The Magnolia Experience

welcome to Magnolia here your home

entertainment dreams become reality we

combine premium audio video and home

automation gear with unmatched expertise

but it's a process that begins with you

your experience starts inside one of our

Magnolia design center locations explore

the finest products available in a

private setting that feels more like a

home than a store as you visit each of

our showrooms you'll see hear and feel

the latest in technology it's all here

to inspire your ultimate home

entertainment solution step inside our

listing room and immerse yourself in

top-of-the-line audio clarity richness

and power as you begin to build the

system of your dreams

walk into our outdoor great room a patio

environment decked out with the latest

electronics that come to life at the

push of a button find your seat in our

amazing home theater one that delivers

an out-of-this-world movie-going

experience with rich leather seats the

starry night sky an exceptional sound

and picture then relax in the family

room featuring a hidden TV acoustic

panels and enough audio power to make

your friends and neighbors endless when

you think you've seen it all check out

the bathroom vignette where tv's hidden

in the mirrors remind you that nearly

anything is possible

the foundation of magnolia is our lineup

of the latest premium products from the

most respected brands in the industry

from sona's fiber Bowers & Wilkins

Macintosh and Martin Logan to Lutron run

Co and control for brands like these

allow us to build integrated tailored

solutions designed to meet and exceed

your every expectation but most of all

you'll find that it's our dedicated

system designers engineers and

installers who bring it all together

your complete satisfaction is our top

priority that's why we get to know you

your space and your goals keeping them

in mind from start to finish will even

work with your home builder contractor

or interior designer to create in-home

environment you've been dreaming about

you can see our dedication and our

commercial projects too we've partnered

with Las Vegas hotels major corporations

and national restaurants to create

technology playgrounds to keep their

customers coming back again and again

when you're here you'll find our premium

product selection and in-store

environments are like nothing you've

ever experienced before from concept and

design through installation and beyond

Magnolia is your ideal partner for the

ultimate and customized home

entertainment and automation enjoyable

unique inspired we turn your home

entertainment dreams into reality