clutter in my car so

I just put a couple of things in here

and this is for like emergencies when

we're sitting in the car and we

absolutely have to have toys with us

that's what we bring the

everybody keeps asking me how I put my

toys and all my stuff in my car my baby

stays in the car see this is how we

basically put all of the bags these this

is my system in my car I like to house

everything inside of bags so I can

access things easy but I can also leave

things in the car I don't have to bring

every single bag I don't like having one

giant bag and lugging everything around

I can pick and choose what I want so

this is my diaper bag I've shown you

guys this in another video if you guys

want to see what it is I will be linking

it in the down bar below and you can see

what's inside and how I pack everything

so once I pull out the diaper bag this

is what this little basket looks like

inside of my car this basket always

stays in here things come in and out but

the basket stays still we know how it

looks I give my kids a tour and they can

see how everything's configured and then

I got this thing which I like this also

has a trace and when she turns around

she'll have a tray as well but this is

gonna house more stuff because nobody

gets in on this side so we also have

hand sanitizer on her side we have an

umbrella and I wanted to show you guys

this this is a really good trick

I don't need tissue here because we just

do a little thing in tissue we don't

always need tissue so what I like to do

is I put rags inside of here so

sometimes paper towels napkins don't

work and you need a rag especially with

kids and you're spilling stuff so I put

these in here like tissue and I can

continuously pull these out when they

get dirty I bring them in the house wash

them and then I throw them back inside I

like how it looks it's very clean and

neat and then so this bag right here is

hanging on a hook and I like to keep

everything elevated if possible and this

houses all of our sweaters everybody has

a sweater even a baby so when we go to

the beach or we're out and it starts

getting cold we can go get our jacket

sweater back so I love that this is

something I got off of Amazon like I was

saying I really really like this and it

hangs on the back of your chair so in

here I have an extra roll of toilet

paper self-explanatory and then I have


I have Ziploc bags I have snack sized

bags and then I have garbage bags I just

like having these on me and we always

need utensils somebody's that I need for


and then we also have paper towels on

this side right here

I keep tape because I'm always returning

stuff to Amazon and they charge you you

know how that goes okay and then in here

this is my hair bag with everything that

you need inside of it so in this pocket

here this is my dog's pocket I mean I

have my mommy hook

mommy hooks her to hook everything to

your stroller so I just like to have

this year but I got this really cool

thing off of Amazon and you squirt the

water in and then they can drink the

water isn't that cool okay then we have

his leash and all his stuff so it just

super easy to grab this top doesn't have

a lid I thought that'd be great for the

dog store and then in here we have our

first-aid kit and I'm just going to give

you guys a quick peek inside basically

any medication or anything you could

possibly think of under the Sun I've

thought about it it's in here

okay so then on this side here I like to

keep a blanket this blanket is awesome

you guys like I absolutely love this one

and I love how it folds if I have it

hooked here on another one of those

little hooks so it stays off the ground

and elevated I really like that and then

right here learned that I got off of

Amazon no excuse me I think I got this

one from Costco i'm not sure i'll link

it if I can find it but I like that it

holds flat and it even has a velcro

right here so I can just slide it in

this little compartment so I really like

that and then the last thing that I came

in here are shopping bags so these ones

pop up I like that they're small and

sleek and they can go they get different

back into themselves so I really like

that so I have five or six of those and

then I have another one of these but

it's in a garage holding other stuff but

there's usually two of these I used to

have the crates but the crates got super

bulky I love how these are flat and they

also have these little straps so they

can get really flat

and I am so this is like a little secret

compartment I know everybody's car may

not have this you can also use a bin or

whatever but I like to store things in

here that I don't need obviously all the

time but I feel like it's super

important if you ever have an emergency

on the freeway I've actually been

stopped on the freeway for like two


and I couldn't get off because somebody

had passed away and they we were

basically stuck we had no water no food

and you know with for kids and babies

you can't be having that so I like to

have certain things in here that I don't

use all the time so I have extra bottles

of water I feel like that's super

important to always have in your car

this is a plastic tablecloth I like to

have this if you're at a picnic or the

grass is wet or whatever it's nice to

have one of these have a little changing

pad to change the baby back here which

is really nice because it's super flat

so I can just pull this out and change

her and then I have these blankets you

guys I frickin love these okay

let me show you one of these this one's

my daughter's and we're always needing

these so so it folds open which I love

how small I gets but the best part about

it is these little velcro things it

straps to the stroller and the blanket

won't fall on the floor there one for my

other baby and then I have an extra baby

wipes I've had to borrow baby wipes in

public okay

I've even had to borrow a diaper but

don't tell everybody okay then I have

this guy here extra hand sanitizer baby

powder because I feel like that's good

to have for emergencies if you like

you're missing something out of your

diaper bag we have deodorant mouthwash

and a toothbrush and toothpaste so I

like to keep those things in here you

guys I hope you enjoyed my car

organization video I had so much fun

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