Best Bluetooth Adapter 2020 [WINNERS] – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews


it's weird to think that the PC arguably

the most powerful and most versatile

device anyone could have in their home

doesn't have a bluetooth adapter sure

some desktop motherboards do come with

built-in Bluetooth capabilities these

are in the exception and not the rule

stillness is nothing that a very minor

investment can't fix so if your PC is

jealous of your mobile device because it

can connect to whatever it damn well

pleases a Bluetooth adapter is just the

thing you need these devices also known

as dongles are all extremely small and

fairly inexpensive and in this video

we'll be bringing you the three best

models you can buy in 2019 this is a

smaller selection than we usually

include but we'll explain why this is

the case after we've showcased the

dongles so it's not any further ado

let's begin and first up we have the

Zechs MTE bluetooth adapter this is

easily the cheapest angle in this list

and why you may be able to find cheaper

ones out there we strongly advise

against it as you will risk your dongle

being dead on arrival if that's the case

if you've never heard of Zechs MTE well

get used to it because most of the

companies that make all-purpose dongles

are unknown many of them rightfully so

finding a good product among all the

garbage is the most difficult and most

important part so if you want to save

yourself the trouble just know that you

can't go any cheaper than this is XM te

dongle if you want your dongle to

actually be reliably usable as far as

the looks and Technology are concerned

this is pretty much all there is to all

dongles like this just the USB stick

with the backwards compatible Bluetooth

4 overall it's very affordable dongle

that presents very good value but it

does come with some caveats namely it

doesn't work as well on earlier

iterations of Windows as it does on

Windows 10 also you may not appreciate

the hassle if your casual users since

these XM te dongle not only doesn't

support plug-and-play but also doesn't

include any sort of manual with the

installation disk

now if you want your Dunkel to come with

all the convenience plug-and-play

capability has to offer you're

definitely going to appreciate the a

venturi bluetooth adapter just a fair

bit of warning though it only sports

this kind of native compatibility with

Windows 10 this doesn't mean that this

dongle itself isn't compatible with

earlier versions of Windows just that

you'll have to install the drivers to

make it work now dead uncle does come

with a bundle disk again with no

instruction manual but you can always

download these drivers from their

website honestly though the official

drivers are somewhat clunky and

unreliable so we'd recommend just

letting windows download the generic

drivers for this dongle in this case the

path of least resistance is also the

best path now while we may have only had

bad things to say about the drivers the

dongle itself is entirely different it's

very reliable with a highly stable

connection and it's easier to use than

any of the cheaper versions all in all

it definitely lives up to the high

quality standards at the glossy black

exterior with rounded edges implies and

now for the last entry on this list we

have a dongle made by none other than

Asus the BT 400 at first glance the Asus

name seems to be the only thing that

sets apart this dongle from the cheaper

ones except that it comes with a

slightly more ergonomic design if you

can call it that but unexpectedly Asus

delivers the whole package yet again the

BT 400 features plug-and-play

compatibility with both Windows 10 and

Windows 8 and it even comes with the

drivers for Windows 7 that work

extremely well if you encounter any

issues with them you can always install

the latest drivers from Asus website or

consult the manual that's right the BT

400 comes with a thorough manual overall

it's just a flawless dongle with

excellent instructions and support and a

stable signal sure it's a bit more

expensive than the other models but it

definitely makes it worth your while

and besides $15 is still no fortune so

if you want to ensure the best Bluetooth

connectivity for your PC we

wholeheartedly advise you get the BT 400

now that we've seen the models all

that's left is to decide one that's best

for you but before you do that you

should know what the Bluetooth adapter

market is like the thing is even though

this feature is often lacking in desktop

motherboards Bluetooth adaptors aren't

exactly cutting edge technology many

wireless peripherals for the PC come

with their own dongles so even the need

to own one is already far from mandatory

as such you won't find many big company

names making dongles but instead the

bulk of the market supply comes from

unknown and sometimes even shady

small-time manufacturers there also

isn't any price range so to speak as the

most expensive model on this list costs

only 15 dollars so the only thing that

you need to do is make sure the model

you're getting has a proven track record

the three that we featured in this video

are easily three of the best dongles

currently available so you should

ideally get one of these but even if you

opt for some fourth option make sure to

do your research don't just let the

price tag dictate your decision making

because the way we see it a five-dollar

dongle is still too expensive if it's

dead on arrival which many models are

known to be there aren't even any

technical considerations you need to

weigh as all the dongles use the same

technology and that's Bluetooth 4.0 and

USB 2.0 and that about does it for this

video again the most important thing is

to shop smart do your research if you're

getting a model that isn't featured in

this video and you will be just fine now

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