10 Best Dark Web Websites to Explore with Tor

in this video I'm going to take you

through some of the best stock websites

that you should check out


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available this is an updated video to a

recent upload I created and I'm briefly

going to give you a quick overview and

address some questions or concerns that

I had from the past video if you fancy

checking out the dart web but you're not

too sure where to start then I'll show

you some handy dock websites to get you


first of all though a quick introduction

to the differences between the deep and

the dark web

well the deep web is basically anything

on the internet that can't be found

using a search engine and this could be

the likes of your DMS or private images

on social networks or your personal

emails from within your gmail account

the dark web is a subsection of the Deep

Web and it's largely responsible for the

Deep Web spider reputation this is where

you might find black markets identities

for sale or unpleasant or dark images

although if you know where to find them

and sort through all the clutter you'll

also find some great websites which is

what I'm gonna be showing you today

before you get started to access the top

web you'll need to download and use a

dark web browser and you can use the tor

browser run by the Tor project tor

browser is the technology that bounces

Internet users and websites traffic

through relays runs by thousands of

volunteers around the world making it

extremely hard for anyone to identify

the source of the information or the

location of the user and tor browser

isolates each website that you visit so

that third party trackers and ads can't

follow you any cookies are also must be

cleared when you're done browsing and so

will your browsing history too although

I did not recommend it in a previous

upload I did mention that brave has a

new window with tor feature this is not

a recommended way to access tool since

you can't blend in with other tor users

as your browser fingerprint is very

different you want to blend in with as

many tor users as possible and the best

way to do that is by using the standard

tor browser now in relation to whether

or not you should use a VPN or not

causes a lot of controversy and i've

been criticized for mentioning it and

for not mentioning it in previous videos

so some state that using a VPN in

addition to tor will not make you more

anonymous and could harm your an amenity

however if you check on the Tor project

they say that generally speaking they

don't recommend using a VPN with tor

unless you're a vast user who knows how

to configure both in a way that doesn't

compromise your privacy please just be

careful when browsing the dark web the

dark web can be a very interesting place

with lots of websites to explore but as

much as it's interesting it can be very

dangerous and you need to be careful

while you're using it if you want to

find out more information about all I'll

pop a link in the summary below as well

as links to all the sites that I show

you today if any of these don't load up

at the time of watching this video then

please don't panic this is pretty normal

websites often go up or down or

disappear altogether and such as the

life of tor communities and websites so

let's check out some of the dark web

sites and if you have any

recommendations please feel free to put

in their comments below but in general

for your safety make sure that you do

not click on to the links

one of the most well-known places that

people want to visit is the hidden wiki

however the hidden wiki is a generic

name used by a number of Directory Sites

and not all directory is the same nor

safe due to some of these sites being

temperamental I'd recommend checking out

reddit has here is a great place to get

started however if you want to jump

straight into the dark web you can also

check out a dart web equivalent hidden


hidden answers is like the dart web

version of Reddit whether it users can

ask questions and advice post stories

and discuss a whole host of topics one

of the great advantages of using him

nonces is you're completely anonymous

although reddit is still very popular a

lot of people hope started moving away

due to ongoing censorship accusations

and it moving away from its free speech


you'll be surprised to know that you can

access Facebook via the dart web using

the official Facebook dot inion site and

the Facebook site attracts over 1

million monthly tall users although a

lot of Facebook's images will be hidden

when javascript is disabled which is

something that's recommended

although many will believe that visiting

Facebook over tor is a contradiction

connecting to Facebook through tor can

offer a way to access the site even if

it's censored in your country by using a

tour bridge if you don't want to use the

dot web version of Facebook or if you

don't trust it there are a whole host of

dot web based social networks and other

discussion forums with news and

discussions - such as the likes of dread

or galaxy 3 now it's quite unlikely that

you'll find your friends and family

members on here to chat with but you may

find some experts encoding people

looking for adult meetups and other

interesting characters too

DuckDuckGo is a private internet search

engine which is available on the open

web and available as a Google Chrome

extension one of its privacy features is

the fact that it doesn't track your

browsing history location or any other

data the results from your search are

always neutral - unlike Google which is

sometimes known for being bias since the

release of tor browser is six point zero

point six you'll also find that

DuckDuckGo is the primary search engine

and there's also a dark web version of

the search engine giving you an extra

level of an amenity and protection

darknet markets supply all manner of

goods some legal others less so but all

use crypto currencies such as Bitcoin or

Manero as a means of purchase and all

are delivered to your door previously

the most popular darknet market was the

Silk Road but to find a current list of

the most popular markets such as White

House Market or Empire you can either go

to dark top fail or darknet live

the Bitcoin core website is now

reachable through the dark web to

provide a greater level of resistance

against censorship the Bitcoin core

website post the latest updates to the

open source Bitcoin software which is

programmed to decide which block chains

contain valid transactions the uses of

Bitcoin core only accept transactions

for that blockchain making it the

Bitcoin blockchain that everyone else

wants to use

ProPublica is a journalism outlet and

has its own dot web version of its site

and what were the very first news sites

to do so

ProPublica x' work is all legal so the

dot on your website isn't much different

from what you'd find on the Internet the

main difference is that accessing it via

a tor browser gives you a layer of an

amenity and security

other examples of new sites that have

equivalent onion sites are their likes

of BBC News who launched their dark site

in October 2019 making it visible to

censored countries such as Vietnam China

and around and the New York Times also

have a dot onion version of their site

secur drop is an open-source whistleblow

submission system the news organizations

can install to safely and anonymously

receive documents and tips from sources

secure job is a project of freedom of

the press foundation and it uses the an

amenity of the Tor network to facilitate

communication between whistleblowers

journalists and news organizations such

as the Guardian secure drop sites are

therefore only accessible its hidden

services in the Tor network and it's

advisable to be careful where you access

it from and it works with the use of

randomly generated codes and phrases

which will be used to download and used

as a means of communication through

secure drop messaging

master tour is an alternative email

provider it lets anyone send and receive

email and honestly fire webmail or with

an email column and all messages are

encrypted and the company does not look

your IP address as you're probably aware

email is really bad in terms of privacy

as your email provider has access to

entire Inbox

not only that but they also have

information in relation to your calendar

invites travel information and meetings

and some such as google will

automatically enter this information in

straight from your inbox

maltitol is only available through the

tor network and it's a great alternative

alongside the likes of proton Mel

on your name is a specialist service

which allows you to purchase a dot onion

domain so that you can host your own dot

on your website because of the way the

network works you can't purchase the

onion domain from a normal register like

GoDaddy so head over to onion name if

you want to get started with hosting and

you can pay for all of these with the

likes of Bitcoin

this is a bit of a weird and wonderful

one to add to the list with number

station you're immediately directed to

an audio player not so wierd initially

but when you play it you start hearing

voices producing strange dialects

languages and numbers as if they were a

code to be deciphered and this isn't too

far from the truth as it actually plays

secret and coded messages believed to be

from spies in the military no one knows

when the messages were recorded or maybe

if they're sent in real-time but it

might be fun just to try and figure it

all out

so that was a quick list of dot onion

sites available on the dark web and as I

said if you'd like to recommend any then

please feel free to put them in the

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