Best STORE Credit Cards 2019 (MASSIVE Store Savings) Full Review

With all the great credit cards out there why would you want to add another

credit card to your wallet and especially a specific store credit card

well if you do any kind of shopping it might be pretty dumb not to have a

specific store credit card I'm gonna show you the best online shopping card

the best electronics card the best everyday shopping card the best grocery

and gas card the best clothing card the best home-improvement card and best

store card I'm gonna help you guys get some extra savings and avoid some of the

hidden traps of these cards that no one on YouTube talks about I can promise you

that you won't find a more detailed review on YouTube of these cards and I

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all right so the best online shopping and overall best car has got to be the

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card issued by Chase and we'll talk about all

the gems of this card and then we'll jump into the doo doo so of all of the

cards we're gonna discuss this card has got quite a few shining gems first off

you get a whopping 5% back on all Amazon and Whole Foods purchases if you're a

Prime member and that's unlimited so no caps to worry about no rotating

categories you'll also get two percent back at restaurants and gas stations and

drug stores for all other purchases you'll get one percent back now this is

a zero percent annual fee card but we'll discuss that a little more in a minute

it's an open loop card meaning you can use it anywhere Visa or MasterCard

accept it and you also get a little signup bonus you'll get a $50 Amazon

gift card and if you have a prime account you'll get a $70 gift card

there's also no foreign transaction fees which I love and you get an extended

manufacturer's warranty plan which adds on an extra year on to the

manufacturer's warranty you also do have the option to choose 5% back or special

financing on purchases over a certain amount and all honesty the 5% back is

typically the better deal though so let's talk about the doo doo first of

all it does have a high ongoing APR currently at the time of making this

video is between sixteen point forty nine percent to twenty four point forty

nine percent depending on your creditworthiness the other issue is in

order to get the five percent back on amazon purchases you do need to have an

Amazon Prime account which can be a little pricey as I'm making this video

the Amazon Prime membership fee is 109 18 dollars sort of break even on your

Prime membership you would need to spend about 2,400 annually so who is this card

for well if you're like us and you love low prices and fast shipping and you

already have an Amazon Prime membership there's no reason not to have this card

and reap the rewards benefits most general credit cards offering 5% back

have quarterly spending caps and rotating categories so you can see how

good this offer is now when it comes to everyday shopping I think the best

credit card and one of the toughest to be is honestly the target red card

it offers target fanatics a 5% discount every day on most things in the store as

well as online purchases including in-store Starbucks for all you coffee

addicts out there one thing I love about this card is its simplicity

there's no rewards or points to accumulate for a reward certificate it's

simply 5% discount on most purchases you'll also receive free shipping on

most items online there are a few exclusions like prescriptions

unfortunately clinic services eye exams gift cards so you'll have to check that

out for yourself but you also get an extra 30 days to return items so that's

a nice little buffer if something doesn't work out for you another cool

thing you can do is stack savings with this card by using the target cartwheel

app and target subscriptions and gain savings of up to 55% so take advantage

of the extra savings by the way there is no annual fee so there's no need to try

and break even with this card the target red card is also offered in a debit card

