Best 10 Calendar Apps for iPhone & Android

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routine so in today's video what we'll

be doing is diving into the top 10

calendar applications that are out there

in a moment we'll be documenting the

ones that are gaining the most attention

at the moment and we're also going to be

adding them all to download available in

description below with their platform

and pricing as well so that you guys can

go away make that decision once you've

watched this video and choose your next

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without further ado let's dive into

those top 10 calendar applications so

let's start off with the first one and

that's fantastic how to a lot of you

guys will probably know this one already

fantastic up to is available on Mac and

iOS and it provides you with a pretty

gorgeous calendar experience now I have

fantastic up till on Mac and it works

really really well it's quite pricey so

the iOS version is four dollars 99 lat

to change so I'll include the latest

figures inscription and the Mac version

is $49.99 --tx perience you can download

it for iOS and Mac separately and the

experience connects all of your

calendars together it also provides you

with a smart language input which works

really well on the map allowing you to

quickly add events at speed which makes

it very powerful on the go now what are

they specifically like to from

fantastical too is its design its design

is very beautiful especially on Mac it's

also available on iOS with a gorgeous

design there too now fantastic I'll push

this as a smart convenient and flexible

application and I would have to say that

it's definitely worth the pricing it's

very well designed applique

so the second one is calendars five

which is an iOS only application and

that means iPhone and iPad only at the

moment they're looking to develop a Mac

version and expand the features but at

the moment this is just available there

it connects to most calendars and has

again a very similar function -

fantastica - allowing you to add smart

language quickly adding events and

details at speed now you can connect up

with tasks as well and the brilliant

thing about calendars five is it has

tons of different views so you can

choose which layout you have everything

from lists to month for you and

everything in between that's one of the

USPS I guess off calendars fine

no calendars five is my iOS choice of a

calendar application mainly because it's

really functional fast and has that

great view layout which really helpful

when you're moving about your day so

number three is Google Calendar this is

Google calendars application obviously

it is a provider as well very similar to

Apple calendar but in a way Google

Calendar goes a little bit further

Google calendar has their own Android

web and iOS applications and provides

you with a really seamless experience

now they've recently updated the web

which I did a full video on which you

can find up in the cards they have now

updated the web allowing you to have

consistent experience across all of the

devices now Google calendars really

basic it doesn't have any like amazing

features I'd say the standout features

are being able to set goals so you can

set goals and keep track of them and it

will implement that into your calendar

routine and number two you can set

reminders that link up with you Google

keep and Google search applications so

it keeps all that Google now stuff in

tune again that one is free so you don't

have to pay the $6.99 at six dollars

99.9 meaning for fantastical too so just

bear that in mind the next one is

Outlook calendar very similar to Google

Calendar this is a calendar provider so

you are like starting a Canada fresh

from here and it will natively connect

with it but very similar to Google

Calendar it has a really strong

applications that are free but the thing

with Outlook calendar is it's connected

to your mail so you have the mail next

to your calendar

that's some maybe a sub weird experience

for some I know is for myself but it

actually works really well because it

connects up with that mail really in

sync I was only chatting to Alex the

other day about this and he really

enjoyed that whole experience but our

look calendar is really well designed

mainly because the team of sunrise which

was a really popular calendar

application which I really love and they

also had the Vandal esteem sort of

working on that design department so

they have an amazing design department

that works on the calendar over an

Outlook so it's definitely worth

checking out the next one is iOS only at

Moscone time page is a leading

application and is growing and growing I

did a full review on this if you want to

check out all the details but it is an

amazingly gesture based application

providing it with great views and the

ability to add and interact with your

calendar ends in a really traditional

fashion plus you've got loads of

additional features like rain alerts


daily summaries everything like that

it's pretty intricate but really

well-designed that one is four dollars


the next one is count by any dude this

is from the any do creators the N I do

is a talent management application

that's available on Android and iOS this

is available on iOS and Android Cal

provides you with a pretty simple

experience and what I think the sort of

standout futures are is that you go

inside and you can actually set up an

event but it also bring in different

covers for all of the things that you

add so you've got this really gorgeous

design in terms of being able to click

in and it will be able to detect say for

example lunch you'll put a photo of

dinner and things like that

inside of the calendar event so it makes

it very interactive and that is free as

well so you can access all of that at no

charge the next one is an Android only

one I know you guys would like this one

a calendar is an application as free on

Android and provides you with a pretty

simple experience now again it has a

good option ality for views and layouts

which make it one of the leaders on

Android and it provided with a pretty

simple experience for getting on with

you can connect up a lot of calendars

and there is a free version as well as a

premium version it's called a calendar

plus which is about three dollars ninety

nine on the Google Play Store so there

are two different versions with

additional features ones

include inscription below some tiny

calendar is available on Android and iOS

again rising popularity mainly because

it replicates a very similar experience

new calendars 5

there's loads and loads of views and

layouts that they have there so if

you're looking for a cross-platform

experience this could be your solution

because if you line views and layouts

you're gonna love this one it has so

many gorgeous ones and it seems to work

really fluid Lee just from playing

around with it and using it actually

just like it's pretty seamless in terms

of moving around the layouts and stuff

like that it's not complicated or over

stressful so definitely worth checking

that one out and again it's free to

check out so we're sort of competitor to

fantastic hour too busy cow 300 for iOS

and Mac is available around about the

same price $4 my time for the iOS

version at $49 9 $49.99 it with a pretty

nice host of views layouts along with

the add lots of calendars it doesn't

have too many of these smart

functionality that fantastic to does but

if you're looking for a professional

easy to get on with application then

this might be for you and to round

things off you've got the today calendar

which is available on Android this is by

a designer called Jack Underwood I

actually followed a lot of this stuff

when I was an Android user and his

design of this application is absolutely

gorgeous it's what Google Calendar

should be and it provides you with a

really nice gesture sort of material

design experience on Android for

calendar they do a 7-day free trial on

the free application but there is a

three-pound 59 which amount four dollars

in the US application then you can

download and have Pro it's called today

pro I believe today calendar Pro it's

really strong and a really beautiful

application if you're just looking for

something really simple so guys those

are the ten applications as you can

imagine and I know a lot of you'll be

putting them in the comments more

applications there are tons more

calendar applications so put them down

in comments below it'd be great hear

some of your suggestions that I missed

again I can't include all of them maybe

I'll do a top 25 calendar app soon but


with me because I like to do these 10

and ended 25 that come after it so make

sure to check now in description below

all of the information with platforms

pricing and details will be there so you

can go away and download them and save

yourselves in time but those my

recommendations for the top 10 anyway

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