NodeJS vs PHP | Which is best for beginners

hey there everyone have a shear back

again with another video and in this

video we are comparing noches and PHP

and we are not comparing about the pros

and cons of each rather we have specific

points on which we want to give certain

stars and rating to each of these stack

now I will be comparing based on variety

of things like release dates popularity

project scope what is the current job

market and future scope which I

personally think about noches and PHP

but before we move on further that it

should be noted it is highly dependent

on the project and what work you are

doing on the node.js or PHP I will also

discuss that in a further later on in

this video but just to give you a simple

very simplistic example let's just say I

have a product and I want to design a

landing page on that product I would

never use node.js for designing such a

small landing page with just a contact

form no GS is like a very big tool to

design such kind of a simple simple

thing here so in this case PHP or maybe

other services could be a write use on

the other hand if my product is little

bit more complex and I don't I know what

exactly I am doing about that may be

video streaming subscription service and

a whole lot of that I would prefer

probably no chairs or I will think about

what more stacks I can explore so this

is going to be the whole video about no

GS vs. PHP on some specific points which

will help you to understand and picking

up write stack and in the right order so

let's get started and talk about nodejs

and PHP after this intro




I am pretty sure that you have read some

of the comparison between node.js and

PHP in the past and there is absolutely

a guarantee that there is one point

which always comes up which is using the

CPU resources more efficiently yes I do

agree that node.js some of these

architecture lags in utilizing the CPU

architecture and CPU resources properly

and some of the examples that I've seen

online say is that if I want to do

something like image processing this

nodejs is not an ideal thing because it

doesn't use the CPU intensive things

quite nicely but my point is neither PHP

is also good for using such kind of

thing for image processing definitely

there are better stacks or maybe better

api is that I can use for using and

doing these kinds of very intense work

which uses a lot of CPU work so we will

not be comparing our entire things based

on CPU resources pros and cons rather I

would like to compare node.js and PHP on

some of the points and criterias that I

think are best and we'll be evaluating

both of them based on that so let's get

started so just like always let the

match begin and of course there might be

a match in the comment section as well

for designing the pros and cons of a

node.js in PHP but without any further

ado let's get started on the left hand

side we have got the legendary node

Cheers it would not be good to call it

legendary because it's fairly new so

let's call it as a new contender node.js

and the legendary old-school PHP on the

right hand side so we're gonna be making

a comparison based on that now as you

know me I always like to put up one

criteria here which is a release date

now here is the point a lot of you might

be thinking hey there's a clear-cut

winner here which is PHP because the

release date was pretty much earlier in

the PHP almost since we have known the

web while no Jesus is a fairly new

competitor but there's a twist here I

would not give my star easily to PHP in

this case rather I would like to put my

star on node.js what I have felt over

working with both the languages and both

the kind of a frameworks tax I have

realized that no GS is far more easier

in the release date and they are taking

full advantage of the release date since

they came up a little bit late their

server client architecture is much

more nicer as well as some of the

support like AWS lambdas and some of the

Google console is nicely integrated with

no chairs definitely it can be done in

the PHP but it's much more trickier and

I enjoyed working on the node chairs and

I enjoyed every single thing in here

especially the hey W support is just

killing in the node tier so that's why

the release date although they came up

late but they are taking full advantage

of coming up late and giving us all the

things that were missing in the previous

one so that's why the release date star

goes to node.js next up is going to be

the community now although the community

support for both of them are pretty

amazing we have a huge number of people

working in no chairs as well as PHP but

in this case my star will go for the

community on the PHP now there is a

reason behind that now although there

are a lot of things and in fact almost

everything that you can search on github

and can find it on the node chairs but

still the web is totally full of the

code and architectures and whatever you

need actually in the PHP can be find on

the web and definitely you can modify it

you can adjust it and can use in your

application and that's why my star is

going on the PHP the world is definitely

or rather it would be accurate to say

the internet is totally full of articles

blogs about PHP and step-by-step

tutorials and everything in fact there

are so many answers already being

answered so many questions already being

answered on the PHP that definitely I

cannot give start to node.js here

definitely community is not shorter on

this side as well but since being so

much of the presence on the Internet I

have to give the start to PHP here next

and very very big thing is the product

so what product you are designing or

what product you are creating is going

to be the heavy factor of choosing the

start for node.js or the PHP and just

like I previously mentioned it all

depends on what kind of product you are

designing for example if I have to

create a simple blog page where my goal

is that I will hire a team of five or

six percent who are gonna write a tech

blog on that I would never go for

node.js architecture surely I can design

my customized blogs and platforms and

user privileges and all of these things

in no chairs but why to reinvent the

wheel when already such frameworks are

dominant and are very popular and very

stable as well in the PHP on the other

hand if I had to design a product which