version that way you can link straight to your checking account so there's no

interest to worry about or credit card balance to manage and you get all the

same benefits as the credit card one of the biggest duties is the hefty

variable APR and at the time of filming it's 25 point 15% so make sure you're

not carrying a balance with this card or else it will completely wipe out any of

the savings you were making it is a closed looped card so you can only use

it at Target unfortunately but with the capability to shop online get free

shipping you can pretty much get whatever you need if you don't live

close to a physical store or they don't have what you need in that exact store

now the shipping of three to five days can honestly be slow if you do need a

product immediately and you don't like waiting you'll probably want to check

out the Amazon card we just mention so who is this card for them it's honestly

for the everyday but especially for Target loyalists with

a 5% discount on most purchases in-store and online with free shipping and 30

extra days for returns it makes for a great card but I would advise anyone who

can't manage to pay their balances or remain financially responsible stay away

from this carpet that's hefty 25 point 15% variable APR or move to the debit

card version of the target red card one of my all-time favorite cards in my

wallet to use for shopping dining travel and gas is the Costco anywhere visa

issued by Citibank it's quite literally a Swiss Army knife card if you don't

want to carry around a whole lot of cards there are a lot of gems with this

card so hang in there as I explain them all to you guys being a Citibank Card

you get access to their extended manufacturer's two-year warranty perk

trip cancellation price protection with city price free wine and worldwide car

rental insurance it's got a lot of the same person the city double cash card if

you check out that video right here it's also a cash back card so you can redeem

that cash to use anywhere which I love but it is an annual cash back system

unlike the citi double cash card that you can redeem at any time it's four

percent cashback on gas purchases up to seven thousand dollars annually by the

way Costco on average is already twenty five cents cheaper than other gas

stations making Costco membership worth it if you commute a lot you'll also get

three percent cashback on restaurants and travel which includes bars cafes

lounges and fast food then you get two percent cash back on all Costco

purchases it's an open loop card so you'll get one percent anywhere visa is

accepted as well it also doesn't have a foreign transaction fee or annual fee

but a Costco membership is required which we'll talk about here in a minute

out of all the cards we've been discussing this card has the closest

variable APR to the national average at the time of filming is 17 point forty

nine percent but as much as I love Costco there is some duty to talk about

so the card is gonna require a Costco membership which is gonna cost you

anywhere from 60 to 120 dollars a year but the savings in Kirkland brand items

and gas alone can pay for itself the other downside is cash back rewards

are only paid out annually so you'll have to wait to collect on those

unfortunately so who's this card for if you're already a Costco shopper the card

is an absolute no-brainer it's

especially with its massive rewards and when it comes to gas and dining as well

as great rewards on travel and broad categories guys be sure to click that

subscribe button right down there so you can get access to all the newly released

content we have lined up for you guys to help you generate more well best card

when it comes to purchasing clothing is gonna be the gap Visa credit card issued

by synchrony it's a zero dollar annual fee card and is an open end loop cart so

you can use it outside of gap guys now the great thing about this card is it

covers other stores underneath the gap umbrella so you'll earn five points for

every dollar you spend that gap gap Factory Old Navy Banana Republic and

Athleta giving you a wider assortment of clothing to choose from unlike most

store cards out there so for any purchase outside of this umbrella it's

one point for every dollar spent I love it because the point system is

straightforward and easy to use for every 500 points you accumulate you'll

receive a five dollar reward that can be used at any Gap store and when you apply

you'll also get 20% off your first purchase within the first 30 days plus

free shipping if you order online now if you reach the Gap silver status you can

receive additional benefits such as free three to five day shipping on all online

