Best Washing Machine in 2020

hey guys in this video we're going to be

checking out the five best washing

machines on the market I made this list

based on my personal opinion and hours

of research and I've listed them based

on quality durability price and more

I've included options for every type of

consumer so if you're looking for the

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so let's get started with the video the

fifth product on our list is the Maytag

MV WC 565 FW budget-conscious consumers

can benefit greatly from the Maytag MV

WC 565 FW which combines excellent

performance with intuitive controls and

great quality to get the job done the

Maytag MV WC 565 FW uses robust wash

action to break up messes and provide

you with a more concentrated clean this

washers mechanical controls make it

extremely easy for you to adjust the

various settings you'll always be able

to get your clothes cleaned exactly how

you want with each load the large 4.2

cubic feet capacity of this washer means

that you won't have to do quite as many

loads this can help you to save valuable

time as well as money from

month-to-month the 14 automatic cycles

this appliance offers include cold wash

hand wash normal soak drain plus spin

and others we really like the top load

design of this washer which allows you

to put in your laundry from a standing

position this is something that you'll

definitely appreciate if you have any

back pain this washer has a stainless

steel drum that is extremely durable so

you know that it will stand the test of

time the overall design of this washer

helps to remove unpleasant odors from

your clothes while keeping them

completely clean the features include

power wash agitator the special agitator

this appliance uses is very effective at

breaking up messes to clean clothes

thoroughly top-load design you'll no

longer have to deal with bending down

when you wash your clothes deep wash the

deep wash option this appliance offers

will allow you to remove ingrained dirt

from your garments the pros are large

capacity the four point two cubic feet

of space inside this washer means that

you'll have to do fewer loads on a

regular basis lots of cycle options

there are 14 unique cycle options to

choose from allowing you to get the

perfect clean for your clothes every

time durable construction the stain

steal material of the drum means years

of regular use without any issues and

for the cons some customers have

complained about the wash cycle taking a

little bit too long you'll quickly find

that this washer offers a highly

effective way to get your clothes wash

just how you want no matter what your

needs are

the fourth product on our list is the

Samsung WF 42 H 5000 aw we recommend the

Samsung WF 42 H 5000 aw for those

seeking above budget quality and

reliability this elegant washer offers a

generous four point two cubic feet

capacity so you'll no longer have to do

a ton of extra loads each week there are

eight different wash cycles for spin

speeds and for temperature settings to

choose from thanks to very intuitive and

user-friendly controls this washing

machine also has digital LED controls

and indicators that let you set up

everything exactly how you want they are

also very useful for checking on your

clothes to make sure you are getting the

results you need the VRT technology

behind this appliance reduces noise so

you won't have to deal with a big racket

at home while you do your laundry this

technology is great at balancing loads

properly which is especially useful when

you watch a lot of clothes at once the

diamond drum interior is both incredibly

durable and highly efficient all of the

garments that you put into this machine

will be cleaned with the utmost care

this reduces wear and tear so your

clothes ultimately last longer the WUF

42 H 5000 8w unfortunately lacks

sanitized and steam features and there's

no Wi-Fi compatibility for smart phone

controls but it's a minor trade-off in

return for a reliable capable washer the

features include child lock the child

lock on this washer will ensure that

your kids won't get injured if they try

to play around with it smart care app

the smart care mobile app allows you to

interact with this appliance through

your smartphone or tablet VR T

technology this washer uses patented VR

T technology to reduce noise and

increase overall cleaning efficiency the

pros are quiet operation you never have

to worry about this washer making much

noise while it's running even with

bigger loads lots of settings the

numerous spin speeds cycles and

temperature settings give you the

ability to clean your clothes perfectly

digital LED controls all of the controls

on the front panel of this washer are

very responsible and highly convenient

and for the cons of the options this

washer offers can make using it a little

overwhelming at first the contemporary

design of this washer means that it

should fit in perfectly with the rest of

your modern appliances at home the third

product on our list is the LG WT 7800 CV

for the best balance between cost and

efficiency the LG WT 7800 CV includes a

ton of features designed to make your

life easier it uses a turbo wash 3d

technology to clean your clothes

thoroughly and gently at the same time

the agitator does a great job of getting

your garments clean without any wear or

tear whatsoever it also uses LG smart

thin q technology allowing you to access

the features of this appliance offers on

your mobile device we especially like

the fact that this washer is Wi-Fi

capable which means that you can monitor

or even stop it at any time with your

smartphone or tablet the mobile app that

it works with has a very user-friendly

interface the cold wash technology gives

you cold water savings with warm water

performance so you get the best of both

worlds there's also the six motion

technology which always gets your

clothes clean down to the deepest level

there are six different wash motions for

