hey what's up guys quick video sometimes

we talk about open box in purchasing

displays that are much more affordable

that have been returned for small

defects and issues that some people

simply don't like their display and

bring it back wow that is a huge Sony

what is that 85 inch 850 F interesting

anyway the open box people then say hey

you know what maybe somebody brought it

back they just didn't like it typically

you'll see them in a box or there a

display now why I never recommend that

is if you picture these displays are

turned on literally at 9:30 in the

morning and turned off at 10 o'clock at

night so right off the bat I would not

recommend anything you see that are on

the walls now the biggest reason why I

also do not recommend any kind of open

box is that sometimes guys this is how

their handles you look here on a pallet

any kind of electronics they like that

the sense of TVs are better handled on a

hand truck does that mean that they were

this way being expected and they end up

in a box like that these things the

displays have gotten so fragile over the

years this is a KS 9000 I believe I

would never purchase an open box this is

proof why I don't know why they have

them on the floor like this but if you

could imagine in the back of any of it

looking like that that would be very

very very very tough to so and now this

guy's gonna give him 10% off of that

price what would you buy something that

you see on an truck these things are

glass they weigh 80 pounds so if you

ever thinking about an open box guys be

very very careful make sure there's an

extended warranty what's there isn't a

lot of these you actually lose the

the warranty most of that is simply why

would not purchase an open box of any

kind that's keep walking because they

don't like you sell Miami's places but

then some of you get very interested in

I had 11 TVs in 2016 that were returned

and I went back to that Best Buy

they had dead pixels they had edgelet

believed they had terrible flash

lighting and they were all put down in

the Best Buy with no problems they were

all what was actually not funny but all

on my TVs five or six of them at the

time physios they were all put down next

to each other and I had asked the

Pierson there is there any problems with

these nope no problems at all knowing

full well they had dead pixels knowing

full well they had flash lighting

knowing full well Doris problems with

them so just be very very careful when

you think about picking up an open box

but this is the first time I've ever

seen them laid out literally a hand

truck like that or a dolly so just think

about you're gonna pick up something

like that guys these are so sense that

they're made of glass they're heavy

you know just be very very careful I do

not recommend picking up an open box or

you didn't anything on Craigslist or

anything unless you really get a good

deal but seeing the way those are

handled is so alarming to me so I know

they're enticing I know you might want

to go to larger size because it's an

open box just do me a favor don't unless

they're gonna give you some kind of

one-year refurbish the deal I would not

so quick video on that guys I just felt

the need to share that with you because

sometimes I do get asked about picking

up use displays or open box or ones that

were uses displace somebody asked me

about as e9d that was very cheap oh very

cheap I want to say the thing was stole

like three thousand dollars and it was a

display model I can't recommend using

something that's been on 24 hours or 12

hours a day for two years and the way

they're handled and

the way they're treated so again first

time I've ever seen TVs lined up like

that out of the box so be very very

careful guys thank you as always for all

the great comments and all the great

conversations you see there now moving

these things over but just be very

careful like I said I would not pick and

up anything open box or used just to

reiterate what I just said my own

displays were on sale I did ask the

person I know I'm repeating myself but I

feel the need to do it again

is I did ask these people who did not

know me were these things defective and

their answer was no dead pixels to me

are a defect I would not pay thousands

of dollars for dead pixels no what I

paid 200 bucks for a 75 inch dead pixel

TV sure but again I would recommend open

box guys unless they order Turkey and

you just don't care

all right guys thank you as always I

will talk to you soon