shipping a quarterly bonus of 20% choose your own day sell and free basic

alterations on apparel from Banana Republic but in order to reach that

silver status you'll need to earn 5,000 reward points in a calendar year this

card does have some doodoos as well though it has an extremely high variable

APR of 28.24 percent at the time of filming this so this card could

essentially wipe out any potential savings if you carry this balance so

stay financially responsible guys with credit cards as always and points can

take a while to add up on this card to reach 500 points you would typically

need to spend $100 at Gap stores in order to get the $5 rewards which can

only be redeemed at Gap stores but if you have a family you know

back-to-school shopping can get pricey so you could rack up points fast with

shopping for your kids spouse and yourself there is a cap on the award

amount you can receive in a billing cycle and it's set at $250 right now so

your remaining points will carry over though and your points also have to be

used within 24 months now one of the biggest warnings with this card that you

need to pay attention to is the application process you might end up

with a card you didn't when you apply your consider for the gap

visa card and the gap card which are different if you don't qualify for the

gap visa card you could be considered for the gap card which is a closed-loop

credit card so make sure your credit score is in good standing before

applying so who's this car for it's best for

someone who does a lot of clothing shopping at any of the Gap stores

ideally at least once a month for themselves or their family like I

mentioned if you have a family you'll be able to rack up points pretty fast

however if you are the least bit worried about carrying your credit card balance

do not apply for this card guys now if you do all your shopping at discount

stores it's gonna be very hard to find a card better the TJX rewards Platinum

Master Card offered through synchrony Bank now that card is an annual zero

dollar annual fee there is a sign-up bonus of 10% off your first purchase at

a TJX stores not less than 10% you'll also receive an unlimited five

percent back which is equal to five points per dollar spent at any stores

within the TJX family TJ Maxx Marshalls home goods Sierra Trading Post and home

since now like the gap cart I love the fact that it includes several stores

under their umbrella giving you a wider range of products to earn money back

it's an open loop card so you can receive one point per dollar spent on

any other purchases where MasterCard is accepted and another thing I like about

these points is they're unlimited and never expire at TJX after accumulating a

thousand points you'll receive $10 rewards certificate that you can use at

any of their stores in their network in terms of the dudas this card ranks very

high in terms of the variable APR with an ongoing interest rate at the time of

this filming of 28.9% so this card can get you into some

serious trouble if you're not careful with it and you do not want to carry a

balance with it guys please never do that once again with this card you'll

need to pay attention to the application process because you may end up with the

cards you didn't want much like the best buy car that I'll talk about now when

you apply synchrony determines based on your credit score whether to approve you

for the TJX rewards platinum MasterCard or if you fail to be a proof for that

you'll be considered for the TGX rewards credit card which leaves you with less

versatility since its closed ended and I haven't had any trouble with the card

but many people online have complained about the lack of crappy customer

service when needed it so who's this cardigan before

it's gonna be for frequent shoppers of TJ Maxx and its sister stores like other

retailer cards it requires someone with financial discipline to avoid the high

interest if the bad reviews of customer service scare you you would be fine with

just a great cashback card guys now when it comes to those of us who love

building and home improvement projects the best card is the Lowe's advantage

card whether you're constantly renovating your home or working on

projects this is a great card to have with a zero dollar annual fee and

unlimited 5% off or its promotional financing which you'll have to check at

the time you apply but that promotional financing can save you a fortune and

interest if appropriately managed guys so since it's 5% off all purchases

there's no waiting for points accumulate you get immediate discounts upfront

which I love and there's also a promotional sign up bonus going on right

now time of filming which is $30 off your in-store purchase between $30 and

599 or $100 off your purchase of $600 or more and it doesn't really have that

many duties to be honest but it does have a high standard APR of 26 point 99

percent it's also closed-loop card so you won't be able to use it outside of

Lowe's unfortunately so who's this card for it's gonna be great for those who

frequent home-improvement stores whether you're renovating your home buying the

occasional lumber tools Hardware gardening lawn supplies or mulching your

yard it's hard to beat five percent instant savings now this card hands-down

beats the home depot offer don't even go look at that car - this sucks compared

to this and if you run a small home improvement business they offer cards

better suited to businesses so don't go for this card if you're using for that

purpose the Amazon card is very strong but when it comes to buying electronics

you might be better off with the Best Buy Visa credit card issued by Citibank

now this card is gonna offer 5% back on purchases from Best Buy up to 6% if

you're an elite Plus member you get 2% back on dining and groceries and 1% back

on everything else and they also do have rotating limited time offer so you have

to keep an eye on those at the time of filming you can get 3% back on air and

ground transportation as well as on gas so rewards are relatively simple for

every 250 points you get a 5 dollar reward so if you spend $500 you

get a $25 reward certificate the other thing I like about Best Buy is they

price match most products so if you do find something from Amazon or another

retailer you could price match and get the 5% back right there at Best Buy and

pick up the product that day so there is a sign-up bonus of 10% back on your

first purchase so you want to make sure the first purchase counts let's get to

the doodoo of the car depending on your creditworthiness the variable APR can be

extremely high it's anywhere from twelve point nine percent to thirty point

twenty four percent as I mentioned the bonus or rotating categories like gas

and transportation can change creating some unpredictability that I don't like

and in my honest opinion the rewards rates could be better on this card I'm

also not a fan of how the application process works and it can be a little

tricky so you need to pay attention when applying for this card when you apply

for a my Best Buy Visa card you're actually applying for a my best buy visa

platinum account if you don't qualify for this account Citibank may consider

you for several other cards using that same application and they might try to

qualify you for my Best Buy credit card preferred account which is a closed-loop

credit card meaning you can only use it at Best Buy and you could also be

considered for a my best by credit card account this account has the same terms

as the my best buy credit card preferred and lastly you could be considered for a

my Best Buy Visa Gold account it's a Visa account so it would be an

open-end card but a big warning is that that card comes with a fifty to nine

dollar annual fee which I am NOT a fan of so the application process can be

super frustrating and tricky if you're not approved with a my best buy visa

platinum account you could end up with the less effective card like the my best

buy credit card or the my best buy visa Gold account that comes with a high

annual fee and no additional benefits if this does happen to you you can always

call and close the account as soon as you're notified to avoid paying any

annual fees be aware they'll closing a credit card could negatively impact your

credit so only apply for this card if you have a good credit score so who's

this card gonna be for it's gonna be a card for the Best Buy loyalists and

super spenders if you're the type to spend thousands on electronics each year

this will fit right in and I would stay away from this card if you have a low

credit card score and if you only spend a few hundred dollars at that

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