bluetooth receivers connect your mobile

devices to your home's audio systems

including speakers stereos surround


and headsets this lets you jam to your

favorite playlists all over the house

using high quality sound without

bringing your phone along

the best bluetooth receivers have a long

wireless connection range and connect

more than one device at a time

so if you're looking for one then we can

help you with some of the best in the


take a look at the description below to

see all the featured products and their

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begin our list with a cool stream btr

102 dual bluetooth adapter

it comes with a 3.5 millimeter auxiliary

jack connecting to digital docking


including sony micro hi-fi docks and

bowers and wilkins zeppelin

this adapter offers a 30-pin connector

that plugs into the old connector of

iphone docking stations

including all those sound dock models

apple hi-fi dock

and i home clock radio iphone docks

you can get five hours of music

streaming with this rechargeable battery

its bluetooth version 4.1 supports an

advanced audio distribution profile

for authentic stereo sound the

recommended operating temperature

is 32 degrees fahrenheit to 95 degrees


and offers a multi-point technology

repairing two devices simultaneously

besides this device provides a maximum

bluetooth range of 30 feet

and automatically detects 5 volts or 12

volts of power supply

next up on the list we have the bose

bluetooth audio adapter

it allows wireless music playback from

bluetooth compatible smartphones

tablets music players and computers this

device is compatible with most stereo

and home theater receivers

and power speakers including bose home

theater systems

computer speakers and sound doc systems

this device doesn't require software for


and supports up to eight bluetooth

devices optical and 3.5 millimeter audio


are included for connecting this adapter

to your bose system

at just one inch high and 2.4 inch wide

this device features a small footprint

for easy placement

the fly near bluetooth car adapter is

not only for the car

but it also could connect to your wired

headphone via a 3.5 millimeter audio

cable adapter

to help you enjoy the wireless bluetooth

headphones this device is compatible

with most bluetooth enabled devices

like smartphones mp3 tablets etc

ideal for home or car audio systems

its built-in battery provides up to 10

hours play and talk time

120 hours standby time only takes one

and a half hours to charge it fully

another advantage is that the sound

quality remains unchanged

even if the number of connected devices


on the other hand you can listen to

music from an mp3 player

or smartphone on the existing home car

audio system

up next on the list we have the all key

bluetooth 5 receiver wireless audio

music adapter

this receiver allows you to wirelessly

stream audio from your bluetooth enabled


to your existing wired home or car

stereo system

speakers or headphones its built-in

rechargeable battery

supports 18 hours of continuous playback

and 1000

hours of standby time with the help of

dual device link

you can connect two bluetooth devices

simultaneously and you are free to enjoy

music or answer phone call

from either of the two paired devices

navigate your music on

the receiver with built-in controls

which can also be used to match

hand-free calls

or access voice assistant plug the

all-key receiver dongle

into your wired headphones or stereo

with the included 3.5 millimeter audio


and pair with any bluetooth enabled

devices to start streaming your tunes

the next product on the list is the

logitech bluetooth audio adapter

it supports streaming music from up to

15 meters away from your speakers

with the help of multi-point bluetooth

connectivity you can simultaneously pair

your smartphone and tablet

and stream music from either one the

receiver is capable of works

with the majority of speakers it could

be plugged into the home stereo systems

powered pc speakers and audio video


this is made possible with the help of

rca or 3.5 millimeter jacks

you can enjoy the bluetooth 4.1 audio

output using the strong connection


quick pairing and low power consumption

for wirelessly connected devices

pair your bluetooth enabled smartphone

and tablet with a convenient

one push pairing button and the device

automatically reconnects when in range

meet the all-new anthony model 300

bluetooth audio receiver

the receiver incorporates a 2x40 watt

power amplifier design

featuring linear frequency response and

ultra low distortion

regardless of the connected speaker load

that excels in listening tests

small as a deck of cards it measures 90

millimeters by 85 millimeters by 18

millimeters only

and quickly hides away and can be kept

totally out of sight

you can easily extend the wireless range

by swapping the external antenna

its aluminum chassis itself provides

enough cooling

and has no built-in fans or additional

cooling is necessary

the integrated state-of-the-art power

amplifier delivers the energy efficiency

of today's best digital class d audio

speakers while at the same time offering

far lower audio distortion

at only 0.04 percent

last but not least at the top of the

list we have home spot

bt adp adp-233 bluetooth audio receiver

it is equipped with bluetooth 4.0

technology that lets you connect to most

bluetooth enabled devices

without draining your batteries you can

conveniently control

and stream music from up to 20 meters

away the receiver connects to your home

stereo or speakers

using the included rca to 3.5 millimeter

audio cable

or 3.5 millimeter aux cable and the

included power adapter

connects to your standard wall outlet

pair your device with one press of the

convenient pairing button

and the repairing is instant and

automatic for a hassle-free experience

additionally the features like tap and

pair and tapping connect

works to connect the receiver with nfc

equipped windows 8 android

and nokia phones

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