today we're talking about my favorite

subject in the world and that is

bronzers if you're new to my channel

well welcome I'm obsessed with all

things tan all things bronze and feeling

like a summery golden goddess it's my

favorite thing in the world and for the

occasion I did put a tan on you know

things are looking pretty bleak and dark

in the world right now and nothing

brightens that up like a fake tan first

of all I am wearing the Revlon Super

Lustrous shine in the shade zero one

nine Duty Peach I now have three of

these I might have to buy all of them

they're so great I love this color oh my

god oh my god

secondly my top is from Zara and it's

one of the coolest shirts I think I've

ever bought and I'm super excited and

I'll most likely feature this in a

spring clothing haul so yeah feeling

feeling colorful right now for spring

guys and finally just because I know

someone will ask I use the loving tan

ultra dark bronze mousse I've tried the

dark I prefer the the shade of the ultra

dark I've tried the Saint Tropez one I

prefer the loving tan one and a little

bit more pale it has a warmer undertone

the Saint Tropez can look a little too

olive and greeny on me so everything I

mentioned will be listed in the

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below let's hop into it I am doing both

powder and cream bronzers I love many

bronzers and I have used many bronzers

over the years but currently

spring/summer season 2020 these are the

top 5 5 I got a couple bonus ones

bronzers that I have in my collection

that I use regularly so let's hop right

into it the first product I want to

mention is actually a follow-up from my

drugstore video I mentioned this product

thinking that it was discontinued but

apparently someone was so lovely and

said hey way to do your research is

still on the Loreal website so I did

want to mention that the L'Oreal bronze

please bronzer this one's in the shade

litera this is one of my most used and

loved drugstore bronzers affordable

bronzers it's a beautiful creamy formula

it's got a glow without any shimmer bits

in it and it just is lovely they have

multiple different styles of bronzers in

this similar packaging and from what

I've gathered they bring out a different

version every year but apparently this

one is too

I can't confirm or deny at this moment

but I will try and find it and link it

below for you it's gorgeous

you get a lot of product in there which

is lovely and then I also wanted to

mention a bronzer that I do not

currently have I featured this in one of

my recent empties videos but the Lila

bee bronzing duo I am feeling such a

void in my life since using that product

up it is a gorgeous shimmery bronzer

it's a really nice small package it's

clean Beauty very very luxe heavy

packaging but I love the size of it for

travel it's so perfect for on-the-go I

bathe myself in bronzer so I do like to

have little bronzers on hand when I'm

traveling around and it's just such a

gorgeous formula that's the perfect

shimmer to give you the most natural

like you've been in the Sun glow and I

do have actually all the rest of my

bronzers that I'm talking about here are

matte and I haven't really been using a

shimmery bronzer since I used that up so

I think that once I use up one more

bronzer or if I just get too antsy I'm

gonna have to pick that up

ASAP so I'll be bronzing duo I love you

I miss you I hope to soon have heat pack

in my life number three benefit hoola oh

this one has my little my little name

etched on it Alana's hoola bronzer man

this one in my next favorite guys

it's the bronzer that doesn't die it

just seems to never end there's so much

product in here the hoola shade for me

personally is just a really perfect

shade I've got this actually on my eyes

right now I really love it for it my

just everyday warm bronze but it's matte

and it's slightly slightly cool tone so

you can use it like a contour to it so

it's kind of a one and done product and

it's just great it's just been such a

classic for so many years they did

extend their shade range thank goodness

there are shades for more skin tones now

than when they just had the hoola

offering available the formula is

beautiful it's gorgeous I love it and

it's a bronzer I've had in my collection

for a very long time my only complaint

with it is the packaging I know that

benefit is technically known and famous

for their boxed blushes all their

blushes and the bronzers and

highlighters and whatnot are in these

cute little boxes and they're cute they

are and I know it's kind of like a

nostalgia thing but they're so

inconvenient when I'm traveling I really

don't like that and I don't like that

they don't just nicely stay open they're

just kind of flopping around and they

get grossed and the mirror is kind of

too small to be useful and I just wish

that they would you know

do something update the packaging but

otherwise what a favorite such a classic

love that one another matte bronzer is

the Marc Jacobs Omega bronzer in a shade

104 tantastic this was once

limited-edition and then they made it

permanent which was such a brilliant

move for Marc Jacobs this is one it's

like a giant package but it's actually

