Which Outboard Brand is the best My Top 7 in Order

so you're looking at buying a new

outboard can be a pretty exciting time

kind of like this chick stealing a seat

in the big guys chair but just like

anything without a little proper

planning things can go wrong fast

welcome back guys it is your boy Broncos

guru and today we're gonna talk about

which outboard brand is the best I do

however want to throw a little

disclaimer upfront if you're looking for

the exact specs on these motors on the

percentage of our breakdown vs Yamaha

versus mercury or what the fuel

injection ratio is or the compression

ratio or any of those things it's not

kind of stuff we do on this channel we

do this more for entertainment you're

just gonna get my raw opinion on these

things if you're looking for the exact

specs there's a lot of other places to

look and you might want to go ahead and

eat us to do a thumbs up and move on

specs on the end line for the rotary

girder I'm

however a few dozen for your average

joe's perspective on which brands the

best well welcome back at your boy

Broncos guru and let's get this one


our first one's gonna be Honda and

that's gonna ring number seven our list

of the best outboards now this is gonna

be a testament to how far out bores have

actually come when Honda ranks number

seven on the list one of the most

reliable brands there is Honda's

problems they've kind of limited

themselves and stuck in the mid-tier

range of outboards they've really not

gone up there with everybody else where

everybody's pushing 400 horsepower

outboards one of the biggest tests I can

see to this was at the Fort Lauderdale

Boat Show we did not see one brand new

boat barring a Honda motor on the back

of it so Honda really is looking at the

replacement market of the mid-tier

motors even though they so are very

reliable nice motor and having the honor

of coming in at number 6 on our list

well that's gonna be Suzuki Suzuki

really has done some big things in the

last few years and one being this one

right here becoming the first outboard

with duo props on it that's right Suzuki

really is trying to step up their game

not that long ago Suzuki was kind of

followed was a second-tier outboard

brand and they really have stepped it up

and have become more reliable and one of

the longer warranties on an outboard as

well most people anymore wouldn't have a

second thought about putting a Suzuki on

or maybe 10 or 15 years ago they really

would have questioned whether that was

the type of outboard they wanted to put

on their boat Suzuki he's not doing a

whole lot of marketing but I will tell

you this they still done better than

Honda cuz even at the Fort Lauderdale

Boat Show we did see some new boats

bearing Suzuki out boards which was

something we can't say for Honda why

they've ranked higher and coming in at

number 5 on our list is going to be

mercury that's right number 5 on our

list of the best outboard is a mercury

I'll let the shock and all set in on

that one

probably the second best selling out

board in the market is number five

mercury has come out with a lot of

innovations recently including the 400

arm motor which is a 700-pound motor

that produces 400 horsepower which is

really pretty impressive

also mercury is made in the USA which

has really helped them out in the US

market and a lot of the u.s. boat

manufactures are starting to use these

stock as their stock motors on the boat

some of the innovations they've had is

the top cow service door which is the

only motor that has that but still

mercury has a little bit of reliability

issues and it's something they're gonna

continue to work on

hopefully they'll move up this list as

we continue through the years if number

five on our list did not drop your jaw

number fours going to that's right our

fourth best outboard motor brand is

Yamaha I know people are shaking their

heads right now especially since Yamaha

just came out with this behemoth v8 XTO

offshore 425 horsepower motor it's

certainly gonna bring them relevance in

that huge center console market they've

been missing sharing but you know what

Yamaha really does have a fantastic

reliability reputation this really is a

great outboard motor to own and their

150 horsepower motor is known to be

bulletproof coming in and forth on this

listen no Abby place to be as you'll see

as we continue this list but I really

wouldn't hesitate to buy any yamaha

motor and expect to put it on the back

of my boat and get several thousand

hours of enjoyable service out of it

number three outboard on this list is

gonna be a spicy one and that is going

to be Evinrude yes I know I'm about to

get bashed in the comments for this one

but there's a couple things you can't

argue on this everyone's been in the

business for a hundred and ten years and

also they're the only ones keeping a

two-stroke alive in the beautiful part

of a two-stroke is every single turn of

the prop is a power stroke demonstrated

seen here by them point 38 skiers with

these three 300s on the back on top of

that they've kept the engine a

two-stroke even in the submission strict

world and still all for some of the best

warranty covers in the business with

their five five five coverage five-year

warranty five-year corrosion and five

year 500 hour no scheduled maintenance

that's right this makes this one of the

most basic simple engines to own on the

market today everyone who is also one of

the first companies to go ahead and

integrate power steering into the motors

making their IDoc system with the

joystick docking all really basically

integratable right from the factory at

the get-go without having a huge expense

number two on our list is gonna be one

of the marine companies has been the

most innovative in the outboard market

in a long time and it's going to be

seven marine yes I realized most of us

are not buying seven marine motors and

putting them on the back of our boats

these things are some of the most

powerful motors made available on the

market seven seas offer a supercharged

of v8 powering ranges between five

hundred and twenty seven horsepower all

the way up to six hundred and twenty

seven horsepower

they're powering some of the largest

center consoles and largest boats

without boards in the back room on the

water one of the biggest problems with

this is they come at a hefty cost

price-wise and they also come in a hefty

cost weight wise but some of these

motors weighing as much as 1,100 pounds

I already know what everybody singing

what could possibly be number one well

how do you go from first to worst you

throw a turbo on that thing that's right

our number one outboard motor brand is

gonna be a turbo Honda this will be the

only motor where we focus on a specific

motor instead of the brand but it's

because it's so outrageous compared to

everything else we can't compare it in

the same brand cuz in theory it wasn't

made by Honda this motor was actually

made by a couple UCF students as a

senior thesis project where they decided

they wanted to see if they could make a

turbo outboard motor and they succeeded

they actually ran out of money and Honda

donated their facilities and parts to

help these guys finish him what they

came up with in the end was an outboard

motor producing over 620 horsepower yet

like weighing under 600 pounds the best

thing I can compare this to is the seven

c6 27 which weighs 1100 pounds producing

the same horsepower basically double the

weight at the same horsepower I know we

threw you for some loops on this video

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