Best Bluetooth Headphone Adapters in 2021 - How to Choose a Bluetooth Adapter for Wireless Music?

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adapters this list is based on my

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and tons of research and have listed

products based on

quality durability price and more

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consumer so

if you're looking for an entry level

option or the best product money can buy

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okay so without further ado this is our


of the best bluetooth headphone adapters

on the market

right now coming in number nine we've

got the

genki bluetooth adapter for nintendo


annoyingly enough the nintendo switch

does not

have built-in bluetooth so if you want

to use headphones or gaming headset

while you game on the go you'll need to

plug them into its built-in

3.5 millimeter jack this brilliant

product bridges the gap and brings

bluetooth to the switch

it plugs into the usbc port at the

bottom of your console

doesn't require recharging and can also

be used

while your switch is docked our favorite

feature about it

is that it has a usbc port that supports


pd passthrough charging so you can still

charge your nintendo switch

while you're using it it also comes with

a microphone

for voice chatting coming in number


tiotronics bluetooth aux adapter

if you have an older car that doesn't

have bluetooth and you're sick of

passing the aux cord

consider upgrading to this adapter it

will automatically reconnect to the last

pair device

as soon as you turn your vehicle on it

has microphones with noise cancelling


for hands-free calling and it offers 15

hours of battery life

fortunately it has an auto shutoff

feature meaning that it'll power itself

off after you make it to your


coming in number seven creative btw 3

bluetooth 5.0 usbc audio transmitter

creative's bluetooth transmitter

includes a separate analog

microphone to enable in-game voice chat

while it streams your game audio to your

headphones wirelessly

that way you can chat with your

teammates or competitors while you game


it's a good option for nintendo switch

or playstation 4

owners but also works well with laptops

and other devices

the device is powered by usbc so you can

plug it directly into your device

it also supports most bluetooth codecs

number six tiotronix bluetooth 5.0


and receiver the tiotronics bluetooth

receiver has a

dual link mode which lets you pair two

devices of headphones

to it so two people can listen to your


from your device simultaneously the

bluetooth 5.0 accessory can act as a


or a receiver it has a 33 foot range

can be used while recharging and is

small enough to pocket

it's backed by an 18 month

coming at number five vo btr5

flagship portable high fidelity


amplifier if sound quality is extremely

important for you

and you're willing to drop a hundred

bucks on an audio adapter

the fio btr5 is without a doubt

the best one you can buy we recommend it

for audiophiles

who previously invested a lot of money

in a pair of wired headphones

that don't support bluetooth we like

that it can be remotely controlled

through an app

to adjust settings it's one of the few

adapters that has

jacks for both 3.5 and 2.5 millimeter


like other more affordable options it

too has a built-in microphone

and a simple design it includes a case

that has

a clip on it where it really stands out

is in its impeccable sound quality

you'll be shocked at how well the btr5


in fact it sounds just as good as a

wired source

maybe even better so if you're looking

for the very best listening experience

and are willing to pay for it you won't

be disappointed

coming in number four fio moo btr

bluetooth receiver

although there are some bluetooth

receivers on amazon for as little as 15

we found that they are unreliable have

cheap feeling plastic bodies

and weak wireless ranges the fio

moo btr doesn't suffer these


really its only downside is that it

doesn't support the latest bluetooth 5.0


but that shouldn't matter for most users

you get over 8 hours of battery life and

it sounds almost as good as a hardwired


it charges quickly has a microphone and

is lightweight but durable

number three theo portable high fidelity

bluetooth amplifier btr3 the btr-3

offers a premium build

thanks to its full metal housing an

impressive 11 hours of battery life

and its support of every wireless audio


available today its backside has a

spring clip for attaching it to your


or you can use it with an included

lanyard it even has a noise cancelling


on board for taking calls we're asking

siri for a question

you can expect 60 feet of wireless range

with the btr-3

we think it's the perfect balance

between price performance

and design it's only downside it doesn't

support the latest bluetooth 5.0 version

so its connection isn't as reliable as

other options coming in number two

bowl and raven wireless bluetooth

adapter for

bose quietcomfort 25 headphones qc25

when the bose quietcomfort 15 and


25 headphones were released back in 13

and 14 they cost 300

if you don't want to drop another 350

dollars for bose newest

quietcomfort 35 wireless headphones too

we totally understand fortunately a

company called

bull and raven formerly airmod makes a

nifty wireless bluetooth adapter

that you can clip to your existing

headphones to add bluetooth to them

audio quality is superb just like your

bose already are

but you don't have to deal with the

annoyance of wires the adapter gets

roughly eight hours

of battery life and it's compatible with

the qc15 and qc25 headphones

in white or black number one

12 south airfly pro

the airfly pro is the gold standard

bluetooth adapter

it has integrated 3.5 millimeter cable

that you can plug into an in-flight

entertainment system

a piece of gym equipment or a game

console to use your wireless earbuds

so that folks around you can't hear

whatever you're watching or listening to

the device is easy to use and it even

allows two users

to pair their headphones to it including


the airfly offers an impressive 16 hours

of battery life

a 33 foot range plus it supports

bluetooth 5.0

and most audio codecs it comes with a


and carrying pouch so that you won't

lose it and it's small

charging cable that brings us to the end

of our review and buyer's guide for the


bluetooth headphone adapters hope to see

you in the next video

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