REVIEW AND TEST Bluetooth Adapter csr 4.0 vs tp-link UB400 Dongle

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In this video

I will compare

the cheapest bluetooth

the price is around 2-3$

with TP-Link Bluetooth UB400

the price is about

5 to 7$

Let's start with the CSR Bluetooth

the cheapest one.

you can find this CSR 4.0 at every online shop

the price is around 2-3$

the CSR 4.0 packaging is quite simple

you will get bluetooth adapter ofc,

and the CD to install the dongle driver

if you didn't receive any CD

you can download from the website who provides the driver

the next one is tp-link UB400


if you heard someone talking about tp-link

it means they're talking about wifi or router

now this time, tp-link in bluetooth adapter

the price is around 5 to 7$

in online shop.

so it's like 2-3xCSR price

but, the package is way more better than CSR

and in the package they convinced their consumer

with a "World's No.1" sticker

that their brand are the best

for 8 years

claimed based on their worldwide shipment

let's check the content's package

the BT is packaged with another plastic layer

you will get the Warranty Card

and installation guide (which is plug and play they said)

another installation guide

and this is the BT adapter

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this is my headphone, MPOW H12

let's start with the test

first bluetooth test will be the CSR 4.0

*go to bluetooth setting

my experience using CSR 4

connecting and pairing is quite slow

CSR 4.0 pair & connect takes around 1 minute

even my laptop's bluetooth still faster

CSR sure takes it's time to connect

I will skip so you don't have to wait

yep, connected around 1 minute

quite slow, but hey

"2-3$" goods, you can't expect so much from it

let's test re-connecting

and we have to wait again *sigh

let me just skip the time

andd there's a problem with the reconnect

let's test removing paired device


okay, let's skip the time again

weird, I'm removing device, not connecting

and poof its gone,

removing device, at least takes around 30 seconds

Let's test the tp-link UB400

okay, go to bluetooth setting

*still setting my headphone to pairing mode

*start pairing & connect

andd it's connected

less than 5 seconds

okay let's test reconnect

and instantly connected

let's try removing device

okay, seems there's a problem

in removing device

maybe because the csr 4.0 test

lots of pair and unpair before recording

but i'm sure its fast and function properly

okay that's all

comparison between CSR 4.0 and tp-link UB400

if you're have experience with this bluetooth adapter

or bluetooth adapter from different brand

feel free to comment and share your experience

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