World's BEST Business Class - Qatar Airways Qsuite


good morning from Paris one degree

Celsius sign so today I'm going to fly

Qatar Airways the triple7 300 as you can

see behind advertising it's the cue

suite so I'm very excited to fly to Q

sweet supposed to be first in business

class let's check it out in the video by

the way I am a big fan of terminal 1 as

CVG I love this design they never fellow

they feel very futuristic to be still

with all these travelator hanging out

sticking out from the building and it's

like going somewhere to space love it


well thank you guys

what is the same Arabic this is Mohammed

become it's come in and welcome menu I

shouldn't know that okay so I believe is

your reverse 19 hour


so here is the main lobby mm-hmm okay so

we have open in 17 December 2016


basically this part that you see here

was originally built in the airport okay

that's why they sell you miss wait oh I

don't know what I'm gonna show you now

has been built specially for Qatar

Airways so it's an extension and okay so

there's something they built just

especially for Qatar Airways something

that sounds special let's go check it

out that's why you can see that they

said it is fire men's shower room here

and it's quite a spacious room it

obviously it's quite luxe really

decorated yeah look at that Sun real in

the toilet though

arriving on the march in bar area

basically yeah I'm on about any area

where customers have their breakfast so

there is a self-service



so guys there's also a menu about the

food you can unlock our order Arabian

breakfast and also a locker depends on

how you like your eggs get them alright

we have a terrace and start right now

but in the summer will be quite

spectacular here to come out to wait for

plane and eat


by the way I love this travelator

business the original design of Shaba

ADP this is the video going down

basically you walk through the tunnel

and then you're going to the satellite

concourse the boy airplane thank you

very much

I brought a friend with me as well she

bears ever forget how are you

did you like the factory of airbag I saw

the cut our a 350 1000 series everything

really really awesome

I'm gonna share more with you at the

photos later okay she liked us

nice thank you very very much have a

pleasant flight sing here and see you

soon in our laps

see you again in Paris a guitar thank

you thank you come on Wordsworth wait

my Peter will take care of you and I

bring you to your own personal his feet


looking beautiful and fresh we are ready

to film you alrighty

done ready to go




like devil about like you see I learn

all the features of the platinum trophy

first we had the board here

authorities say manual musical plays


just like

what about storage now

strapless trap

things and

it's very private inside the Q Suites

actually you have lots of tables here

I'm going to show you the main dining

table so you can pull and convert into a

very big dining table here

now the second table here is a cocktail

table where you can have your dreams on

this car thing you can have your laptop

outlet and then we have the third table

it's called an amenity shelf is right

below so I can slide my amenity kit

inside you can put some of your you know

personal belongings like watches inside

so there's a lots of lots of excellent

space and lastly you can also raise your

Ottoman there's a button you can come up

your Ottoman come up so you can have

armrests rest it on your ottoman

um let's watch you come out a okay

interesting for breakfast all right




she's in charge of our food today so

she's a very important person behind the

scene look at what she's doing she's not

actually this is this is not food on

Qatar Airways by the way you know what

this is this is a casino because it's

not food by the way what is this

ravioli pasta okay pasta aen in the

morning very nice yum-yum




so this is the Qatar Airways triple 7

bathroom and it's also very luxe

seriously and that gelt is predominately

very very upscale and there's a lot of

amenity inside a bathroom as you can see

as well what I want to show you is this

amazing body mist it has this beautiful

smell is a brand called Ritu's which

chosen by Qatar Airways to use and if

you ever come on bow of Qatar Airways

flights in business class try out the

body mist I know there's a kind

sweepy like a teddy bear yes

really soft blankets oh my god

they're treating me here

special a little wonky

oh my gosh

velvet and this


thank you very much


Wow look at it the both beds are going

down simultaneously at the same time to

become a double bed in the Q Suites this

is amazing

so the crew is setting up a double bed

but I saw something interesting Peter

what is this you're holding it

the best killer The Bachelor is the


because there is this space where the

fire is

uh-huh yeah I can see there's a space so

you can fill the middle oh my god that

is very proper very very thoughtful


can I believe my men

this is really awesome like

the true

they're six

and I'm gonna tell you something

in the middle there's no panel and


you can have a double size bad are you -

traveling a couple you know where to sit

this is the ricin it's really really

awesome I can not believe it great

creation you know I've got my younger

brother on the plane hello - I love it

hello what's your name by the way this

big shame on me I forgot miss madenda

brother's name he's mine almost broken

I just think I'm Nicolas come and try

out the bubble say together

oh my god what happened there and no

opens Melissa oh my god look at the

color look at the food such a surprise

oh I see so the Q sweets now can become

a cross sweet for four people I can see

you know two people can be sitting

opposite me and what a beautiful play

time and the world can be removed so

decree a private for people sweet


caught sweet on the cue sweet


and this beautiful plater is traded by

Miss Kia she's the master creator thank

you so much

I would take it

thank you so much it has been a truly

wonderful birthday experience on a

fusillade of Centauri Airways I'm going

to say something about the Tyrese

I mean large but I always fire freaking

fire better

I have to say that I always have some of

the most top working diligent crew that

to go the extra mile always willing to

take care of the customer customer

service driven is big thing entirely

so thank you again guys having me on


thank you for such a perfect kid well

guys I'm coming towards my end of my

flights Doha on the triple 7q suite

honestly I think the Cuse woods blew

everything away I think this is the

world's best business class why I saying


well I invite you to come and try

yourself I think there's so many

combinations of ways you can you know do

the few Suites

there's a double suite there's

importable suite and there's a single



thank you all very very beautiful thank

you so much hi guys I just want to show

you the suitcase I've been using for the

last three months as you probably

remember I've been promoting this way

suitcase in the fina air video a few

months ago and since then I love it

I've been using it on every trip I'm

going overseas with I'll show you is the

USB charging cable externally built in

the suitcase and now you can see the

phone is charging and it's fantastic

just charged on the go so thanks for

watching if you want to see more about

this suitcase you can go to the

description link in the video