the most effective cleaning you could

ever want the true balanced anti

vibration system that this washer uses

will provide you with quiet

functionality at all times unlike so

many other washers on the market this

one doesn't make much noise while it is

running the features include easy

dispense this washers easy dispense

system allows you to pour in your

detergent bleach and fabric softener at

the same time tub clean cycle the tub

clean cycle option cleans and drives the

wash tub so it always remains fresh

smart diagnosis you'll be able to

troubleshoot this appliance quickly and

efficiently to solve all sorts of

potential issues the pros are energy

efficient design the Energy Star

certification of this appliance means

that you'll save money on your monthly

utility bill durable tub the stainless

steel tub is very tough and doesn't snag

fabrics so they stay in good condition

slam proof lid the slam proof glass lid

on this washer lets you watch your

washer wat run so you can monitor each

load and for the cons some customers

have complained about the door on this

washer sticking from time to time the

advanced technology behind this washer

means that it will always be able to

match your needs with every single load

you put in the second product on our

list is the LG WM 3900 HBA the LG WM

3900 hb8 uses turbo wash 3

60 technology to clean larger loads in

under 30 minutes this gives you an

impressive level of efficiency that not

many other washers on the market are

capable of you'll have 14 different wash

programs to choose from with this

appliance this allows you to get your

needs met for a variety of garments

you'll never have to worry about any

items of clothing getting damaged in the

wash ever again

the ultra large four-and-a-half cubic

feet capacity of this washer puts most

others to shame you'll be able to

eliminate all those annoying extra loads

for good the steam technology that this

washer also uses penetrates deep into

the fabrics of your clothes for ultimate

cleaning power it also ensures that your

clothes don't get wrinkled in the wash

so you can always look your best this

washer is a AFA certified which means

that it is endorsed by the Asthma and

Allergy Foundation of America if you

have problems with either asthma or

allergies this is definitely something

to keep in mind our only concern was the

consistency of the LG WM 3900 HPA when

it comes to cleaning as some mild odors

can remain even during a normal wash the

features include anti vibration system

the patented anti vibration system this

washer uses reduces noise for completely

quiet operation at all times front-load

design the front load design of this

washer means that you no longer have to

bend over to put in your clothes mobile

monitoring you can keep a close eye on

your clothes as they are washed with

your smartphone or tablet the pros are

ultra large capacity the fore-and-aft

cubic feet capacity of this washer gives

you plenty of room for extra large loads

tons of programs you'll have no shortage

of wash programs to choose from for

getting your laundry needs met no matter

what removes allergens this washer is

known for its ability to eliminate

allergens even from delicate fabrics and

for the cons a few customers have

reported problems with using the Wi-Fi

that is built into this appliance this

washer is a great modern design that

even allows for use with Alexa and

Google assistant to make cleaning your

clothes even more convenient

the first product on our list is the LG

WM 39 97 Hwa washer/dryer combo this is

our best washer and dryer in one space

is important which means a washer/dryer

combo might be your best choice if you

want the best of both worlds in a

compact package the LG WM 39 97 Hwa

washer/dryer combo has a generous 4.3

cubic feet capacity

for large sized loads the stainless

steel drum gives you lasting durability

that you can depend on there are 14

different wash cycles including cotton

normal bulky large baby where permanent

press delicates speed wash sanitary

drain and spin bright whites heavy duty

and others we particularly like this

washer dryers automatic temperature

control it has an internal heater as

well as five wash rinse temperatures for

effective clothing care you'll never

have to worry about another piece of

clothing getting ruined in the wash ever


the eight different dryer cycles that

you'll have to choose from include

normal dry dry damp dry and low

temperature dry this allows you to clean

a variety of garments without any issues

whatsoever this appliances steam

technology always gives you the best

results with neat looking clothes that

you'll look great in the downside to the

LG washer dryer combo is its energy

costs which are estimated to be nearly

double that of competing units therefore

it's important to consider added

electrical costs versus the space save

by having a singular two in one solution

the features include end of cycle beeper

this washing machine will make a beeping

sound to signify the end of a cycle

every single time for tray dispenser the

for tray dispenser puts in wash aids at

just the right time so you don't have to

do it yourself automatic temperature

control the internal heater and five

wash rinse temperatures will always get

your clothes washed perfectly the pros

are responsive digital controls all the

digital electronic controls on the front

of this appliance are highly responsive

high convenience design the delay

function that this washer offers lets

you start it up when you're at work or

just out running errands lots of dry

cycles there are many different dry

cycles to choose from so your garments

never get damaged after they've been

washed and for the cons this

washer/dryer combo appliance can be a

bit loud when it's put on certain cycles

you can always count on this highly

efficient appliance to clean your

clothes exactly how you want without

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