10 BEST Business Credit Cards for ANY Business (2020)

hey what's up winners now I'm here and

today I'm gonna be going over to top 10

business credit cards for any business

whether you haven't even started a

business said or been in the business

for a few years there's gonna be a card

as in this list that's gonna be great

for you getting a business credit card

it's much easier than you may think

if you haven't had one already so if you

haven't check out the video that I made

on how to get a business credit card

without a business so in that video I'll

go over a step-by-step process and how

to do so before I start listen up all

the credit cards each business card will

have their own place so these cards are

not going to be any type of specific

order so like if you're gonna be

traveling a lot for business then look

at an airline card if you run a food

truck then look at a car to give you

three times the points on gas or two

times the points on everything else but

if you own a Shopify store then it may

be better to get a card it gives you 5%

back on ads first we're gonna start with

American Express cards number one

American Express blue business cash card

so with this credit card you earn 2%

cashback on all purchases up to $50,000

per year and then once you hit that

threshold you are gonna be earning one

percent after that this credit card is

gonna be better for people who have

lower spending needs since two percent

cash back up to fifty thousand dollars

it's probably more than enough for most

people who have a side hustle or just

starting their business this credit card

also has a way no fee so it's worth

keeping for a long term also with this

card you have the ability to spend above

your credit limit because with the

American Express cards they have this

thing called expanded buying power this

basically means that your credit limit

will just with the use of your card so

American Express does look at your

payment history your credit record and a

bunch of other factors that fluctuate

you're spending capacity so as your

business grows so does your expenses so

American Express does recognize this and

adjust to your needs

number two American Express blue

business plus credit card so with this

credit card is very similar to the blue

business cash card but the main

difference is that your own membership

reward points instead of cash back so

you earn two times membership reward

points up to $50,000 with no category

restrictions and then once you hit that

$50,000 threshold you just earned one

times the points after that this credit

card also has no annual fee and it's

very similar to the blue business cash

card it does also have expanded buying

power where they fluctuate your credit

limit depending on how you use this card


in reality you really can't go wrong

with any of these two cards it just

really depends on what you want if you

want cash back you go with the business

cash card if you want membership reward

points then go ahead and go with this


the thing with membership reward points

is that you got to have some credit card

know how to get the most out of them

because if you were just to redeem

membership reward points for cash back

is only at point six cents per point so

meaning that 10,000 membership reward

points want to be worth $60 so to get

the most out of your membership reward

points you most likely will have to

transfer them to a Charles Schwab

account where you get one point two five

cents per point or transfer them to

different type of airlines or travel

partners to get the most out of your

points number three American Express

business Gold Card this credit card does

have a current promotional offer where

you earn thirty five thousand membership

reward points after you spend $5,000 in

eligible purchases within the first

three months as you guys probably know

membership reward points are valued

differently depending on how you spend

them so for the simplicity sake of this

video I'm gonna say that each point will

be worth one cent

so 35,000 membership reward points

should be worth around 350 dollars so

with the Gold Card you get four times

the points on syntactic categories where

you spend the most on each month this

could be a little bit confusing so I'm

gonna break it down a little bit more so

when you look at your statement every

single month the paying on a category

that you spend a Molson that's where you

get the four times the membership reward

points so for categories that you can

earn four times the points it's air fare

when you purchase directly through

Airlines advertising computer hardware

software for cloud solutions gas

restaurants and shipping so for example

let's say your bigs expenses for that

month with airfare and advertising the

four X points multiplier won't affect

those categories anything else we'll

just get a 1x return you can only earn

four times the points on the first

150,000 dollars of combined purchases

per calendar year and there's no limit

on a total number of points that you can

earn per year another thing that I found

interesting about this card is that you

get 25% points back and after you book a

flight when you pay using points so

imagine that you book a flight that

costs 75,000 membership reward points

you will get a return of eighteen

thousand seven hundred and fifty points

back so in layman's terms

you just get a twenty five percent

discount just keep in mind that with

this card this is a charge card mean

you have to pay your balance in full

every single month or every statement

period they also have this option called

pay overtime this basically means that

this charge card can be converted to

somewhat of like a credit card they say

that any purchase over $100 is eligible

to be paid overtime this is just another

fancy way of saying that we would charge

your interest if you do not pay us back

right away

so since this card is a charge card

there's no preset spending limit but

that doesn't mean that you have

unlimited spending your purchasing power

will adjust depending on how you use the

card like your credit history your

credit record and your financial

resources this card is also a great

travel card if you book a hotel through

American Express travel and stay there

for two consecutive nights you could get