one of my favorites to travel with just

because it has such a great mirror I

don't feel like I have to stress about

having a mirror or travel with a mirror

when I use this because it's just so big

and lovely another bronzer that doesn't

die I have used this to death and I

haven't even made a slight dent

it's crazy I've had this for so long

like maybe two years I don't know I just

love it it's so great and in comparison

to the benefit hoola it's actually a

little bit lighter so I do use this more

when I'm in my more pale state or an

embracing my natural skin tone a little

bit more the benefit one is slightly

warmer in comparison so I kind of use

those two depending on my skin tone is

feeling that day like today I put a tan

on so I probably wouldn't reach for this

it's something I use when I'm slightly

lighter but I love the packaging it's

very luxe and again because I just I've

been using it for so long and I haven't

even hit pan I'm like you're the bang

for your buck on these guys yeah it'll

take you years to finish those certainly

number five I'm gonna dive into a cream

bronzer and obviously nude sticks Bondi

Bay it's such a great formula it's so

creamy and beautiful this shade is

perfect for me it's again slightly more

cool tone so you can kind of use it like

a contour too I'll often use this like a

contour and then go over top with powder

bronzers I usually use it together and

then in the summertime when I'm feeling

more of the lighter makeup more cream

products I don't know why summertime

just like brings out my using of cream

products so much more so I use this a

lot in the summer time I take the brush

up and I use it with my stipple brushes

they say you can use it with your

fingers I'm not quite that skill to use

my fingers to blend out a bronzer but

this is a beautiful one again for travel

it's such a lovely small package it's

great and I also did want to mention

that they also expanded their shade

range this is one that I'm really

excited to dive into terracotta tan for

the summertime feeling fine I'll just

watch them side by side here

are you so Bondi Bay here is a little

bit more cool tone the Terra Cotta tan

is like that true like ready orange

terracotta color which will be so cute

like you could probably use both of

these you could probably use Bondi Bay

like as a contour and then really warm

it up and give it that red tan deep

undertone oh I just love them they're so

creamy very easy to blend out and so

easy just lovely to travel with now

that's it guys those are my top 5

bronzers I did want to mention one

little bonus because I feel like I

couldn't make a favorite bronzer video

without mentioning this even though it's

not technically a bronzer this is the

Tom Ford shade and illuminate I've

talked about this so much recently I

feel like you guys are probably like a

shot get over it but I'm not over it I'm

gonna keep blabbing about it until Tom

Ford hears me Tom Ford please make this

a singular product that's kind of part

of the reason why I feel like I can't

mention it because a it's a it's a shade

and illuminate which I guess could mean

whatever you want it to mean I suppose

but that to me screams contour but I do

use this as like an all-in-one creamy

contour in formula it's much more creamy

than the nude Stix one which means that

I usually prefer to use a slightly more

dense brush with it sometimes I'll

switch it up and use like a foundation

brush to press this and kind of depends

what I'm feeling on that day but yeah

because it's combined with a highlighter

and it's considered a contour I don't

know whatever this is a bonus I love the

formula so much it is a luxe product it

is super super expensive so unless

you're gonna use both of the products

that are in here but to shade oh one I

have a shade of one the original

universal one and it's just it's just

the perfect shade for my skin tone and I

love it so much it's what I'm wearing on

my face right now this is the only

bronzer I put on and then I put benefit

hoola on my eyes so if you like the look

of this bronze it's this one it's so

good so I wanted to include that as a

little six a little bonus there so guys

those are my top bronzers let me know if

you think of my favorites my top picks

my current bronzing faves there's a lot

of new bronzers coming out I'm not gonna

live made a couple orders because I feel

like I am self proclaiming myself as the

bronzer Queen I'm obsessed with bronzer

and there's a few new ones that I must

just test and compare even though I told

myself I was on a bronzer no buy but

listen I gotta

you it for the people and I thought I'd

be using this up but listen they ain't

going nowhere so here we are it's a

dilemma I got to test it for the people

I got to see how these are so expect to

see some reviews on some new things

coming soon if you guys have any bronzer

faves definitely let us know in the

comments down below we'd love to hear I

love everything bronzer and I want to

know what your favorites are so that's

it from me guys I hope you enjoyed this

thank you so much for watching I'll see

you tomorrow for my top highlighters see

you then guys have a beautiful day