Best Cable TV Providers | Why Cable TV Isn't Dead Yet

all right I can already anticipate some

of your concerns because today we're

talking about the best cable TV services

out there and for some of you that'll be

like ranking the tallest buildings in

Wichita with my apologies to the guy

behind the camera who is from Kansas

yeah we know that cable TV isn't exactly

the most beloved industry in the world

and that can probably be chalked up to

two things customer service and billing

practices so right up front we'll

acknowledge that the industry has some

work to do in those areas but today

we're grading on the curve so we'll

highlight a few of the companies that we

rate highly and we'll dig into why we do

so and who each company may be a good

fit for we'll talk about Xfinity Cox

spectrum and optimum so you can skip

ahead if you want to hear about one of

them specifically two other things to

note before we get started though first

we're only going to give a brief

overview of each company if you want a

more detailed review we have a separate

review from each one and you can check

those out on our channel or on our site

and second before you ask no we're not

including satellite or Fiber TV

providers today is pure cable so now

with all that throat-clearing out of the

way let's dive it


Xfinity spry Singh is on the lower end

at least when it comes to their sticker

price their digital starter TV plan

comes in at 50 bucks a month for 140

channels which is about 15 bucks less

than the basic package at Cox which also

delivers fewer channels Xfinity also

offers no contract service with any of

its plans you just tack on an additional

10 bucks a month and you can go contract

list and lastly while Xfinity x1 DVR

isn't at the very top of our list it

still gets very positive notes and the

x1 interface makes for a really slick

experience but while Xfinity has a low

sticker price you'll have to watch out

for the dreaded additional fees there's

a broadcast TV fee a regional sports fee

and more plus tax

so that attractive pricing jumps up by

quite a bit this goes into the negative

bin because I think we would all prefer

it if those fees were just wrapped up

into your price

so you knew for sure what you were going

to pay but it's also hard to judge

Xfinity too harshly for this since this

is standard operating procedure across

the industry

in a similar vein we give Xfinity

negative marks for its customer service

scores again poor customer service

scores is a reality across the industry

but Xfinity has distinguished itself

here as below even that average so

they'll get called out Cox is trying to

do something a little different they've

narrowed their service down to basically

one thing contour TV within the contour

umbrella your plan is customizable using

add-ons called packs PA KS no I don't

know why they left the C out I mean if

you're gonna misspell the word then Cox

might as well go with an X but whatever

I'm just getting sidetracked the point

is whether it ends up working in the

long term or not we appreciate the

experimentation and at least in theory

we always appreciate more customization

so this goes in the good column for Cox

on the other hand all that customization

comes at a price literally Cox is

pricier than other cable TV providers

their record 6 DVR which is roughly

equivalent in capability to Xfinity x1

costs twice as much 20 bucks a month so

by the time we got to check out on their

site and we included the 850 receiver

fee our monthly charge was over $90 and

that was before all the additional fees

and before we'd added any of those


so if you take advantage of any of Cox's

positive features be prepared to pay

quite a bit for it

spectrum is the result of the merger of

charter spectrum and Time Warner Cable

bigger of course does not necessarily

mean better but it's also not an

automatic bad thing either

most of what spectrum offers is pretty

much par for the course but there's one

positive that deserves to be pointed out

and that is no contracts where as

Xfinity has the option of no contracts

for an additional price spectrum just

doesn't do contracts wherever possible

we'd like to see this trend continue so

props to spectrum from being ahead of

the curve in this area spectrum suffers

though from the same additional fees

problem that we've already pointed out

for some other providers it's not as bad

as with some others but there's still

something to watch out for they're a

bigger bummer for us was that you aren't

able to choose your DVR spectrum will

either send you a DVR from Motorola or

Cisco and you'll have no idea which one

it is until it's delivered on top of

that neither of them records more than

45 hours worth of content which is well

not enough in my book for optimum let's

keep this one quick like spectrum

optimum has no contracts which is

exactly what we like to see plus they

have quite a few channels available in

their packages even the introductory

package has over 220 available channels

and since the pricing is right in line

with what you see elsewhere it turns out

to be good bang for your buck

unfortunately one of the worst things

about optimum is that it's not very

widely available its coverage is all

clustered around New York City New

Jersey and some of Connecticut so we'd

love to recommend a TV service that

gives you a pretty good value with no

contracts but unless you're in that

tri-state area then you're out of luck

which is too bad now there are plenty

more cable providers out there but we

think these four represent the best in

certain categories Xfinity is solid and

really widely available even though it

has some issues with fees and customer

service Cox is trying some new stuff

with how it structures its packages

which we applaud spectrum is ahead of

the curve with its no contract approach

an optimum is attractive enough that we

wish it were more widely available let

us know what your best or worst

experience has been with a cable

provider in the comments below

and if you have any questions or if

you're curious about another provider

hit up the TV section of reviews org and

get your questions answered alright

thanks for watching everybody be sure to

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