a $100 hotel credit that you can spend

on dining spa services or resort

activities and like with most travel

cards you get baggage insurance car

rental insurance and this car doesn't

have any foreign transaction fees

probably the biggest downside with this

card is that there is a two hundred and

ninety five dollar annual fee if you

were to add the one hundred dollar

annual credit the effective annual rate

will be one hundred and ninety five

dollars so to justify this annual fee

you have to spend at least four thousand

eight hundred and seventy five dollars

in any type of category that gives you

four times the points and that's really

only if each membership report point

will equal one cent so in reality you

guys spend much more than that to break

even to get value from this card number

for American Express business platinum

card with this card there is a current

promotion where you can earn two seventy

five thousand membership reward points

but here's the catch you got to spend

ten thousand dollars to get the first

50,000 points and to get that extra

twenty five thousand points you have to

spend an additional ten thousand dollars

on eligible purchases within the first

three months so meaning to get the

seventy five thousand membership reward

points you have spent almost twenty

thousand dollars will fit in the first

three months so now let's talk about the

reward structure you get five thousands

of points when you book flights and

hotels through Amex travel and one times

the points on everything else

you also get one point five points per

dollar on qualifying purchases of five

thousand dollars or more when you use

this card so if you're a company that

doesn't really have high expenses or you

really don't travel that often this is

probably not the best card for you when

you book travel through the AMEX portal

you would get a thirty five percent

rebate when you use your points so

similar to the gold business card

where you get 25% back this will give

you 35% you can get up to half a million

points per year the 35% back applies to

all cars that are in membership reward

points so meaning that if you have other

Amex cards you can get this benefit as

long as you hold the business platinum

card this card will also give you a $200

annual fee credit where you can use

towards incidentals such as check bags

per calendar year so since this benefit

is based off the calendar year you could

get this card in December and you can

actually get another $200 airline credit

when it's January a new addition to this

card is that you have a two hundred

dollar annual Dell credit so first half

of the year you get $100 then the second

half you get the other $200 for me I dig

it since a Dell website has all

different type of things from monitors

accessories and headphones you don't

really have to be a Dell user to make it

worth it like with most premium travel

cards this card gives you air port

lounge access so meaning that you could

go to the Centurion lounge international

American Express lounges or any other

partner lounges once you're enrolled you

also get a $100 fee credit every four

years for global entry or TSA PreCheck

and you also get a hotel status boost at

the Marriott and the Hilton there are a

bunch of other added benefits at

American Express advertisers but these

are the key highlights that I wanted you

guys to know about I must say that the

biggest downside with this card is that

there is a five hundred and ninety five

dollar annual fee so you must use the

hell out of this card to make the annual

fee worth it also keep in mind that this

is a charge card very similar to the

gold business so you must pay your

balances in full every single month

unless you're enrolled into the pay

overtime feature so next up we won't be

talking about the chase Inc business

credit cards honestly chase business

cards are my favorite I'm not saying

that because I have them I feel like

they're so simple to use and especially

if you're just starting out they're

worth getting number five the chase Inc


unlimited credit card so currently with

this credit card they do have a sign up

bonus of fifty thousand points when you

spend three thousand dollars within the

first three months so as a cash value

that equals to about five hundred

dollars if you have any of the Premium

Chase credit cards your points can

actually be worth a lot more this credit

card has a simple one point five points

on everything with no cap and there's no

annual fee with this credit card so

that's pretty much all I have to say

about this card because it's a fairly

simple card and is a great beginner card

for any type of business number six

Chase Inc business cash credit card

similar to the previous chase card

you're on 50-thousand bonus points after

you spent $3,000 over in the first three

months the main difference with this

card compared to the business of limited

is that they do have a reward structure

you're in five times the points on the

first $25,000 spent and office supply

stores cell phones landlines internet

and cable services each anniversary year

aside from that you do get two times the

points on gas and restaurants on the

first $25,000 each year and also you get

one times the points on everything else

so that right there is not too bad this

car does not have any annual fees so

it's worth keeping for a long term to be

completely honest if you're a type of

business where you need a lot of office

supplies I can see it possible to get

the maximum 5% back but if you're a

photographer you have very little gain

from this category number seven the

chase Inc business preferred credit card

with this credit card there is a current

promotional offer where they will give

you 80,000 points after you spend five

thousand dollars within the first three

months the good thing about this card is

that you get a 1.25 multiplier when you

book traveled to the chase portal so

meaning that 80,000 bonus points will be

value at $1,000 for travel so if you

want just cash back then it would just

be $800 so for the rewards system you're

on three times the points on every

dollar spent on the first $150,000 on

travel shipping purchases internet cable

and phone services and advertising every

single year and you also earn one times