is going to take advantage of the API is

on every scale and I want to create a

product in which I will be throwing API

on the web on Android and iOS

I would rather choose no GS on that

product because definitely it can be

done in the PHP but it is much more fun

and much more less complex to do that in

that in the node.js so I would rather go

for no GS so giving a star based on

product that what product you are

designing to no js' or PHP is not a

accurate thing I would not give a star

to any of them but still I would say

just decide sit down and decide what is

your product and what people say about

this product about in the market whether

you should go for PHP or know chess it

should never be a decision about hey I

love PHP I'm gonna do everything in PHP

this should never be the case so sit

back design decide what is going to be

your product what should be the future

of your product how much scalability you

are going to be having now with this I

would like to also break a myth here

that a lot of people think that PHP and

MySQL is ultimate combination and no GS

is is an ultimate combination yes

it is but it doesn't mean that you

cannot work with Monk with Noches and

MySQL and PHP and MongoDB the database

is just a totally separate thing and

most of the popular database have a good

support for nodejs and PHP this means

you can use MySQL with no chairs and PHP

as well and you can use MongoDB with

node.js and PHP as well so this is not a

good criteria to judge anybody since we

are talking about the product the next

criteria would like to pick up is going

to be the production now moving a

project from the localhost to actual

production I am talking about the

learning curve of that and how much does

it take to move your project from

localhost to actual production where

people can use it now for the PHP the

learning curve is much more easier and

there are so many things available on

like like GoDaddy Hostgator Bluehost and

probably hundreds of such website which

provide hosting there now definitely

hosting in the PHP is much more cheaper

as compared to node.js and putting up

your project online for node.js requires

a little bit of extra skill sets you

need to have a little bit knowledge

about git should be comfortable of

working with command line

and then it's just a breeze but again

not everybody is comfortable working

with the command line

so in this case I would like to give

that how easy it is to move your project

from localhost to actually production is

with the PHP because a lot of people

don't even know how to host a PS how to

host a node.js project whether to use

0qu or AWS once when you understand once

you do it it's super easy but again

since a lot of people are big nerd I

would give that moving up moving a

project from localhost to production is

gonna go on the PHP side a lot of people

I know are actually enterpreneurs or

want to design a product that's gonna be

used thousand by thousands of people and

they want to launch their company the

one of the Marine deciding factor is

gonna be actual cost so what is actual

cost actual cost means how much is going

to take to put your project on to online

how much resource is gonna be consumed

how much monthly bill is it going to

generate as well as how much costly it

is to hire a talent in this case I would

say that PHP is much more on the cheaper

side yes it's kind of a bad news for

developers as I say that PHP developers

are being paid less sidebar a very quick

sidebar here I'm not saying that always

PHP developers are being paid less I

would easily pay a PHP developer higher

if he is having like five or ten years

of experience on the other side I have

another developer who is having just one

years or 1.5 years of experience in no

chairs that PHP developer is definitely

far more advanced and can pick up

anything at all so it's not a comparison

between two people but let's just say

it's an honest fact here that PHP

developers are paid a little bit less

compared to the node cheers for an

actual cost of designing a project if

you are moving on to the node chair

stack you have to pay a higher salary to

your developers who are skilled and good

enough in no chairs but on the other

side the cost actually increases a

little bit more if you move your project

to production as well because these

digitalocean a tableau as Oroku all of

these are not cheap at all so if I have

to think from the business side I would

easily give this star to PHP because

it's much more cheaper but since a lot

of people who are watching this video

are students I would give the node G as

a bigger star because you're going to

get amazing salary and working on these

heroic weird of us is more our advanced

so you're gonna learn more so star goes

to know Dias last but not the least

which is going to decide a lot about

picking up which stack is going to be

the trend with the trend without a doubt

I can give the star to noches quite

easily whether whatever the website you

look up for deciding the trends whether

that Stack Overflow stacks or maybe any

other stacks it's pretty easy that the

rise of the MongoDB can be seen pretty

easily a lot of websites lot of startups

lot of big nerds and even the rock-solid

companies are moving over the node.js

architecture because it is so much

easier for them to manage and of course

nodejs is rising because of the

JavaScript as well I do agree there are

a lot of people who hate JavaScript

absolutely but we cannot deny the fact

that JavaScript is dominating in the

market right now that so many frameworks

so many developers it's just rotting the

market so easily for the trend thing my

star is gonna go to no js' so on the

conclusion side if you want to spend

your time in learning nodejs it's a good

idea in fact I can openly recommend

those chairs to every big nerd that if

you're starting right now

no GS is an amazing stack you should

definitely try that out in case you're

interested in learning node.js I do have

a course on that which includes no GS

from absolutely scratch and we have a

lot of projects even API development in

node.js so you can learn a lot with that

with tons of projects included

certification also check out the link in

the description section and I hope

you're going to enjoy that course too so

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