of points on everything else this credit

card also give you a cell phone

protection where they cover the six

hundred dollars per claim if your phone

is damaged or stolen when you paid it

with this card since this is one of

Chase premium credit cards there is an

annual fee of ninety five dollars so to

break even on this card you guys spent

at least thirty two hundred dollars in

any of those three act categories to

break even or you got to spend ninety

five hundred dollars on miscellaneous

expenses so depending on the type of

business that you may have this one

favors more people who travel and may

have an online type business because

three times a return on travel

advertising and shipping will be perfect

for those type of people but again I

don't know because that sign of bonus is

almost a thousand dollars and may just

be worth it just to get the card anyways

so before we move on to the next cards

let me talk a little bit more about

Chase in general Chase does have this

5:24 rule so meaning that if you have

five or more new personal accounts open

within the last 24 months Chase will not

approve your application so if this is

your first time opening up a business

credit card Chase will look at your own

personal credit history but if you have

business credit cards in the past this

really shouldn't matter number eight

Bank of America business advantage cash

rewards card

currently with this card there is a

promotion where you get $300 when you

make at least $3,000 it purchases within

the next 90 days if you guys are

familiar with Bank of America cash

rewards credit card the reward system is

very similar this credit card gives you

three percent cashback on the choice of

the following six categories such as gas

office supply stores travel TV Internet

services computer services or consulting

services you also earn 2% cashback on

dining and you also earn an unlimited

one percent cash back on all other

purchases but a thing with this reward

system is that you can only get a three

and 2% cashback on the first $50,000 on

combined purchases per calendar year

then after that is just 1% but if you

are a part of the Bank of America upper

for rewards program you will get up to a

seventy-five percent boost on your

cashback with this card so if you have a

balance with Bank of America or Merrill

that's greater than $100,000 this will

put you on a platinum honors tier so

meaning that you can earn two five and a

quarter percent back on your select a

category three and a half percent back

on dining and an unlimited 1.75 percent

cash back on everything else so this

doesn't necessarily mean that you gotta

have at least $100,000 sitting in your

account constantly Bank of America will

take a look at your three month average

daily balance to place you in a tier

this card also has an annual fee and to

give you an introductory 0% APR on the

first nine months so if you're a

business that gets a lot of cash flow

and you like cash back the Bank of

America credit cards will probably be

working for you just because of the high

earning rate the next cards that I'm

gonna be talking about are targeted

towards more people who don't have

credit or poor credit but want to get a

business credit card because sometimes

you may have a business that cash flows

but you personally never had a credit

card in your life so these next business

credit cards will be perfect for you

number nine the Wells Fargo business

secured credit card if you're not

familiar with secured cards in a

nutshell as a type of card where your

credit limit is exactly how much you

so basically your credit line is backed

by your deposit this works very well for

people have businesses that make money

but don't have a credit history so this

card you can deposit anywhere from five

hundred dollars twenty-five hundred

dollars to get a credit line just keep

in mind that wolf any type of card you

still need to be making monthly payments

or you'll get charged interests so with

the secure card you are in one and a

half percent cash back on every dollar

that's spent that's if you select the

cashback option they also have a reward

point option as well where you earned

one point for every dollar spent and you

can receive 1,000 bonus points when your

company spend is a thousand dollars or

more any billing period don't only

downside with this card that there is a

twenty five dollar annual fee pier card

number ten capital one spark classic

credit card so with this card this is a

credit card but this is more targeted

towards people who have average credit

so if your credit is not so great you

can always get this card so you have

better odds of getting accepted just

keep in mind that with Capital One

business credit cards they do affect

your personal credit meaning that if you

were to apply for another chase card

this will apply towards a five twenty

four rule so what the reward system this

credit card you can earn an unlimited

one percent cash back on everything with

no limits one percent cashback it's

really nothing to be excited about but

it's way better than nothing there's

also no annual fee with this card and if

you have multiple employees you can get

a bunch of free employee cards as well

so there's pretty much nothing else to

say about this card since it's more

targeted towards people with average

credit so once your credit gets a little

bit better I would say upgrade from this

card so you get a better return on your

money final thoughts it is super

important to select a business credit

card the lines up with your expenses and

your priorities just remember that this

is not a permanent decision because you

can always get different cards in the

future you could try a card for a few

months or up to a year and if it meets

your needs then keep it if the card

doesn't have an annual fee might as well

just hold it for a long term so you can

just build that credit history and if it

does just cancel the card and downgrade

it if there is a possibility or just

cancel it but always keep in mind that

some business credit cards do affect

your personal credit history so just be

aware of that

alright winners so that does it for me

if you guys want to learn more about

personal finance and credit cards come

hang out with me some more over here